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How cool is this?!

Here’s a link to a news article and some videos about production (posted before the film was released)

Their Moana is very talented, and their Maui is a local newscaster whose daughters made him audition!

Rachel House still voices Grandma Tala, Temuera Morrison still voices the Chief, and Jemaine Clement still voices Tamatoa.

Rob Ruha and Jemaine Clement translated and rearranged the music so that the songs still worked while sung in a different language, which is super impressive.

Also: Air New Zealand will feature the Maori version on their in flight entertainment starting in November!

I know what I’ll be watching next time I fly back to visit NZ :D
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Real Life Disney Villains, by Jirka Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen
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I found my wip since 2015. This is properly one of my only original character design for myself. In the future I will finish her.
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New PETA ad looks like two guys had a threesome with a chicken and she completely blew their minds.

“we must never speak of this”

I legitimately have no idea what this ad was otherwise trying to convey

like seriouslyI know that they’re utterly stupid in every waybut what even the hell

looks to me like each of them thinks the other one brought the chicken and they’re trying to think how to say “that is a really disturbing kink and i’m upset you didn’t warn me” without being closed-minded

meanwhile the chicken just wandered in through an open window and found this nice place to lay an egg she doesn’t care she’s busy

i seldom care what peta has to say but in this case i legitimately can’t tell what their message is so i’m just going to go with “random chicken sitcom moment” and imagine all the wacky misunderstandings that occur as they both try to be okay with their boyfriend having super weird kinks, until their neighbor comes over to reclaim her chicken and they realize their sex life is actually kind of vanilla and now they’re a little disappointed

maybe the chicken is doing like how kitties do–they just kinda hop on the bed and don’t care what anyone else is up to, it’s time to curl up near the humans now. 

or maybe she heard there were two cocks in the vicinity? 8)

and maybe the dudes are making faces like that because they just realized they’re in a PETA commercial zzzzzZZZING
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So I coloured in this gif just to see how it’d look….
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I had to illustrate this moment x)

[instagram @potterbyblvnk]

Harry Potter and the Sex Dreams about His Best Friends Sister
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this is why we can’t have nice things 🤦🏼‍♀️
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We had an interaction assignment, and GUESS WHAT I DID!!!
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*everything* that’s considered romantic has been conditioned by society, it’s performative, like the emotion can be genuine but romantic *gestures* are a societal construct, chocolates, flowers, rings, there’s no inherent act of romance, the purest form of what is conceptualized as “romance” can probably be boiled down to emotion + intent, and the manifestation of that combo’s gonna be different for everyone

an action evoked from a feeling of adoration and the need to express it can be constrained by what society provides, but once it’s made irrelevant the meaning becomes tailored to those experiencing it; someone giving fancy chocolates to their s.o. because it’s ‘the thing to do’ can’t measure up to someone giving the chocolates because they know their s.o. thinks the boxes are nice and really likes hazelnut fillings, same gesture, but former lacks ‘inherent’ romance because romance isn’t ‘inherent’, the later has a standard approach but it goes beyond what’s considered ‘romantic’

Hello I am a big fan of Obstinaterixatrix’ Romance Meta and I’m just gonna add to this bc it’s a good post.

I feel like what makes the difference between something being romantic and something being What Society Says Is Romance is the connection between people.

Let’s say two people arrive on my doorstep. One of them has a bouquet of expensive roses from the florist. The other one has a dead bird in a plastic bag. We all know which one is to be considered the romantic gift (hint: it’s not the corpse)

And it’s not like I don’t like flowers or am allergic or anything, I would probably be flattered. But I have no connection to roses, and like, you can give roses to more or less anyone

Dead birds are not a standard gift, for pretty obvious reasons. A person bringing me a corpse in a plastic bag had to know me well enough to know that I collect bones and process them myself, and you don’t go shopping for birds in the Dead Bird Shop around the corner, so that means this person didn’t go out with the intent of getting me something and came back with an Appropriate Gift, they probably stumbled across something and thought about me (this ‘something’ just so happens to be a dead bird, because I’m weird) And then they had to go through the process of picking this bird up and bagging it and bringing it to me, probably pretty spontaneously and without a calendar event that says Find Dead Bird For Raptor with a timeslot between three and four pm.

You can’t have Corpse I Found In a Ditch be romantic without some sort of connection here. Roses can be romantic, but it can also just, be a formula. Two plos Two Equals Romance. A shortcut for ‘I care about you‘, even though the person might …. not, actually.

If it’s someone who loves fresh flowers in their home but rarely has the money to buy large arrangements, or like OP’s example where person A gets the chocolates because they know their s.o. thinks the boxes are super cute, then we have Standard Romantic Actions actually be romantic, but they might as well not be.

This is where my squad has the joke of someone posting a picture of a dead rat to the skype chat and goes ‘Raptor I saw this and thought of you‘ and I go -exaggerated gasping noise- “how dare you blatantly flirt with me right in front of my girlfriend“ from (and also THIS JOKE that bunch of people were confused about).
Because there’s INTEREST and CONNECTION there. They’re obviosuly not actually trying to steal me from my gf, but there is a human connection and a knowledge of who I am and what I want to be associated with.
The humor then comes in from the self-awareness that this could very much be the opposite of a compliment in, like, probably most other situations ever.

So TL;DR: Things can’t be romantic without the connection between people, no matter how ‘inherit‘ people claim the gesture is. However, more or less anything can be a romantic gesture if there’s the right connection and consideration behind it. Taking out the trash can be romantic. Bringing home a dead fox can be romantic. There’s no Romance Shortcuts. You have to actually care about the other person (sorry, Writers Of Like 9 Out Of 10 Mainstream Movies), there’s no way around it.

So basically: Care about each other!! If you’re writing, write characters who care about each other!! And if you don’t know what character A could do for character B, you might wanna look into whether or not you’ve made a Cardboard Love Interest, like I feel many mainstream writers do. But that’s a whooooole ‘nother can of worms.

There’s so many cans of worms.

Oh god there’s so many worms.

Please help.

I’ve wondered for a long time why so many fictional romances feel forced and this is the exact reason. So many main couples in media only express their love through performative romance.

This is also why a lot of platonic fictional relationships are seen as romantic because for some reason screenwriters have a habit of making friends express their love for each other with actual thought and intent to their actions.
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there’s a lot of evidence that the iliad and the odyssey were actually composed by a variety of poets through an oral tradition rather than just by one poet, so what if the homeric texts are actually just a very long game of D&D

homer, the dm: okay achilles, agamemnon has just taken away your war prize, what do you want to doachilles’ player: i roll to have a diplomatic conversation with agamemnonachilles’ player: *rolls a 1*homer: you throw the staff of speaking at agamemnon’s face and storm off to sulk with your boyfriend

Homer, the DM: Your beautiful Patroclus is dead. What do you do?Achilles’ player: I fight everyone.Homer, the DM: You can’t fight everyone. How would you even–Achilles’ player: *rolls a 20* I fight everyone.Homer, the DM: *sighs* Fine. You cut a path through the Trojan army, enemy dead strewn in your wake.Achilles’ player: How many?Homer, the DM: …lots. Enough to clog the friggin’ river with bodies.Achilles’ player: I fight the river.Homer, the DM: You. can. not. fight. the. river.Achilles’ player: *reaches for dice*
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Every vagina is PERFECT and beautiful in their own way

Anyone who disagrees can fight me

I’m not disagreeing but I do kinda wanna fight if you’re down

A fight for the sake of fighting is the purest form of fight lets go

reblog if you’re body positive but also ready to throw down
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(via 池 玲文/媚の全年齢版1/10発売さんのツイート: “#2016自分が選ぶ今年の4枚 元ネタに興奮して落書きしたら海外で軽く炎上してしまった夏の思い出。 元ネタ→KFC x WWE: Sando Slam”)

Finger licking good.



Why me

if i gotta see this


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