Jun. 27th, 2017

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I thought I was going to be fired because I just kept laughing. I also thought it would be funny to say lines that weren’t in the script just to make others laugh and ruin their take. – Lucy Davis
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Real human lives matter more than fictional characters. Even characters and stories that mean a lot to you. People matter more than fandoms. If you bully and harass people because of their ships or headcanons, you need to stop and reevaluate things
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Just a reminder that only SOME demons are allowed in lgbt+ spaces.

The Babadook ✔
Terfs ❌
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the whole “i used to be a teen who hated authority only to grow up to become the authority that hates teens” is a bad bad thing that practically every other generation has fallen into and we all need to make an extremely conscious effort not to repeat the fucking pattern

Studies have shown that the shift starts to happen around age 30. If you’re close to that, make a conscious effort to be open to and accepting of younger people. I’m 31 and paying close attention to how I react to young people and new trends and shit and trying to keep myself from developing those thought patterns.
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💮 Happy Pride month with pride birds! 💮
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♡♡ don’t remove caption please ♡♡

so, i was inactive for a couple of months, and since i’m coming back i thought i could do a giveaway to celebrate!! (photos taken from each brand’s website)

♡ winner gets:

Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection:

1 Sweet Peach Glow Peach-Infused Highlighting Palette

2 Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss (Shades: Pure Peach & Peach Fuzz)

1 Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection

1 Papa Don’t Peach Peach-Infused Blush

OR ALTERNATIVELY if you don’t like the sweet peach stuff:

1 Chocolate Bar / Chocolate Bon Bon (your choice) Eye Shadow Palette

2 Melted Matte Lipsticks (shades of your choice)

1 Love Flush Blush (shade of your choice)

1 Cocoa Contour Face Palette

Lush Honey Wrapped Gift including:

1 Honey Trap Lip Balm

1 Honey I Washed The Kids Bar Soap

1 It’s Raining Men Shower Gel

1 Helping Hands Hand Care Cream

1 Ultrabland Facial Cleanser

1 Soft Coeur Massage Bar

(+ 5 additional bath bombs.) (not part of the wrapped gift)

Anastasia Beverly Hills:

1 Modern Renasaince Eye Shadow Palette

1 Moon Child Glow Kit

1 Sun Dipped / Sweets Glow Kit (your choice)


♡ faq (important please read)

edit: http://ift.tt/2tdGp5x people keep telling me the link doesn’t work, i’ve fixed it so many times, it works for me, i’m sorry i can’t figure out what’s wrong with it.

♡ rules:

must be following me falloutbarbie since this is only for my followers

one reblog = one entry (just don’t spam, reblog like 2 times per day or something like that)

likes count only if you reblogged as well

you can follow my instagram @ferrsg for another entry (optional) (u don’t need to message me abt it read the faq bb)

no giveaway blogs

ends on july 1st 2017

will ship internationally

that’s it! good luck everyone ♡ 
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i could never be the victim in the horror movie that gets the ominous phone calls because i just literally do not answer the phone ever
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my brother is sitting in the chair in my room studying a practice test thing for his final test before he becomes a fully certified EMT tomorrow and he’s mumbling some of the questions out loud and he just went “a child has fallen from a monkey at school…” and he just got dead quiet and stared at the wall for like a solid minute with the most stricken look on his face before he whispered “there’s no protocol for monkeys”


bro it means monkey bars 

now he’s googling “child falls from monkey” and apparently the only thing that pops up is Fall Out Boy’s “Thnks Fr th Mmrs”


this was a post meant for like 6 people who actually know my brother and now this is the only image he has on this site he’s the “monkey protocol” guy for almost 100,000 people I give up
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Hey, we’re in line for some absurd temperatures here in the southwest this week. This is very important to know and keep in mind. Be safe, stay hydrated, stay out of the sun as much as you can.

i threw up in front of some grade schoolers because i had heat exhaustion

dont be like me

Since someone else crossed my dash asking for tips for keeping cool, thought I’d share this handy chart that also came across my dash.
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*bangs rhythmically on the table* LET. HIM. RIDE! LET. HIM. RIDE!


posting this again cause i found some good news!

How dare anything be this Floridian?


Not to be the one raining on everyone’s parade but this is a really big case of dangerous anthropomorphism of a wild animal that’s going to end badly. Reptiles are not like cats and dogs. Look at the case of Jor the snake.

-In defense of the clothes wearing, there’s this claim that "Rambo had originally been trapped in a small tank in a dark closet without sunlight before she rescued him, so he has to wear clothes when he goes outdoors because his skin “is very sensitive to sunlight.” The thing is, most reptiles, including alligators literally need UVA/UVB light to live.  I can’t find any information about a situation like this outside of the articles about Rambo, so I’m doubtful of the validity of this claim.-Rambo doesn’t enjoy riding motorcycles or ATVs, nor does he feel love for his owner. That’s not anything against either him, or his owner. It’s just that reptiles don’t have the brain chemistry necessary for those emotions. -Man reptiles, including gators, are very susceptible to stress, and shouldn’t be constantly handled, particularly not in the way that Rambo is being handled. They’re not really a pet for you to be cuddling with, and definitely not one to be putting on open, moving vehicles. Either the stress will effect his health, or he will eventually lash out. (apparently the authorities aren’t allowing her to continue showing him in schools or riding on these vehicles, thankfully) -Yes, gators can be trained. So can many wild animals, but they’re still wild. They aren’t going to be predictable. It’s good authorities stepped in and stopped some of the most dangerous behaviors, but this is still going to end in tragedy. His owner does very clearly love him, but that’s not enough for an animal. She doesn’t understand his needs, instead equating him to a puppy or human child. This will either end in a bite or Rambo dying of something avoidable.

I’ll rain on the parade with you- this story makes me cringe, although I am glad they didn’t do the typical thing and just take the alligator away to destroy him. He’d certainly be better off at a different facility, but since he’s been in captivity since he was very young, it’s unlikely he’d do well at a nature preserve or something like that. He’d need a lot of human care and attention for sure. But I wish that it wasn’t in the form of outfits and eccentricity. The wearing clothes thing is total bs. Albino alligators are sensitive to sunlight, yes, which contributes to why they don’t survive well in the wild (also, as babies, albino alligators are easy to see and pick off as delicious snacks). But Rambo isn’t an albino. The idea that the clothes help prevent sunburn is silly. I’ll put my reptiles in silly clothes, but I acknowledge the silliness. I don’t try to claim it’s necessary. 

As for the UVB thing, he could actually be receiving quite a bit of that. One thing that makes this different than Jor the snake is that Rambo’s being kept in Florida- a state to which he’s native. This means that if he’s kept outside, his climatic needs are being met. The articles I’ve found don’t actually say where he’s kept, only that the land is insufficient. Alligators over four feet are supposed to have at least 2.5 acres to move around on, and his owner’s entire property is only .3 of an acre. The Ledger article mentions her fenced-in yard and in this picture it looks like there’s a partially open garage… shelter… thing. 

Side note: that is not the proper way to hold an alligator. 

In various facebook photos, it looks like he’s got outdoor access. And as far as heat and humidity goes, he’s probably fine. It is his native range, after all.

The anthropomorphism is also patently ridiculous. An alligator is an intelligent reptile to be sure- they’re super trainable and can solve puzzles- but an alligator can’t love you back. Alligators can be social- sometimes you’ll see them congregate in the same area to bask or swim- but usually the adult males prefer to be solitary. And alligator sociality isn’t about cuddling or contact, it’s about being in the same basking area because hey, it’s nice to bask here. Juveniles will also sometimes exhibit play behavior and sometimes this does involve seeking contact with other animals, but not to the extent that a mammal would. They’ve got a really interesting set of behaviors, but anthropomorphizing them like that is dangerous to everyone involved.  

His owner’s also been contradicting herself about his behavior in interviews- she claims he hates loud noises and sunshine but that he loves being around people and riding a motorcycle. It’s totally normal for a reptile to have preferences and fears, but if he hates the loud noises of the wild, wouldn’t he also hate the loud noises of a motorcycle? She also claims that by dressing him up and toting him around she’s providing education- but there’s no way that you’re going to learn anything real about alligators from seeing one dressed up like Santa. She says that alligators shouldn’t be pets, but actions speak louder than words.  

However! There’s also some really good news in the NPR article, at least for the alligator’s safety. He’s not allowed to go on any more motorcycle rides, make any public appearances, and he’ll have to be caged with his mouth taped shut whenever he leaves the house. Having his mouth taped or banded is an important precaution when working with alligators- it doesn’t hurt them and it stops them from biting. They can still pose a danger with their tails and claws, however- but considering that this is an encounter his owner allowed, any safety precautions are an improvement.

This is not ok. 

That all being said, not every captive alligator is this poorly kept. Many people and groups keep crocodilians do so quite well- it’s even safe to take them out in public, provided you take the proper precautions and you display them with safety and education in mind. Alligators make fantastic ambassador animals- when acclimated properly and cared for well. They aren’t as fragile as many other crocodilians and seeing one in person can be really inspiring- it can get people interested in conservation and help them come to see alligators not as a threatening nuisance but as a part of the natural ecosystem that needs to be respected. 

Please rain on these parades, this is just disgusting anthropomorphism of this alligator.
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the speed limit is 720 fuCKING MILES PER HOUR.

It’s actually 45… how… how did you get 720?

No? Shouldn’t it be 180?

No, I think 45 is right. 2 times 45 is 90, and 360 divided by 4 is 90, so yeah, 90=90.

Yeah, but if x = the sum of 360/4. then it should be 2 multiplied by x, (90). Yeah?
If it was 2 times 45, 360/4 would have to equal 45, and it doesn’t.

I dont get what yall are saying

But 2x = (360÷4) is 2x=90 so x = 45

Tumblr: School is dumb I don’t need math
Tumblr: The speed limit is 720 mph
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a new law is about to be passed in Saudi Arabia that will allow the government to execute people for coming out or being openly gay online.

ignoring the fact that this is literally something out of some kind of dystopian novel, in the interests of safety i’ve emptied out my face tag and may temporarily deactivate or password protect this blog.

please reblog this and get the word out, and if you pray, please pray for me and my fellow Saudi LGBTQ+/MOGAI family.

ALSO, for those who need it [x]. its a post on erasing all traces of yourself from the interwebs. 

this is not something to read and keep to yourself. please spread this around. may Allah keep everyone safe.

Stay safe out there.. :(
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my cat is staring at me


google::;;;; what does she want

oh my god
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We need to serperate from these demons if we are going to survive

Jesus Christ… it’s just the exact same thing.

I hate…. I hate everything…
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Felines love boxes 😺 😸 😹

If I fits, I sits. If I no fits, I sits anyway. 

I love seeing posts that show how all cats cat.
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ancient greek word of the day: αἰγίλιψ, “devoid of goats; hence, incredibly steep, to the point that not even goats can climb it”


What goatforsaken mountainside is this?

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St. Cristophe and the Hyades - A South American island country consisting of St. Cristophe (the main archipelago) and the Hyades (the surrounding sparsely inhabited islands). They were a UK colony up until 1957 when they won their independence by non-violent means. UK officials were constantly given incorrect coordinates as to the location of the country and this fooled them long enough for the people to write an official declaration of independence while imprisoning officials already on the Island. The UK silently pulled out of the country without any fuss as they didn’t want anyone talking about what an international embarrassment they are.

Tasilimo! - The only country left with an exclamation point in its name, Tasilimo! is located off the coast of New Zealand. Tasilimo! has a small population of 549, but has one of the most linguistically diverse populations in the world. All 549 inhabitant of Tasilimo speak their own language, and this has caused longstanding tension between the inhabitants. At the moment, Tasilimo! is going through a brutal civil war between each citizen in the country. Peace talks have largely failed because nobody can tell what the fuck anyone is saying.

Shadow Albania - Shadow Albania is located in the Balkan Peninsula right next to Albania. The country is unique in that it’s the only country that based its border on another country. It has the same shape as vanilla Albania, but it roughly half the size. Shadow Albania has very similar historical origins as Albania, yet there is tension between the two countries as Shadow Albania considers itself “darker, edgier, and more mature” than vanilla Albania, going so far as to ban immigration from vanilla Albania as they consider Albanians to be “motherfuckers”. Shadow Albania still subscribes to a version of extreme Hoxhaism, and the country’s geological makeup has all but been destroyed to make room for bunkers. So much of Shadow Albania’s GDP goes towards building bunkers that its economy is failing, yet it is perhaps the most safe country to be in, in the case of nuclear war.

Ohio - Sometimes mistakenly thought to be an American state, Ohio won its Independence in 1992 when its entire human populace all but disappeared, only to be replaced with odd mollusk like creatures. Ohio is the only country in the world with a population of zero. Its capital is Cleveland, a bizarre desolate wasteland made up mostly of row houses and geological disappointment. Its national motto is “I wish I was anywhere, but Ohio” and its main exports are transients and nuclear waste.
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Foz Meadows on Portrayal of Sex in Media

I agree, all men should learn about women’s sexuality by reading My Immortal.

Hi friend! Foz here. Just a couple of points:

-  I’ve specified good fanfiction in literally the first tweet. While this is, obviously, a value judgement wherein YMMV, My Immortal is famous for being arguably the most terrible fanfic ever written, and is therefore demonstrably not what I’m talking about. Similarly, I’ve seen other responses to this post bring up 50 Shades, which, despite its popularity in mainstream circles, is pretty much universally regarded as being not just terrible fanfic, but an excruciatingly bad and dangerously inaccurate portrayal of BDSM that romanticises abuse. So no: these are not the droids you’re looking for.

- Here’s the thing, though: you already knew that. The decision to respond to this post with a flippant reference to a fic that’s notorious precisely because of its poor quality is exactly why I used up precious Twitter characters to specify good fanfic, even though I shouldn’t have had to. Every mode of artistic expression is composed of good, bad and mediocre works, but when it comes to genres that are traditionally viewed as less worthy or literary - like fanfiction, or romance - we have a reflexive tendency to conflate the bad with the whole, such that the good is implied to be either exceptional or nonexistant. I specified that I’m talking about good fanfiction, not because I think such fics are an exalted minority, but to pre-emptively combat the assertion that they are, and then you’ve gone and made it anyway. So, thanks for that.

- But while we’re on the subject of quality, let’s make a very important distinction. Though fanfic is a largely unmediated medium, it’s not bad; it’s amateur, in the very literal, dictionary-definition sense of engaging or engaged in without payment; non-professional. While there’s a stereotype that lots of ficwriters are teenage girls - which, why is that always wielded as an insult? oh right, misogyny, carry on - a lot of us are, in fact, grown-ass adults of varying genders, some of whom also happen to write professionally in other contexts; like me, for instance. I’ve read fanfics that are unquestionably as good as, if not better than, many professionally published works I’ve read, some I’ve simply enjoyed or felt meh about, and others where I’ve mounted up on my Nopetopus and ridden off into the sunset after the first paragraph. It’s a grab bag, is what I’m saying, but if you think that’s an inherently different spectrum of enjoyment over quality than applies to any other medium, then I’d politely invite you to reconsider the matter. 

- In conclusion: fanfic might not be your bag, but it has its own culture of editing, collaboration, publication, criticism and dissemination, its own conventions and subversions of same, its own extensive history and trope awareness, and, yes, its near-unique status as a medium invested in female sexual desire. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other things straight dudes can do to learn the mystical ways of What Women Want like, oh, say, talking to them, always bearing in mind that women are not a goddamn hivemind, but given that there are a frightening number of guys out there whose first or primary exposure to any type of porn is whatever degrading mainstream het they can scrouge up for free without virusing the hell out of their PCs, then yeah: I’m gonna go out on a fucking limb and suggest they maybe balance it out with some fanfic.

This might be the best summary of the power of fan fiction and its inherent lessons about women’s sexuality that I’ve ever seen.

And if you look to your left you’ll see a well written, well thought out piece “In Defence of Fanfiction”.
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The Evening Herald, Ottawa, Kansas, April 2, 1904

The Marion County News, Hamilton, Alabama, February 25, 1904
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I don’t even know what to say about this fuckshit.

This is disgusting

Prudence read her tho . Yall need to see the slayage

Thank you, Prudence.
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I knew subscribing to notifications from this libertarian think tank would pay off
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Jun. 27th, 2017 09:42 pm
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The ‘Wonder Woman’ Cast Respond To Internet Trolls
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I think a lot about who I am to other people in the world–particular who I am to strangers as a mere concept in their lives.

Today this woman called our information desk and said, “my son’s band is playing tonight. I want to come see him, but he never answers his phone…..I want to be there. Have you heard anything about his band?”

And I felt so bad for this lady but I’m not in the music scene around here so I had to tell her no, sorry.

Five hours later, I’m hiking and run into a group of guys setting up for some outdoor performance, and as I watch them unload the drums it hits me.

“Hey,” I said, “are y’all in a band?”

They said yeah and smiled and I told them “one of your moms called today. She wants to watch you play, but she can’t get a hold of you. Call your mom.”

And they all pulled out their phones and started discussing whose mom it probably was as they presumably dialed their own.

And now, unless we meet again and recognize each other, that’s who I’ll be forever to those guys–some mysterious courier for mom-messages who came out of the woods and told them their mom called.

I didn’t even tell them why their mom called me. Who am I to their mom?? Nobody even asked. They just took my word for it and called their mothers.


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Rob Zombie confirmed for coll fuckin’ guy


i love that Rob Zombie is now Baby Metal’s badass protective grandpa 

imagine being so mad that someone likes a thing you don’t like

the patriarchy is so wild it makes grown men shit their pants when anything feminine invades their space without being there for eye candy
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I had to illustrate this moment x)

[instagram @potterbyblvnk]

Harry Potter and the Sex Dreams about His Best Friends Sister
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“Harry found himself newly and happily impervious to gossip over the next few weeks. After all, it made a very nice change to be talked about because of something that was making him happier than he could remember being for a very long time”

- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Chapter 25, after Harry and Ginny’s first kiss

Background by Martyn Smith
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“He spotted Ginny two tables away; she was sitting with her head on her mother’s shoulder: there would be time to talk later, hours and days and maybe years in which to talk.” Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, last chapter.

Harry and Ron some months after the war, reflecting on life.

[Instagram: @potterbyblvnk]
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d&d is great
I just tried to slam a guy with a two-handed maul and missed, swinging into the floor
I roll for damage against the floor bc of course I do. I roll high. The tiles are crushed to bits
As a free action, I grab a handful of floor gravel and shovel it into my mouth and straight up eat it in an intimidation attempt
My combat opponent is horrified. I get +2 to hit him next turn

I fought an opponent who had an eye patch. I used Mage Hand to pick up his eye patch and move it to his other eye.
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