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Great lesson in empathy, you never know what someone is going through.

“And I put on weight. Big f–ing deal” is gonna be my new mantra

Wentworth Miller is really good

wow this is powerful
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like, i get the desire that people have to want things like scars & stretchmarks & imperfections to be beautified and aestheticized in the same way that features which conform do. i get the need to want to see yourself romanticized in that way, to want to switch the language and the way people visualize imperfections.

but like, sometimes i really don’t understand the point of doing all that. because these things just exist at the end of the day, & i just want them to exist without adding or negating my value as a human being. i don’t even want 80000 aesthetic pictures of my acne scars or armpit hair, i just want them to exist and for people to treat me like a human being, and not like some kind of eldritch horror OR as some kind of epic symbol against beauty standards. i just wanna exist and for these things to just be treated as what they are–a consequence of living a life and nothing else. 

and i think it’s deeply misguided sometimes to act as if the only way to counter negative shit from some of the narrow beauty standards that exist is to run in the total opposite direction, rather than learning to come to terms with the fact that yeah, some things aren’t pretty, but that doesn’t mean they’re ugly, that just means that they are and they exist and don’t have an inherent value, and more importantly, don’t have any sort of bearing on your own worth as a person either.
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Don’t let your summer be a total bummer, dood.
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I dearly wish that people would view their bodies as they view flowers…

Veins everywhere?


Skin patches? Birthmarks?

hella rad~

Scars? Stretch marks?


Freckles? Moles? Acne scars?

heckie yeah~

Large? Curvy?


Small? Thin?


Missing a few pieces?

handsome as ever~

Feel like you just look weird?

you’re fantastic looking~

THIS is the best post ever. 



;-; I need this every day of my life I will never not reblog this it is beautiful and just what I need every day.

I needed this

Don’t insult anything about yourself you wouldn’t say about a flower

A little body positivity for y’all tonight.
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Things to normalize: body hair, fat rolls, stretch marks 
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Things to normalize: Body fat, stretch marks/surgery scars, gentleness 

Brother piece to this post
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Ugggh so the moisturizer I use makes me break out, but I have INSANELY dry skin that I need to moisturize. And I can’t afford to buy a different type until I get a new job, and even then I have things I have to pay off first. So my self esteem about my face isn’t so great. This really sucks. I’m really really tired of having bad acne. I mean I’ve always had acne, but it’s gotten a lot worse since starting the Depo shot and I’m trying to get it under control, but it would really help if I could use a moisturizer that didn’t make my skin do this.
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Let’s be really clear about something: I’ve got a big ass belly (and it’s super fucking cute). I’m so goddamn tired of seeing comments about my small waist and how I look better than other fat chicks and that I’m “thick”. Nooooooo!! I’m faaaaaat and it’s greeeeat! And I’m no better or worse than any other person. All bodies are good. ALL BODIES!! DO NOT compare me or any other people to each other based on looks and DO NOT try to compliment me by putting other people down “Bbws are sexier than skinny chicks anyway” or “you prettier than ol girl on bla bla show” none of those are compliments. Compare me to a delicious cupcake or the undulating curves of the ocean if you like, but don’t put somebody else down to try and pay me a compliment. And open your eyes because there’s PLENTY of photos with my tummy in them to notice that I’m not “thick” or however you try to classify it. This has been a rant okthxbye
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Feb. 14th, 2017 07:05 am
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Akira Armstrong was in two Beyoncé videos, but couldn’t find an agent to represent her as a professional dancer because of her size. To change the narrative around what a dancer’s body should look like, Akira started her own dance company, made up of plus-size dancers. “Pretty Big Movement” is destroying dancer stereotypes, one routine at a time.

This is so needed
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some people have been messaging me about “health” so i’m gonna say this:

1. every single person deserves to have confidence and do/wear what they want without worrying about what they look like. your weight is literally the least important thing about you and there are a million more important things you should dedicate your energy towards.

2. ppl who are naturally thin they have this idea that being chubby/thick/fat is unhealthy because for THEM to get to this weight it would be unhealthy, like if you’ve been a size 4 your whole life w/o ever having to think about it, to get to a size 10/14/18 w.e. you would prob have to eat a lot of shit and give up exercise. HOWEVER, that is NOT TRUE FOR EVERYONE. i have literally been a size 10+ since grade 8 and from 2012-2015 i ran 5k every second day for three years and ate super healthy etc etc and I WAS STILL A SIZE 10 and weighed 170 pounds.

3. these messages that we’re unhealthy are so much more harmful than any possible “health issues”. hating yourself is NOT HEALTHY. story time i have literally been on a diet since grade 3, and w/o this messaging of me needing to lose weight i would be at a healthier weight right now and definitely wouldn’t have put my body through all this unhealthy shit. i started making myself throw up in grade 5, in grade 7 i starved myself to weigh 120 pounds (20 pound weight loss from previous year), in grade 8 i stopped starving and went up to 160, grade 9 went up to 195, university went down to 170, now i’m up to 210. if it hadn’t been for allllllll of this i-need-to-lose-weight-im-so-fat-no-actually-im-good-no-actually-i-need-to-lose-weight-this-is-pointless-i-hate-myself-no-point-in-dieting-OMGIMSOFATINEEDTODIETNOW-etc-etc-etc i’m sure i would be healthier right now.

also if i had dedicated all the energy i’ve dedicated to weight loss to something else instead i’m pretty sure i could’ve literally cured cancer by now soooo stop wasting our time with this stupidness ok we have better things to do!!!
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Only a few of the quotes that the President Elect, Donald Trump, has said about women.
After many many hours, my photography final is FINALLY finished. It has been deleted off Facebook and Instagram, so I’m hoping it can stay up on Tumblr.

oh, this is good
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Danielle Brooks, body positive queen, has an insightful story to share about what it’s like when you compare your body to other women’s

If you’ve ever given in to embarrassment in public locker rooms or let your self-esteem get knocked down a notch by looking enviously at people who seem to be in “perfect” shape, Danielle Brooks has an important message for you.

Gifs: daniebb3


I love her so much


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