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So, most of you know that @dadhoc  unexpectedly lost his job right after Lex died last year – and in fact exactly because Lex died. They fired him because he took a day off from work when he’d been up all night at the emergency vet with his dog, finally having to make the decision to put him down.

@dadhoc’s gotten work again, but between being out of work, his new job being ethically better but currently paying him literally less than half what his old job did, and my disability limiting my work hours, plus the fact that what was supposed to be ‘pay your deductible and we’ll fix your house’ turned into ‘lol jk you’re 10K in debt now’ – things are getting – well.

Really tough. We’re not yet scarily falling behind, but things are becoming a little nerve-wracking. My last paycheck, after I paid for our health care, was $30. That’s not a typo. It’s not typical, but it’s not a typo.

Between my various social media sites, I put in enough time answering questions, acting as support, and writing up resources for it to be a second job for me. I do it because I love it, and because I love our community, but it’d also be awesome if my labor could turn into cash money. 

If you appreciate what I do, please consider buying me a coffee, or if you don’t like Ko-fi, sending something my way on PayPal. My Patreon will be going live tomorrow, at which time you will also have the option of paying me money for stories about socialist space lesbians and separately a Jewish scholar in a fantasy world based on Mongolia and also about a demisexual middle-aged wizard, her partner, and their trans apprentice. I just have to decide which one I want to plow through first. 

If every one of my followers could toss a dollar in the kitty, I’d have enough money to be sure we’d be tided over to when things should pick up for @dadhoc, and maybe even make some of the desperately-needed safety-related repairs to our house, which have been put off and put off. 

Even better, if you’d like to hire me to write something for you, edit, proofread, speak or sensitivity read for you? I am for hire. I also have an Etsy shop, and if you don’t see something you like in my current stock, hit me up for something custom. Any of my pride kippot can be modified into beanies if you want a Pride item but are not Jewish. 

Thanks - and please  boost this either way. <3 

So I hate to bring this up to the fore again, but here we are.

We are in scary territory right now. @dadhoc got a different job, finally, and we might be okay if we can make it to September, but the thing is, we gotta make it to September. 

I haven’t talked about this a lot, but my job found an excuse to get rid of me, in a way that may or may not be legal because it may be a disability law violation but I don’t have the money to fight and they know that, and are now contesting my unemployment. If they rule against me, I’ll have to repay everything I’ve been paid since May 26th. (Yeah, they fired me right before my birthday.) Between that and the fact that dadhoc isn’t ramped up at his new job and is making just over minimum wage until he does? We’ve eaten through most of our savings paying bills and the mortgage for the last couple months.

(We do, for the moment, have medical assistance, so that much is covered. For now. Hooray Medicaid.)

My in-laws helped me to get a new sewing machine so that I can provide more awesome stuff at my Etsy shop, and I’ve branched out from Judaica to Pride items that aren’t Judaica, and also stuff like makeup bags and nerdy stuff. Pronoun patches? Yep, I got that. Custom work for your jacket? Got that, too. 

So if you like what I do? Consider hiring me, consider buying something from my Etsy shop (I do custom work!), consider buying me a coffee or becoming a Patron or tossing some money in my PayPal tip jar. 

Please, and thank you. I just gotta make it to September, and then hopefully dadhoc’s new job will pick up. 

Please can we get this boosted, Tumblr fam? And if you could show a little love and help @vaspider and their family I’d deeply appreciate it. Vaspy has been there and helped so many of us.

I am broke but I would totally like to draw attention to the bit about the Etsy shop as apparently @vaspider does really neat things like sew-on badges with preferred pronouns on them and IDIC and also if you would like your jacket to tell everyone that you are the tank/bard/healer of the group up front. 

I know I have a few people who would find that in particular nifty. So. 

I already bought, AND received, a pronoun patch, in beautiful shiny Hufflepuff gold, saying “mer/mers pronouns” for @rivergst. Mer whole face lit up! I’m going to order they/them and gem/gems ones for the baby and me next ❤️

I everyone gives like 3-5 bucks a piece that adds up y'all, really

Honestly, it really does. And the people who have donated (including one person who I don’t know who gave an amount that literally made me sob with relief) have really helped. A lot.

We have one more month to get through, if all goes well, before things start to turn around at @dadhoc‘s new job. Things are happening, but it takes time for them to actually come through.

So check out my Etsy shop (20 percent off of orders over $15 before 7/31, y’all!) or hit up my PayPal or Kofi, or signal boost, please, if you like what I do, if I’ve helped you or someone you care about.

Thank you. We’re getting through.

Boosting this again. We got hit with lawyer fees to try to protect my unemployment, and we’re fighting to keep our noses above water. I keep telling myself: end of September, just gotta get to the end of September.

Please check the Etsy shop, there are great new items up, buy a coffee, donate on PayPal, whatever works for you!

We have current outstanding:

$290 back cellphone bill
$1300 mortgage for August
$1500 debt payments
$250 car payment.

We’ve covered everything to this point, but barely, with your help and your orders and your awesomeness.

End of September.

Thank you to everyone who’s bought or donated. Y'all got me to my doctor’s appointment today. Thank you.

Now I gotta get home and finish packing orders…

Boosting this post again. If you like what I do, please consider helping my family out. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel – I won my unemployment compensation fight against my old employer, which helps, but we’re still not out from underwater yet. If we can get to the end of September, things will start to turn around.

I’ve just added a whole new set of patches on NerdyKeppie – Pride animals! – and my patrons on Patreon just got a free add-on poem. Queer fiction for a dollar or two a month? Awesome Pride items? And you get to help me. How cool is that?

(It’s pretty cool.)

If none of that stuff is up your alley, well, consider buying me a ko-fi or tossing a little money in my PayPal. Every little bit helps. I need to be able to get back and forth to doctor’s appointments and to pay for meds. <3 

Thanks, friends. 
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i know a lot of you don’t give a fuck about latinos issues, but venezuela may or may not be entering in a TOTAL dictatorship tomorrow, and i’m so fucking angry, i’m so sad…i’m not venezuelan i’m argentinian and i’m so angry because we can’t do shit to help our venezuelan friends we can do nothing to help the people from venezuela we can just PRAY that everything will okay and venezuela can kick maduro’s ass out of their country, so CAN YOU [THE REST OF THE WORLD] JUST HELP US, LATINOAMERICA, PRAYING FOR VENEZUELA??? please, i’m losing my shit out here because i don’t have not a single way to contact my venezuelan friend and i’m fucking worried. sorry for swearing i’m really freaking out

Fifteen people died in riots yesterday (July 30, 207) alone. People are literally starving to death, not because they don’t have any money, but because there simply isn’t any food in supermarkets across the country. The shelves are completely bare - no food, no water, no toilet paper, no nothing.

This isn’t a political crisis anymore. It’s a humanitarian crisis. And it pisses me off that people don’t care about it as much as they would if this wasn’t happening in a Latinamerican country. You KNOW this wouldn’t have gotten this far if it was France, or the UK, or Canada. But because the people suffering are Latinos, the global community doesn’t give a shit, and that directly leads to people dying.

#listen I’m Colombian and the horror stories we hear about what’s going on at the border chill me to the bone#please do whatever you can to help Venezuela

do you know of anything those of us living in north america or elsewhere can do to help?  if not that’s totally fine it’s not your responsibility at all, just wondering since you are a lot closer geographically to what’s happening than i am.

Venezuelan crisis explained

Feed the Protest (Alimenta la Protesta) helps get food and water to the protestors

Donate medical supplies for the med students from Universidad Central de Venezuela who are helping treat victims | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Santuario Luna - Organization dedicating to helping and saving stray animals caught in the midst of the violence. I could only find the website in Spanish, but you can find the donate button at the bottom of the page

If you have sewing skills, you can make and send vests designed to protect against high-impact blows for the protestors with this pattern here. Again, it´s in Spanish but there´s very helpful images

Comparte por una vida (Sharing for Life) feeds malnourished Venezuelan children victims of food scarcity and extreme inflation that causes what little food there is to be basically unattainable (instagram)

Sun.Risas is a nonprofit that helps children around the world and has a Venezuelan effort. Donate | Most needed supplies | Instagram

Masks vs. Bombs gets anti-tear gas protection to protestors
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binders at  are 15% off for one item since it is pride month so take advantage of it my pals (use the code PRIDE15)

get 20% off  orders of two or more items with the code PRIDE20 !!!!
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Dear Followers,

I have been receiving a lot of messages as the one above. Apparently there is a person going around on tumblr, befriending members of the lgbt community who are not yet out to their parents. She then sends their parents letters outing them. (S)he pretends to want to be your pen pal or wants to send you a letter/gift via mail. (S)he will do anything to get your address. Please be careful. I’d really appreciate you guys reblogging this or making a similar post letting your friends/followers know. Just because that person’s blog was deleted doesn’t mean (s)he won’t come back. 

UGH this is disgusting, trust no bitch. Please be careful babies

Please reblog this. I know it’s off topic but it’s very important to get the word out.

This is real. I know for a fact this is real, and she uses different usernames now. She’s turned to more pointedly LGBTQA+ friendly names to try and lure people in. Careful, folks. Seriously, careful.

Ugh why do people do this?? It’s horrid

Just as a warning. Please be careful friends, especially if you’re going to share your info with anyone.

This is why I have a very careful list of info I don’t disclose until I’m certain; basically anything that can be used to nail down my real life. This includes but is not limited to:
-Legal name
-Date of birth
-Address (or location specifics beyond city)
-Names of close family members
-Other social media accounts
-Face shots
I might be being a bit paranoid here (and honestly I let some things slip when I know that doesn’t narrow down a search), but as shown by the troll who had to roll into my inbox asking for this stuff, it works.
Be careful out there, kids.
(And yes, this means that if you’ve got access to this info, you’re in my inner circle.)
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I’m not salty anymore, I just want people to be aware, and I want people to no longer be hurt.

Okay I’m a little salty
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Stop what you’re doing and check this out.

“100% of the proceeds from this bundle will be split 50-50 between the ACLU ( American Civil Liberties Union) and Planned Parenthood.”

Twenty bucks, if you can swing it, gets you SO MUCH STUFF.
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via here to support Help Persephone Stay Afloat and NOT homeless:


Hey I know a lot of yall generously donated and I really, REALLY appreciate that, but I also dont want to be homeless down here so if you could please donate to this so I can make rent (at least until I can get a job) I would really appreciate it. Thank you very much in advance
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In these dark and dreary times, let us not forget that pets are fucking wonderful and they will love you even if the PEOTUS cuts all of our state’s federal funding because we refuse to stop being a sanctuary. 

Pets! They’re so dope! They don’t even know who the President is! And also they need good homes. Especially the old ones. Senior pets are much harder to get adopted because people incorrectly think they’re less cute than baby pets.

November is Senior Pet Adoption Month at the Seattle Animal Shelter and hoo boy do they have some cute (and inexpensive!) older critters. Adoption fees are just $15 during this month if you pick a swingin’ senior. 

Like this Best Friends Squad, Pepito and Pepita:

Or this exquisite specimen named Bel:

Or perhaps Leonardo DeCatprio is for your style?

Pets are great. Long live pets. Get yourself an old pet. 

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the person he's commenting to is my tía. she's upset by his actions to me.
(he's bad at communicating but i think he was SIGNING it "daddy"... idk)
this was the first big blowup.
this was in august when he was cooperating slightly w/ us getting stuff
he literally wont talk to me w/out bringing my mother up
he never followed through with letting me take control of the account
nobody in my life rly has died since his dad so what does that mean
hi im salem! ily! this is the photo he hates & its not my bathroom! [they/them]

i’ve made this post like 5x now but HERE WE GO AGAIN…

i have an injunction hearing against my dad on tuesday, oct 25

he says he’s suing me for attorney’s fees because i finally had enough of being terrified of him (we work at the same place and he knows where i live) to try to file an injunction and told the court about what’s been going on since i was named in a court order that allowed me and one other person (the one he was commenting on her fb photo), both of us disabled, to go collect my mom’s stuff from his house

the house i inherited and he harassed, intimidated, bullied, and abused me into signing over to him after a DV incident involving a gun after which he was baker acted. he blames the entire incident on me.

he’s stolen around $3500 from me after coercing me into letting him “borrow” $2k during the divorce, and now he won’t sign over the account that held it, which he has long promised to do - also an inherited item from his father, one he now feels entitled to

he’s been gaslighting me, emotionally and psychologically abusing me, denying me medical care, etc since i was a child. it only turned physical once but that was enough to cause lasting damage to me.

he apparently hates me now vs. a few months ago because he found out just how involved i am in the activist community locally. i organized our local vigil after pulse, i attend BLM actions, i sit on panels for LGBTQ community topics, etc. i’m a trans educator, advocate, and activist (??) in my very unfriendly conservative community and he HATES that shit.

i’m moving 900 miles away from this mess, his violence, etc in just over a month but i need help to do it because that was the money i wanted to use in order to do it.

i’m on medical leave right now from work because my anxiety has gone through the roof and i am having a very difficult time functioning there after being blown off by HR when i told them about the situation.

this is the fundraiser to help me get out of here. i have an apartment secured, i have a couple of job leads that i’m hoping will be successful, but i’m starting over completely with my four cats and no friends in my new area.

please eject me from this hellswamp safely with my sweet cat family and into the safe situation i can have far, far away from this place. i’m so fucking close.

thank you all for the support i have received so far, including the kind messages of support and sympathy from other survivors, please boost this far and wide, i love you all so much


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