Jan. 13th, 2017

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some people have been messaging me about “health” so i’m gonna say this:

1. every single person deserves to have confidence and do/wear what they want without worrying about what they look like. your weight is literally the least important thing about you and there are a million more important things you should dedicate your energy towards.

2. ppl who are naturally thin they have this idea that being chubby/thick/fat is unhealthy because for THEM to get to this weight it would be unhealthy, like if you’ve been a size 4 your whole life w/o ever having to think about it, to get to a size 10/14/18 w.e. you would prob have to eat a lot of shit and give up exercise. HOWEVER, that is NOT TRUE FOR EVERYONE. i have literally been a size 10+ since grade 8 and from 2012-2015 i ran 5k every second day for three years and ate super healthy etc etc and I WAS STILL A SIZE 10 and weighed 170 pounds.

3. these messages that we’re unhealthy are so much more harmful than any possible “health issues”. hating yourself is NOT HEALTHY. story time i have literally been on a diet since grade 3, and w/o this messaging of me needing to lose weight i would be at a healthier weight right now and definitely wouldn’t have put my body through all this unhealthy shit. i started making myself throw up in grade 5, in grade 7 i starved myself to weigh 120 pounds (20 pound weight loss from previous year), in grade 8 i stopped starving and went up to 160, grade 9 went up to 195, university went down to 170, now i’m up to 210. if it hadn’t been for allllllll of this i-need-to-lose-weight-im-so-fat-no-actually-im-good-no-actually-i-need-to-lose-weight-this-is-pointless-i-hate-myself-no-point-in-dieting-OMGIMSOFATINEEDTODIETNOW-etc-etc-etc i’m sure i would be healthier right now.

also if i had dedicated all the energy i’ve dedicated to weight loss to something else instead i’m pretty sure i could’ve literally cured cancer by now soooo stop wasting our time with this stupidness ok we have better things to do!!!
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It’s Thursday, time to fuck up Ignis, my favorite. 

(he mad)

Here’s a cool thing: If I stop being able to afford things like health insurance, I might have to set up a Patreon. Never wanted to have to do that, but. We’ll see how things go.

Anyway. Been a rough day, enjoy some surly Ignis. 

I haven’t played this game (yet) but HOLY HELL this is fantastic and sexy
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The two most unfortunate authors to be cited together

we’re prepared to deploy the Assmann 2000
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this encounter seems very intimate and magical, like a moment in a dream


This video makes me so happy…
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Using a fake ID to get into the club
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Еще одно доказательство того, что коты - это жидкость…

He help water the plant
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Can we PLEASE remove the stigma for blue collar work in America?

“You don’t wanna be a garbage collector when you grow up, do you?”

$34,000 a year, no college needed?

God forbid you take an honest job $7,000 above Michigan’s average cost of living line.

“You don’t wanna be a ditch digger.”

Bitch, I was making $15 an hour, post tax, doing exactly that, the fuck is wrong with it? (Other than it was physically exhausting.)

We need to help America, as a whole, understand that college is not, and should not be he only option, and that there is NO SHAME in trade school or even getting a career right out of high school.

I, personally, know plumbers making $80,000+ a year. Better than most 4 year degree workers.

We need plumbers, janitors, truck-drivers, garbage collectors, machinists, to keep this nation running smoothly. And they deserve respect for what they do.

Miss me with your classist bullshit.
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The Customer Is Not Always Right.

Oh my god 

I hate customers so much sometimes
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oh my god stop what you are doing right now and watch this video. For all of you who have worked at Disney and had to deal with Stupid Guests, or if you happen to be an innocent bystander witnessing a 30 year old stupid guest throw a tantrum worse then their children, Watch this right now.

A CM dealing with a Stupid Guest at Fantasmic. Hilarity. I’m cracking up, ecspecialy because the audio is coming out of furry animals’ mouths. This is so accurate I can’t even handle it.
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Quebrada de Llanganuco, Cordillera Blanca, Perú // Patagonia, Argentina
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The Customer Is Not Always Right.

Oh my god 

I hate customers so much sometimes


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