Jul. 6th, 2017

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who gaf about who wins quidditch when u got a cute gf am i right???
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Jul. 6th, 2017 12:25 am
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Jul. 6th, 2017 12:35 am
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Can’t get your partner off on the first try? Cool. You can still be thoughtful and make them feel good.

Can get your partner off within 30 seconds? Awesome, good for you both, don’t let it get to your head.

Can make someone cum in less than 5, but for others, it’s a process that takes an hour? That’s alright, everyone’s different. 

Does it take you 30 minutes to cum? That’s okay, you’re not broken, you’re not a failure.

Does it take you 10 seconds to cum? That’s great, you’re not a slut, you’re not overly sensitive or dirty. 

Can’t cum without toys/vibrators? That’s awesome, that’s a valid part of sexual play!

Can only cum with loving, vanilla sex? That’s perfectly normal, and you will find lots of great partners to experience that with!

Can’t orgasm at all? THAT’S ALSO COOL. It’s not a bad thing, you can still enjoy sex TONNES just like others.

Orgasms are NOT the defining characteristic of your sexual prowess. They are great, they’re lovely when they happen, but for the love of science, stop bringing them up higher than they need to be. 

I wish I had this post when I was 18
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“Not much news. Rather cross–Would like a letter. Would like a garden. Would like Vita. Would like 15 puppies, 3 doves and a little conversation.”
- Virginia Woolf, from a letter to Vita Sackville-West c. June 1926
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I met a man at the Womens March in Atlanta who was in his 80s wearing one of the official shirts. Told me his age and I told him that I never bought that “it was a different time” bullshit and he said something to the effect of “none of this has ever been okay.” And this is a white man who was born in 1935. Decency is not a new trait, yall. It’s just that we refuse to accept cruelty anymore.
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Retethering to the grid
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Reading ~
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for just $0.00 a day you can provide me with Attention

If you want to ignore me and deposit $500 into my paypal account that’s cool too.
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White on White Crime.

nick tweeted screenshots of texts he got from james after this too hgfdsfgh
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support asians with darker skin 2k17
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most ppl are not going to jeopardize family relations for some abstract (to them) concept

They should.
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I dearly wish that people would view their bodies as they view flowers…

Veins everywhere?


Skin patches? Birthmarks?

hella rad~

Scars? Stretch marks?


Freckles? Moles? Acne scars?

heckie yeah~

Large? Curvy?


Small? Thin?


Missing a few pieces?

handsome as ever~

Feel like you just look weird?

you’re fantastic looking~

THIS is the best post ever. 



;-; I need this every day of my life I will never not reblog this it is beautiful and just what I need every day.

I needed this

Don’t insult anything about yourself you wouldn’t say about a flower

A little body positivity for y’all tonight.
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The character of Chief from Wonder Woman was played by Eugene Brave Rock who is from the Kanaii reserve in Southern Alberta. He took the inspiration for his character from real life WWI hero Mike Mountain Horse who is also from southern AB.
In the film Chief greets Diana in Blackfoot. Shortly after they have a conversation about how his people’s land was taken away by Steve’s people.

This is how you have First Nations representation: cast First Nations actors, draw from historical First Nations heroes and if they are going to speak a First Nations language cast someone who is part of that Nation!

He also personally created his whole look. Instead of the costume designer doing what they \think\ a native man would wear. He included things that would have personal significance to his character, not because it looks “Indian” *side-eyes the lone ranger*

Not only did Eugene Brave Rock create Chief’s whole look, he did it because they asked him to. It was a case of, “you know this, please help us do it right.”
He showed up on screen and I saw that hat and my heart was immediately happy because that is not a hat you see on Native people in Hollywood, that is a hat you see on actual Native people. That was my first inkling that Chief’s character wouldn’t hurt me.
And then he introduces himself to Diana. And Patty is a gift because she didn’t caption it. And it made that line a gift to Native (especially Blackfoot) viewers, because it said, this is for you.
I have a lot of feelings about both Napi and Eugene Brave Rock and they are all full of heart eyes.
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dont let tumblr make you think its okay to live in florida

@heyguysiwrotesomething @redacuarela
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oh no, the gov’t tries to ruin lives of our younger generation AGAIN.

source The rule supposedly gies into effect in 2020

“Under a new plan to prepare them for life after high school, Chicago Public Schools students would have to show an acceptance letter to a university, community college, apprenticeship, trade school, internship, or the armed services.”

So more poor kids will join the military to ensure they get a high school diploma or they’ll be held back. *dystopia instensifies*
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ah yes. today, july 4th, the birthday of

koko the gorilla!

(koko’s full name was actually hanabiko, which means “fireworks child”, which is a reference to her birthday: the fourth of july!)

koko is a gorilla who knows a modified form of american sign language (and can understand spoken english as well) and uses it to communicate with her teacher and caregiver, francine “penny” patterson, and in 1984 she asked for a cat for her birthday! she was allowed to choose a kitten from an abandoned litter — she chose a tiny gray manx kitty and named him all ball. he was taken to see her in the evenings, and then later he would visit on his own. she treated him like the other gorillas treated their babies, and tolerated his biting without any aggression. here’s her and her beloved ball:

later all ball escaped from the zoo and got run over by a car, sadly. koko was very sad about it, but later in 1985 she got two new manx kittens, lipstick and smoky! here’s her playing with lipstick:

and here’s her with smoky!

in 2015 for her birthday, koko picked out two more kittens and named them miss black and miss grey!

koko turns 46 today! she also understands object displacement, has passed the mirror test, has relayed personal memories, can talk about language, has used language deceptively, has used false statements humorously, and has invented new signs to talk about things she doesn’t know the sign for (for example she didn’t know the sign for ring, but combined the signs for “finger” and “bracelet” to convey the same meaning)! these are all things that show a more developed degree of understanding than is usually associated with primates that aren’t humans.

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they’re so brave
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No amount of gifsets can ever do this justice.
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Jul. 6th, 2017 11:12 am
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I have this huge, ex-military biker guy neighbour who is like 80% handlebar moustache and has a ponytail halfway to his ass and him and all his huge biker guy friends all have tiny dogs and special, motorcycle safe seats for them on their bikes and my favourite things is when they all come roaring in on their bikes and take their tiny dogs out of their little studded leather safety carriers there is this loud cacophony of kissy sounds and full blown baby voices like “was that fun sweetie” and “who’s my handsome boy”

is this a gang of hagrids
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don’t worry, you’re still in the “early life” part of your wikipedia page
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my summer look is naked in bed with the fan on high
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me when i was 12: ‘power of friendship’ stories are so lame and cliche like who cares its just a dumb plot device it’d never work :/

me now: My Love For My Friends Could Topple Cities. It Could Fell Empires. It Could Kill the Gods Themselves But It Won’t Because Then We’d Have Nowhere To Hang Out
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Jul. 6th, 2017 04:35 pm
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steve trevor: diana, you can’t go there! it’s no man’s land!

diana of themyscira, daughter of hippolyta: 
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ancient greek word of the day: αἰγίλιψ, “devoid of goats; hence, incredibly steep, to the point that not even goats can climb it”

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” Sophie , you’re beautiful! “

#no but like #you don’t understand how important and meaningful sophie’s arc in this movie is #she starts out hating herself because she believes herself to be ugly and dumb#then she’s turned into an old hag and promptly loses most of her insecurities because she no longer has to care about being beautiful #then we find out the curse weakens whenever she is being strong and it shows her real self underneath #which means the curse is mostly self-inflicted and not done by the witch of the waste #sophie curses herself because it is easier for her #but because she starts to see that she is important to people and others love her #she grows out of it and finally is able to stand up for others #and break her own curse #and get some fucking shit done #sophie is my hero and my gpoy always

In the book, Sophie possess a certain kind of magical power - she makes things real by saying them. She can lay spells just by saying them. When she made hats, and she told a hat that it would make a rich young man fall in love with it, a rich young man fell in love with the woman who bought it. When she told a hat it would make some woman look beautiful, everyone knew the mayor’s wife looked positively radiant in it. It’s what drew the Witch to her hat shop in the first place.  When she cursed out a bucket of plant food, it turned to potent weed killer. When she told herself she might as well be an old woman, when she told herself she was doomed to fail, when she told herself she was plain and boring and no one would ever notice her, no one did.

When Howl tried to break the spell on Sophie, and he tried many times, he always failed. Not because his magic was less powerful than the Witch’s, but because it was less powerful than Sophie’s.

Fun addition to the above, when Calcifer tried to study Sophie’s curse, he amentioned there were “two layers” to it. IE: One the Witch of the Waste laid on her, and her own reinforcements. And Howl didn’t only fail at breaking it, but ended up figuring she must just like being her cursed self, for whatever reason, and instead began quietly casting spells to help with her general aches and pains, instead.
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“Every Sunday I would have eight friends over and we would just watch Ru,“ the actor said. “I mean every single series of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I mean every series. This is my life outside of this play. I am a gay man right now just without the physical act - that’s all.”

Source (x)

Oh how convenient 🙄

I’m ????

Garfield did go on to admit, “as far as I know, I am not a gay man,” but appeared to be open to the possibility of a same-sex experience or relationship at some point in the future.


thinking you’re suddenly gay because you watched drag race is the straightest thing ever

Damn it Andrew Garfield, I used to like you and then you had to say this Straight Nonsense

Does seems like a daft thing to say but, could he not just be bisexual and conflicted? 

That is possible…and if that is the case, I hope he is able to realise this about himself and feels able to come out
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Someone asked me a question in chat, and I thought my response might be interesting to more than just an individual.

I really only have two things that I’m good at, but they are very good skills to have. I’m good at:

1. Knowing when I’m doing something incorrectly
2. Figuring out how to do it right

If you really want to start radically improving your writing (your anything, really), it helps to be brutally honest about what your current skill level is, and to identify areas where you can improve. 

Once you identify areas where you are weak, you can then target improvement on that specific area.

So below the cut is a list of skils necessary for writing fiction. It’s not complete, obviously, but it’s a decent start for identifying what you are and are not good at.

Keep reading
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See how Germany’s LGBTQ community is celebrating a long-awaited same-sex marriage victory

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dr. carhart is one of only 4 doctors in the entire united states that can perform late term abortions, and he is the only doctor doing so east of the mississippi river. while less than 1% of abortions occur during the 3rd trimester, the people who seek these abortions are often those with the greatest need for the procedure: their lives or health are endangered by their pregnancy, their pregnancy is nonviable, they have extremely limited financial means or were incarcerated and thus were unable to seek an abortion earlier, they live with an abusive partner or abusive parents and were afraid or unable to seek medical care earlier during their pregnancy, etc.

dr. carhart provides abortions for people in need, at great personal cost. when his home state of nebraska made it illegal to perform late term abortions in most cases, he opened a clinic in maryland, where he flies to work every week. he faces regular threats & acts of violence. in 1991, anti-abortion terrorists set fire to his house & barn in nebraska. there are always protestors outside his clinic, and he frequently switches hotels and drives different routes to work in order to make himself a more difficult target for terrorists like the one who shot dr. tiller, another late term abortion provider, in 2009, or the one who was arrested in 2006 for planning to bomb another clinic in maryland.

an anti-choice church has raised enough money to buy out the property that dr. carhart currently rents out for his practice. it is difficult for many abortion providers to find new spaces to rent, as landlords are often concerned about the threat of violence from anti-abortion terrorist groups. he is currently trying to raise $2 million with the hope that he will be able to purchase his own clinic, which he will also use to train other doctors to provide late term abortions. you can donate here.

after tiller, a documentary focusing on the four remaining doctors struggling to provide late term abortions, is available here.

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#i can’t believe ~civil war~ is actually just a fist fight in a tesco’s parking lot

(me, waiting on a delayed flight, stuck in the waiting area with the huge glass windows, watching like 10 guys fight on the landing strip) so should we like call someone

Captain America: Parking Lot Punch-Up

Capitain America: Jetway Japes

Captain America: Airport Aggresion

Captain America: Planeyard Pugilism

Captain America: Stand off by the Centre-Line

Captain America: A Dozen Angry Idiots Delayed My Flight

Captain America: The Further Poor Life Choices of Tony Stark
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take care to walk in silence.
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I love this. It’s about time the world finds out more Brazilian women look like this and not like Adriana Lima or Gisele Bündchen.
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Off to New York tonight! I have a full queue and I’ll be popping on briefly from time to time, so it’ll look like I’m still around! :P
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Fika is the Swedish tradition of having coffee, cake, and a chat. It’s such an integral part of the culture that many businesses have fika twice a day, and sometimes it’s mandatory. Source Source 2

According to IKEA’s corporate website: “Some of the best ideas and decisions happen at fika.“

so after reblogging this to find out if other countries had this as well, i found out the following:

germany: yeah we have something similar called “Kaffee und Kuchen” :)

america: i work 16 hours per day at minimum wage and get a 7 minute unpaid lunch break, and instead of “fika” i have “suffering” and “death”
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some guy just came into our house and told us that our house is illegal. we made a room for our grandma in our garage and it only has one exit and a heater in her room, so we either have to kick her out (she’s 69 and is dependent on us to live), put her in a nursing home (which we don’t have money for and would never do), or pay 10,000+ dollars to move the heater, fix the air conditioning, put in a window, and move the attic door into the hallway. we spend $350 a MONTH on food for 6 people, plus a child who is allergic to almost everything, $735 on mortage, and the rest of that goes to bills and gas. we were going to get help from the state, but my grandma’s income puts us over the limit to receive that help. we either have to fix all that stuff or get fined, and as the fines pile up, our house will be taken from us, leaving us homeless.

i need your guys’ help. if you be willing to donate to help us repair our house, PLEASE let me know. we are setting up a gofundme ASAP, or if you have a paypal that would work too. i have an autistic 21 year old sister, a disabled 12 year old sister, a disabled dad, and elderly grandma. i don’t want them to lose their house, lose all they’ve ever known. please help. 

MzMidnight3@gmail.com is the paypal, if you want to help that way.


the gofundme is up!

update on condition: apparently if we don’t get money raised fast enough, me and my little sister could be taken away by DHS for unsafe living conditions. i don’t want to put my little sister through that, she doesn’t desrve that. please, share this. share it with anyone you can. reblog it, copy the link and post it on instagram, facebook, twitter, reddit, snapchat, literally anywhere. just please, share this. 
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If your parents aren’t proud of your accomplishments?

That’s does not, in ANY WAY, mean that your accomplishments aren’t something to be proud of!

A lot of the time, parents don’t see their children as people. They see them as a product, and object that represents the parents’ accomplishments. Because of this, they don’t see the child’s progress, they only see themselves not represented by their child the way they want to be.

While this is super shitty and ridiculous, it is all too common for parents to think this way. However, this is the PARENTS’. PROBLEM. Not yours as their child. I know how terrible it can feel for you to be proud of overcoming the obstacles in your path or creating something, whether it be a better grade in school or writing something you’re very proud of or managing to get out of bed and brush your teeth, and have your parents not care or think it’s not good enough.

But I can’t stress enough, even though sometimes your parents opinion may seem like the most important thing, it’s not. Your accomplishments, your life, have worth outside of and in spite of what your parents think.
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“I got a fan letter from a young lady. It was a suicide note.

So I called her, and I said, “Hey, this is Jimmy Doohan. Scotty, from Star Trek.” I said, “I’m doing a convention in Indianapolis. I wanna see you there.”

I saw her — boy, I’m telling you, I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was definitely suicide. Somebody had to help her, somehow. And obviously she wasn’t going to the right people.

I said to her, “I’m doing a convention two weeks from now in St. Louis.” And two weeks from then, in somewhere else, you know? She also came to New York - she was able to afford to got to these places. That went on for two or three years, maybe eighteen times. And all I did was talk positive things to her.

And then all of the sudden — nothing. I didn’t hear anything. I had no idea what had happened to her because I never really saved her address.

Eight years later, I get a letter saying, “I do want to thank you so much for what you did for me, because I just got my Master’s degree in electronic engineering.”

That’s…to me, the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.”
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