Jun. 19th, 2017

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Without corporate blogs none of you would know when to stop running memes into the ground

corporate blogs are the meme carnivores that keep the population in check. a detestable yet essential part of the meme ecosystem
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Jun. 19th, 2017 03:53 am
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Daily Show, you have outdone yourself…
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Jun. 19th, 2017 03:53 am
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Jun. 19th, 2017 04:28 am
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Just wanted to share this coming out story from a guy I saw on First Dates. He came out to his dad when he was 20, and then his mum when he was 21, after trying very hard to hide that part of himself and never really discussing anything like that in their household. Hearing his mother’s response after he explained all that was really gratifying. To all Muslim LGBT+ people, As-Salaam-Alaikum
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Perfect Handwriting Examples That’ll Give You An Eyegasm


Oh my god
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With Sympathy
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at work I called out his coffee order and he was like “that’s not how women usually call out my name ;) ;) ;)” so I just blinked and said “I’ll try to sound more disappointed next time then” then walked away

oh my god, you goddess
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Mornin’ paintin’
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honey is the only food product that never spoils. there are pots of honey that are over five thousand years old and still completely edible

i also want to point out we know it tastes the same even after thousands of years b/c archaeologists who discovered two thousand year old honey tasted it. presumably right after they looked at each other and went “what the hell here goes nothing”
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it’s ninety-nine degrees outside, four fuck-thousand percent humidity, and my husband was like, “i’m gonna go for a bike ride.” and i was like “why. no. why. don’t put us on the news like that. local fool collapses on unnecessary journey. don’t do it.” so he says he doesn’t want to “hide in the house” because the sun is shining. bruh. honeybruh. “the sun is shining” does not cover it. its hot outside. its motherfucking hot as fuck outside. our outdoor plants have been crying into their hands all week. whole cars are melting into the sewer. our fucking patio umbrella developed sentience to ask me for lemonade this morning

@robotmango, you need to work for the weather forecast - this was both hilarious and so vivid it made me stand up and get some iced tea.

this is a great idea, thank you. here goes. my audition tape for the weather channel. dearly beloved. we are gathered here today to have a fucking funeral for the outdoors. it had a good run, with all its creeks and clouds and shit. pretty great. now it’s ten-thirty at night but still ninety-two asshole-sweating degrees and humid as fuck. everything is hot and slimy, like being a “borrower” that got trapped inside a bottle of shampoo and then accidentally microwaved. you can see on my doppler radar that nothing is moving around out there because everything is probably dead. the only alive thing is the mosquito currently trying to drill a hole in my leg. no surprise that all the shitbag mosquitos are fine, since the thermostat of hell is always at the devil’s preferred temperature. this forecast has gotten away from me a little, but in conclusion fuck the sun
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Jun. 19th, 2017 07:09 pm
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I keep thinking how much more powerful the Spiderman origin story would be if Peter Parker was an African American kid, whose Uncle Ben was shot by police while being arrested for a minor parking infraction. There is no formal investigation, and Peter decides to put himself on the line to prevent it happening again. He tackles the white crimes that go unpunished, punishes POC criminals fairly. He is the leveler, always fighting to be without bias, to be just. To protect people like his uncle. 

This not only mirrors so much of what’s happening in America, but feeds right into the complex relationship between Spiderman, the authorities and the media. 

Peter Parker is a brilliant student, awkward, a nerd, but is branded a thug, a gang member, a criminal, because of his appearance. The media latch on to that and misrepresent him totally.

The police, humilitated by the fact that he refuses to work with them and often punishes cops themselves for brutalizing innocent people, or guilty people who still deserve better treatment than they get, attempt to hunt him down.

I had to.

oh man. This is the shit.

The “with great power comes great responsibility” line gets such a deeper meaning within this context.

Not to mention a white nerdy boy with glasses is not the look of a social outcast or person of ridicule anymore.

It also adds increased meaning to his two most persistent and famous foes being a white mobster who makes money by exploiting and causing harm to vulnerable communities while remaining untouchable because he keeps up a facade of “Respectability” while the authorities don’t really give a shit about the communities he harms with his criminal acitvities because they’re not the “Right” kind of victim like Wilson Fisk and a rich old money asshole white dude who is in big business like Norman Osborn
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Sarah aynn: “no one understands me I hate you Mom for making us move out here in the middle of no where there’s not even cute boys” *runs away and finds mysterious farm*
Old man wilkinson: “this right here lil lady is a hourisey if yer can tame t it’s yoires if not it’s goin back to the horse factory”
Sarsjh: *walks up to horse and starts to pet its nose* “see girl? You and me aren’t so different after all”
Old man wonka: “why I don’t believe it she done tamed ol’ misery I reckon she ought to sign her up for the horuse show and save the farm”
*cut scene of Sarah sneaking out the house to ride her horse everyday until her mom finds out*
Mom: “young lady you are GROUNDED!!!! You are not allowed to compete in the horse show”
Staryah: “no Mom please” *runs away and almost gets hit by car but then the horse pushes the car out the way"
Mom: “fucjkfidnb maybe that’s a good horse after all”

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Unpopular opinion time: I think one of the reasons for all of this conflating “this makes me feel bad” with “this is bad” in fandom is because a lot of people haven’t learned how to deal with negative emotions. No one likes feeling discomfort, anxiety, anger or sadness, but the fact of the matter is that you will feel those emotions, and instead of trying to shield yourself from them and making sure you will never come across anything that makes you feel that way, why you should be doing is learning how to deal with these emotions.

I am not saying “just suck it up”. Repeat: I am not saying “suck it up, toughen up, don’t be a wuss”. But you can learn how to deal with these emotions so that they can’t harm you as much any more. It’s something I learned both from how I was raised and when I was in therapy for my social anxiety and bipolar. Being bipolar, I will never, ever be free of these emotions, no matter how much I try to avoid things that bring them on, because my brain can simply go “heeeey time to be depressed motherfucker” and dump them on me. 

And guess what, practicing mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy has made my life so much better. I have learned how to reflect on my emotions, how to experience them without getting caught up, and how to make sure they don’t take control. Yes, this also works with triggers. 

So maybe instead of yelling at others about how they should do fandom and what they can create and enjoy, take charge of your own life and try to work on how to make fandom more enjoyable for yourself. Blacklist and block libereally, populate your dash with blogs that post stuff you enjoy, and put “cognitive behavioral therapy” into google search and learn how to deal with negative emotions. It will improve not just your fandom life, but your life in general. Trust me. 
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