Feb. 6th, 2017

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I pay them as much heed as they deserve, namely, none.

If someone wants to be snobbish about something, do you know what they really want? They want your affirmation that they are Right about the thing, that their view on the thing is more important than the thing. And if people agree with them, it feeds that, and if people disagree with it it fuels their need to reaffirm why XYZ is awful and you should hate it too because they are Right.

It’s my favorite thing in the whole world when people start doing this to just go “Huh…well that’s your opinion” and just change the subject. Or if they are being particularly annoying, I don’t even respond at all, I just change the subject. I won’t affirm that kind of behavior by engaging in it.

This also applies to people who do this sort of thing for a living. If XYZ person says ZYX about thing and you know you’re going to hate it? Don’t give them the click. Deprive them of that ad space revenue, quite literally just don’t look at their work. People like that love being the center of the attention.

And I’ve got better shit to do than give it to them.
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The ‘Hamilton’ Schuyler Sisters  add “sisterhood” to  "America the Beautiful" at the Super Bowl
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I can’t believe you don’t want bofa

what’s bofa?

bofa my arms wrapped around you in a loving hug
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when you go back to daydreaming after having been interrupted and your brain does a previously on of your fantasy
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my policy for “they’re just doing it for attention” has always been and always will be “then someone needs to pay attention to them”

I’ve always thought this

Let me tell you about the time I worked as a computer teacher for a small private school. My first day went well, but in the staff room that day I was told I was lucky that this one kid was out sick. No one could control him.

Next week, he was in. It took me 10 minutes to determine that I was dealing with a 10 year old kid who was incredibly intelligent, more than a little bored, and loved being the center of attention.

He was also black. I say this because I think that a intelligent, somewhat bored, attention-seeking white kid might have been treated differently.

So, day one I made him sit by himself where no one could see him to stop him from taking over the class (which he was clearly used to doing).

Day two: I paid close attention to when he finished (not surprising, he was first and did everything correctly). I immediately told him he was helping me, and paired him with a struggling student.

My hunch was right; he made a excellent teacher. He thrived on having this other kid’s attention. He wasn’t bored. He was one of my best students.

He was a bright kid. And he needed people to pay attention to him and would settle for any kind of attention he could get. But when he was able to channel that positively, he was a great student and a really helpful classmate.

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tumblr poetry be like,

gmail marked 


as unimportant in my inbox 



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‘He sank so deeply into the Dark Arts, underwent so many dangerous, magical transformations, that when he resurfaced as Lord Voldemort, he was barely recognisable.’
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Do you ever wonder how many stories have been told about you? I don’t mean rumors or gossip. A story like “ one time I was at the mall and this girl dropped her hotdog but she picked it up and ate it” what if I’m that girl??how many times have people seen me do something I thought no one saw and is now being used as an ice breaker at a family dinner? Hmmmmmm?!???!

one time i was in this historical park in new york and i was climbing a tree in order to get a good photo and i fell out just as a family was walking past…two years later i ran into the mom at stop&shop and she gasped and said “oh my god, tree girl?” and i’ve never been the same since
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I really don’t have words anymore for this man just please stop him 


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