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Amazing photo of crazy ass storm that passed over Boston today. photo credit: @tamaskls on twitter
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it just clicked to me that most of the queer people who are really excited to jump on the “let’s be intentionally cruel to asexual people for no reason” train are mostly people who are excited that they finally have someone below them on the totem pole that they’re allowed to shit on

the funny thing is none of them actually give a shit about all the actual toxic elements in the community, like, they’re literally taking pages on how to be exclusionary out of the terf handbook and then crying about it when people notice the similarity

the institutional marginalization is obvious if you think about it for a second– compare the corrective rape used on asexual people to the corrective rape of lesbians, the way that the medical field pathologizes asexuality to the way it has historically pathologized gay people, the way that asexual identities are invalidated to any of the ones under the queer umbrella

add in the fact that the people promoting this shit– as well as the “don’t say queer”, “lesbian can only be used by women who are attracted to women and not nb people or bi women”, etc, etc, tend to be terfs attempting to manipulate impressionable children that don’t know better

i literally went through the same thing i’m seeing kids go through now except instead of a bunch of people who are deeply invested in shitting on asexuals i got a bunch of biphobic, ace-erasing transphobic shit from dan savage, and it took me a while to pull my head out of my ass and learn that his advice actually deeply sucked and he was an asshole
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i attempted to explain terf logic and why you should avoid using exactly the same lines of thinking on some asexual exclusionists and it went approximately as well as you would expect

anyway children please remember that privilege is intersectional and it is entirely possible to behave oppressively even from a position of marginalization
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Thought of day. Much easier to have these when I’m not locked into a low mood tho. Gotta love them cycles and sudden organic inversions in energy and functioning. Very bipolar-affirming. Today I’m fine again

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edging? more like filibusting a nut


Honestly I’m really proud of the political literacy kids are showing these days
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Jun. 28th, 2017 05:29 am
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Jun. 28th, 2017 05:29 am
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So, there’s this trend that happens in liberal/activist spaces, where the second gentiles find out you’re Jewish, they no longer trust you unless you immediately, completely denounce every aspect of Israel down to its very existence. 

Example: at UCLA, a Jewish woman named Rachel Beyda applied for the student council. They interrogated her about whether she would be able to be “objective” because she was Jewish. They literally asked her, “Given that you are a Jewish student and very active in the Jewish community, how do you see yourself being able to maintain an unbiased view?”
I have experienced this interrogation and distrust personally, in activist spaces at UCSC. At one point I even made a Facebook post about it because I was curious if it was just me and discovered that every other Jewish person I know at UCSC had also experienced something similar. Leftists do not welcome or trust Jews who have any qualms about disavowing Israel. 
To be clear: I’m NOT talking about acknowledging that the Israeli government is committing human rights violations against Palestinians. That should be obvious, and isn’t inherently antisemitic. What IS antisemitic is this trend that has been going on for years in liberal activist spaces, where the second a Jewish person is involved in literally anything, ie Existing While Jewish, gentiles HAVE to bring up Israel, and quiz us on it until they’re satisfied that we have completely denounced it, including its right to exist. And if we don’t denounce every aspect of it to their satisfaction, then obviously we must support the genocide of Palestinians and are cast out of activist spaces. 
That’s what’s going on with Gal Godot. The plot of Wonder Woman had NOTHING to do with Israel or Palestine but because she is Israeli, because she served in the Israeli Army (which by the way, is mandatory, and also she served as a goddamn fitness instructor) gentiles are pouring out of the woodwork to deem her “problematic.” And I’m fucking pissed. 
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Someone help me, I’ve already written 1k of straight up porn for P5
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when it takes you a while to process what someone is saying and you realize they asked you a question

I cannot fucking believe I am drunk, past midnight, and tumblr is throwing fucking saturated fatty-acids at me
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Jun. 28th, 2017 11:49 am
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5-18-17 // If nature and plant life were shades of blue instead of green… This is a world I’d love to live in.
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There’s something about Studio Ghibli’s Water physics that I love

While it is a liquid, it tends to behave more gelatinously

It’s so beautiful while almost being awkward *bloop*

Gravity? Surface tension? No? Well, just let me hug her!!

Not even seeming to make skin or cloth wet

It looks so satisfyingly bouncy

Tell me what you guys think and what’s your fav movie thing about Ghibli

I remember hearing/seeing a post where Ghibli’s water always -looks- like how water -feels-.

Like when you’re crying it just feels like

And when it’s raining it’s like

Like Ghibli has that perfect look of water where yeah, it’s not exactly -realistic- but they capture the perfect feeling.

I love this and now I need to find a collection of gifs oh Ghibli hair. I love when it does the poof thing. None of this is realistic, but it is wonderfully emotive. Emotions usually feel more talk than physics anyways.

Ghibli movies tend to exude an almost dreamlike feeling or a feeling like nostalgia– like, the general mood of the films feel like summer in the country when the sun is shining and it’s quiet and there’s a breeze going, or the smell of fresh cookies from the oven or the way a freshly-laundered quilt feels when it’s wrapped around you by someone you love.

They just FEEL good.  Even the sad movies still give off that same feeling.  It’s almost tangible, but still feels like a fond memory.

It’s really hard to describe kfjhsfjk.
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Jun. 28th, 2017 03:49 pm
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not to get mad nerdy but I just discovered tabletopaudio.com and I’m fuckin losing it

this person (people?) goes about making 10 minute long loopable ambient noise tracks for every imaginable setting (docks, taverns, forests, airships, spaceships, office buildings, sewers, EVERYTHING) and has over a hundred tracks to offer, and on top of that if none of them suit you there’s a huge feature called soundpad where you can mix and match from their set of hundreds of individual sound effects and music clips to make your own ambient background track

holy shit dudes

I did a little further reading on his about and the guy running this is just a dad with two kids who like playing tabletops with him and he had the composition and musical training to start making soundtracks for his games then decided to spread that to the world for absolutely free, he even welcomes you to use his tracks in your works (podcasts, videos etc) and is open to being hired for custom tracks

I love him

@stonegolem @beerhammer
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Amazing wargame
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some of y'all use this website as an opportunity to be the bullies u wanted to be in high school lol
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In CoS when they try to sneak into Myrtle’s bathroom to ask her about her death, McGonagall catches them and Harry makes up the excuse that they wanted to see Hermione in the hospital wing and Minnie doesn’t give them detention and then comes this and since we all know Harry’s dumbest excuse, here’s the official suggestion to rate all of Harry’s excuses on a scale from

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I’ve been thinking about this all morning

I want everyone in America to read this page
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repeat after me: 👏 most 👏 liberals 👏 have 👏 been 👏 societally 👏 bred 👏 to 👏 have 👏 many 👏 antisemitic 👏 tendencies 👏 and 👏 need 👏 to 👏 acknowledge 👏 these 👏 shortcomings 👏

What are these tendencies? genuinely asking so that I can actively stop myself from being antisemitic 

I’m really glad you asked - not many people would be willing to do that. I wrote this post specifically about a lot of anti-semitic/anti-zionist things I’ve seen on Tumblr recently. Once such example is the common assumption that “Israel is evil” which it isn’t. There is such a fierce liberal anti-Israel bias that I’ve experienced a lot of left wing democratic spaces, which I am a part of, be anti-semitic. 
The thing is, a lot of these tendencies vary from person to person. I’ll do a quick bullet list below of things I’ve noticed in a lot of gentiles I know, but this is by know means a complete list:

The belief that there is enough Jewish representation in the media and that Jews are wrong to want more

This also applies to all aspects of representation - political, etc.

The assumption that all Jews are white, or that even white passing Jews are fully white. 

Assuming there’s a Jewish look “but you don’t look Jewish”/ “Oh i could tell you look Jewish”

“Well of course you thought that, you’re Jewish”

Assuming all Jews are well off financially

Holocaust Jokes

Comparing every bad politician to Hitler/Comparing every crime committed by a nation to Nazi Germany

A lot of the way to deal with these tendencies is to be aware. When you say something think to yourself “could that have been a microagression?” if someone who is Jewish calls you out, listen to them.

Nearly all of my goyim friends, at one point or another, have presented these socially ingrained tendencies, but they always adapt when I mention them, and that’s what matters the most, making positive changes.
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Huffpo, everybody.

Can someone tell me what high crime or misdemeanor Trump has committed that merits this? Or is the HuffPo just publishing outright fantasies?

God dammit, I’m now in the position of defending Huffington. I didn’t want to be here.
Okay, @angrybell … actually, @ literally everyone who reblogged this uncritically as a tacit endorsement and agreement. Such as @the-critical-feminist that I reblog this from.
My first question has to be: are you serious? Don’t read that with a tone, don’t read that as an attack. That’s my first question: Are you asking a serious question about what high crimes or misdemeanors Trump has perpetrated? Are you asking a sincere question or is this the sort of rhetoric that doesn’t translate well into text?
And, if you are actually asking this question, are ou going to hear the answer or are you going to immediately start concocting your counter-argument because you just know in your heart that anyone who disagrees with you must be wrong, so you start formulating a plan to prove them wrong before you actually hear what they have to say?
Next: did you read the article that was posted in the link you responded to? Because the author of that article does a reasonable job of explaining their thought process behind the headline. Or did you lash out before you read the article?
Okay, presuming that you did read the article in good faith, evaluate its points, perform the follow-up research to understand context, and still disagree with the central tenets and simply believe that the author’s reasoning does not hold up for whatever reasons you have chosen not to state, and you believe their source information is falsified for whatever reason you have chosen not to state, I will move on. After I have given you and yours every conceivable benefit of the doubt and every charitable assumption.
Because if the article itself doesn’t convince you, there’s the fact that Donald Trump has broken literally every federal law against corruption and conflict of interest. Not one or two, not most, not all but a few. Literally every single law we have against corruption, from the Constitution to the informal guidelines circulated as a memo from the White House ethics scholars. He’s broken literally every one of those rules. He’s openly traded favors for money and favors for months now. Hell, that Chinese influence-peddler that paid him off for sixteen million dollars should have been enough to get him convicted of treason. Sharing code-word level classified information with a government on the opposite side of an ongoing military conflict isn’t *necessarily* treason, unless the information was part of a share program with an allied nation and wasn’t his to distribute. That’s aiding a foreign aggressor at the expense of a military ally, and that’s treason. Giving aid and comfort to enemies of the nation. Obstruction of justice is pretty clear-cut, that’s an impeachment, except that the justice in question is also a matter of national security, so that’s treason. Again. Defaming the former president? Misdemeanor, impeachable. The way he drags his heels nominating posts in Justice and State could be prosecuted as dereliction of duty. If he has tapes of Comey, he’s on the hook for contempt, if he doesn’t then he’s on the hook for witness tampering. Hell, deleting the covfefe tweet is destroying federal records, which is a misdemeanor, and impeachable. The man doesn’t go a week without bringing on an impeachable offense. Strictly speaking, every time he goes to Mar-A-Lago he’s committing grand larceny by fraud, because he’s taking millions of dollars of American funds for his own benefit, after promising not to do that.
There are dozens, hundreds maybe, of impeachable offenses already in this 140 days, “high crimes and misdemeanors”. Actual counts of treason, punishable by death by hanging, is probably only five or six counts. Only five or six counts of high treason by our sitting president.
His job does not put him above reproach. His job is to *be* above reproach. And he’s failing that job.
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Here Are 28 Things Millennials Are Killing In Cold Blood

no mercy run

And they say the millennial generation is lazy and entitled.

Here’s a secret: it’s not OUR JOB to adapt to the market. It’s not OUR JOB to buy napkins and golf clubs and drive to the mall on the other side of town to make sure it doesn’t go out of business.

Did previous generations kill the horse and wagons after the car was invited? Did those lazy citizens kill the town crier by buying into that newfangled newspaper business?

What people want and are ready to spend their money on will change over time. Today we have different goals and different standards - like I will invite my friends over for dinner and instead of napkins I’ll put a roll of paper towels on the table. And my friends won’t clutch their pearls and hiss “you uncultured swine” at me, because we value that paper towels are cheap and efficient! Napkins may be pretty but some of them end up being unused, and I’ll have to throw them away after the dinner and it’s a fucking waste.

Did your mall end up as an empty husk outside of town because those pesky millennials buy all their clothes online now? You lucky son of a gun. Now you get to use your ~*IMAGINATION*~ and repurpose that ugly windowless box into something actually useful. Why not a nice office space? (x)

Or how about you make the old stores into cute micro apartments? I WOULD LOVE TO LIVE IN ONE OF THESE! (x)

Are the stores fine but the parking lot empty because those cheap hipsters would rather take a bus or bike to the mall instead of buying a car like regular people? Do like they did in Seattle and turn it into a fucking beautiful water treatment facility and park. (x)

This thing collects storm-water runoff to create and provide nutrients to small pools and green areas. It works like a natural creek that ALSO filters out pollutants that would damage the salmon population! AS A MILLENNIAL I CAN SAY THAT THIS IS SO FUCKING UP MY ALLEY YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I WOULD GO TO THAT MALL, BUY A COFFEE AND GO OUT TO LOOK AT THE BIRDS.

Actual fucking plovers. When was the last time a parking lot did something for the environment except gathering upp more roadkill for the scavengers?

I could also go into why no-one is watching shitty sitcoms or boring movies because we have access to so much media that we can filter out the generic stuff that doesn’t appeal to us, but that is an essay in itself. We are extremely capable on spending it on media that speaks to us though (hey this is unrelated but did you know that Wonder Woman has passed 570M$ worldwide?)

TLDR: Market powers are entitled and used to people spending an ever-increasing amount of money on their shitty products. When this trend turns they are too unimaginative and lazy to do something about it so instead they’ll whine about how their former customers are “killing” them.

They can either DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT or spend the rest of their days crying into their surplus napkins.


Also, the idolized lifestyle of the 1950s-2000s was unsustainable. The bubble burst, and my generation inherited a ruined world whose elders refuse acknowledge that their prosperity came at our expense. 
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#Repost @_chasteen__
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‘Cause #MerMay #2! :D
  ————————-Fb // dA // Insta // Tw // Tumblr // YouTube
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So if you’ve ever picked out paint, you know that every infinitesimally different shade of blue, beige, and gray has its own descriptive, attractive name. Tuscan sunrise, blushing pear, Tradewind, etc… There are in fact people who invent these names for a living. But given that the human eye can see millions of distinct colors, sooner or later we’re going to run out of good names. Can AI help?

For this experiment, I gave the neural network a list of about 7,700 Sherwin-Williams paint colors along with their RGB values. (RGB = red, green, and blue color values) Could the neural network learn to invent new paint colors and give them attractive names?

One way I have of checking on the neural network’s progress during training is to ask it to produce some output using the lowest-creativity setting. Then the neural network plays it safe, and we can get an idea of what it has learned for sure.

By the first checkpoint, the neural network has learned to produce valid RGB values - these are colors, all right, and you could technically paint your walls with them. It’s a little farther behind the curve on the names, although it does seem to be attempting a combination of the colors brown, blue, and gray.

By the second checkpoint, the neural network can properly spell green and gray. It doesn’t seem to actually know what color they are, however.

Let’s check in with what the more-creative setting is producing.

…oh, okay.

Later in the training process, the neural network is about as well-trained as it’s going to be (perhaps with different parameters, it could have done a bit better - a lot of neural network training involves choosing the right training parameters). By this point, it’s able to figure out some of the basic colors, like white, red, and grey:

Although not reliably.

In fact, looking at the neural network’s output as a whole, it is evident that:

The neural network really likes brown, beige, and grey.

The neural network has really really bad ideas for paint names.

1. @lewisandquark is doing brilliant things with neural networks.

2. You should probably take this opportunity to tag yourself.
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