Jan. 26th, 2017

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First they came for the scientists…

And the National Parks Services said, “lol, no” and went rogue and we were all like, “I was not expecting the park rangers to lead the resistance, none of the dystopian novels I read prepared me for this but cool.”

As I saw someone point out on twitter, it’s not too surprising if you think about it; the parks service is basically the librarians of the outside after all.
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The man-free sanctuary will offer up a range of typical beauty services such as hair, waxing, facials and manicures and pedicures, while providing unique services like henna and halal nails and eyebrow shaping.

“We want women to be able to come in and feel completely relaxed,” ~ Quhshi said.

Quhshi also noted that while Le’Jemalik was created with Muslims in mind, “women of all faiths, races, and ethnicities” are welcome.

This store is in Brooklyn, please support if you can; this is such a huge need for us muslim women.
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This confused me because that face emoji is what I use for my dad and for a sec I thought this person was texting thei dad,

Poly Perk

Jan. 26th, 2017 04:55 am
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Cuddling with both of your people during movie night.

Thank you @secondlifep for starting this wonderful Poly Perk tag.
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The best way to do good porn dialogue is to put barely any in there at all.

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Ballet Dancer Greig Matthews in Beautiful  FLOWING  Costumes.

@unpretty not exactly ballgowns but…?
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I’m noticing a trend of people thinking this Spencer punch was some random street event?

He was being interviewed by media, I believe Australian news, about his political ideology. This was not just some periscope or YouTube video that got released where the person recording was pretending to engage Spencer as a distraction tactic for someone else to attack him. And the interviewer’s presentation of him during the interview as a mild-mannered intellectual with reasonable ideas that remain unchecked was dangerous as hell, and gave him a recruitment platform.

That punch was literally meant to deny him the ability to keep talking in that moment. To end that interview. To end his recruiting.

Caption: “We have to get serious. We have to get serious about security protection or we can’t have a public movement and if we don’t have a public movement then we are not going to win, period” -Richard Spencer, 22 January 2017, via AltRight.com’s YouTube channel, which I will not link to for obvious reasons.

That punch: Sending the message that hey, you thought it was safe to come out in today’s political climate but we can and will check your ass every time. 

“WHY THROW A PUNCH THOUGH? JUST PROTEST HIM” Seems to be the biggest response I’m getting.

In the above referenced video, Spencer discusses how he’s largely ignored those who came before and didn’t take them seriously. He mentions being confronted by protestors, being silly stringed, there being chanters, etcetera at events they’ve hosted and on the streets that they’ve just essentially wrote off as inevitable minor opposition as a result of White Guilt (yes, he actually blames that).

In the above screenshots from his video, as a direct result of the punch, he now says they need to be rethinking the seriousness of their opposition.

After spending this election year getting called essentially a ‘hot white supremacist’ by media including Mother Jones (not kidding), and being presented as a fairly mild mannered intellectual who just has a few “controversial opinions”, Spencer started to feel more comfortable seeing he and those he associates with were received pretty damn favorably by the press and white America/whites worldwide as a result of these pieces, and has made a number of public appearances and speeches in addition to the large blocks of quoted, uneditorialized, interview space he’s been granted.

Because he didn’t feel threatened to go out in public. Because his bigotry was not being checked by those media outlets, and was instead being normalized and disseminated to the masses on both the left and right. Because he viewed protesters as a non threat motivated by white guilt. Because the same coded language him and his buddies use is being echoed by this current administration, which people are replying to criticisms of protests against with “well shut up, he’s president now, get over it” and so he thought he was free.

So why the punch?

Because free speech is not a right from anyone but the government. Because his bigotry needed to be checked and forced back underground and he was not afraid of protestors, of chanters, of those who covered swastika and Pepe graffiti and stickers. Because questioning if an entire group of people are actually human and deserve to be treated as such is *not* a valid question that deserves consideration, despite how many times y'all want to quote Voltaire.

*Screams* anti-fas purpose is NOT to convert neonazis to becoming anti fascists! REREAD THAT STATEMENT TIL YOU GET THAT.

They aren’t interested in being viewed as nice and comforting and reasonable to fascists! Their purpose is to send the message that fascists *won’t* be tolerated!!! That their ideology is not just another legitimate viewpoint that deserves protection and understanding!! That’s why they aren’t tiptoeing around trying to make friends with neo-nazis by having polite conversations!! Thanks!!!!
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so id like to tell you something, like, in the context of cryptid sightings

specifically, id like to tell you some things about cattle

they dont look like they move fast, but, in fact, they do. they move very fast, and theyre capable of doing so quietly

if a cow is black and has white spots, or if it is white and has black spots, both the white and black bits come together in the approximate shape of a cow

but in the dark, you cant see the black parts, and the white parts do NOT, form the approximate shape of a cow

what im saying is that i have at certain times been walking in the fields on a night with low visibility and i have, at certain times, seen an indistinct white shape zoom past me, and i am at least 95% sure it was a cow. and that if you see a white shape zoom past you in a field at night, it is also probably at least 95% of a cow


my name is cow
and wen its nite
and yu in fere
a cryptid site
be not afraide -
in mothmans sted
its only me

in serch of bred
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Zoos prevent extinction. This is why I support zoos. This is why the world should support zoos.

Meme credit goes to the zookeepers at http://ift.tt/2kk3yN8 @zoossavingspecies

Hey, I was part of the original feedback group for the design of these! 

Go join the ZoosSavingSpecies. The professional zoo community is making a huge push to up their educational work on social media and that’s a great place to learn from. 

Conservation efforts are a huge focus of good, modern zoos like those that are accredited by the AZA. They’re often quieter, less flashy efforts and they’re not as visible to the public as they should be - but they do amazing things to help save animals around the globe. 
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USA followers, here is your daily reminder in this time of high political energy that it’s okay to take care of yourself. In fact, you must. Change is made by doing things, not by reading Tumblr posts and reacting to them emotionally. In fact, too much emotion can make us less able to act. So it’s okay to scroll past or blacklist important issues on your dash if you need to save your energy. Below are some tools people have designed to keep you informed and equip you for action without overwhelming you:

Daily Action Items for the Easily Overwhelmed

MyCivicWorkout: Emails you everyday with one thing to do

MegaVote: Emails you what your reps are about to vote on

The 65: We’re His Problem Now: Website with daily action items

Keep America Great With a Thing a Day: Website with daily action items

@call-your-representatives: Tumblr blog for same

Other Solid Resources

Call My Congress.com: A quick lookup to find out who your reps are

Indivisible: A Practical Guide For Resisting the Trump Agenda: Good info about the most effective kinds of civic action

Oh Crap! What Now?: A survival guide for living in Trump’s America

How to call your reps when you have social anxiety: It’s hard, so here’s a helpful, compassionate guide

How to throw a weekly anger party: Make calling your reps a group activity!

Being disabled in activist communities: Someone saying a thing many folks need to hear

News/Info Sources That Don’t Suck

Ballotpedia: The Wikipedia of American politics

Politico: U.S. politics news (read sparingly if you get overwhelmed)

Pro Publica: A nonprofit news outlet that does real investigative reporting

PolitiFact: Kind of a Snopes.com for politics

Remember: put on your own oxygen mask before helping others, y’all.
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A comic about looking after yourself, your loved ones and your mental health during the tough times ahead.
I started this last November, when people were hurting so hard it was difficult to function - I’m sorry it took me so long to finish it.  

Everyday activism you can do when you feel powerless.
And when you feel stronger, Punch back.
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i love when dudes are like “of course i respect women, i have a sister and a niece” like what does that even mean. there isn’t a person on this planet who isn’t related to a woman like what is Your Point
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A friend sent this picture to me, said it was from the Woman’s March in Albany.
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{This user punched Richard Spencer}
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total time awake: 32 hours. my old body can’t handle even that ;(

sorry to my friends owlturd and enzo
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Today, in Toronto. Organizers blocked a railroad demanding justice for all Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.


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Everything You Need To Know About Changing Gender Markers On Your Identification Documents


Very informative info. I’m writing to my doctor as I type. This new administration promises to not be kind to us. Get your passport as soon as you can!
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You know you’re fucked when even the Westboro Baptist Church comes to the Women’s March to protest.

Oh. My. God. THEY are protesting Trump? Oh my lord

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I want silence from you. I don’t even want to hear you breathe. The only thing I want from you is to feel you writhing underneath me, with my fingers against your throat.
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IS FANFICTION OF THIS and Plato’s Ring of Gyges



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When you do something embarrassing in front of people
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Beirut, lebanon 🇱🇧

this is like a painting in motion
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It can be a process to find the right thing, and that means switching meds now and then.

Keep a list of what meds you have tried, the dosage, when you started them, when you stopped them, the side effects, and what finally provoked you into stopping.  Note also the prescribing doctor and pharmacy.

Also, even on long-term, established meds, note the supplier/manufacturer (if it’s a generic), as that can seriously affect how well a drug works in your system.  You can find this information on the label under “MFR” or “MFG” or “MANUF”, or you can ask your pharmacist to tell you (at the counter, or you can call later, the info should be in the computer).  If the appearance of your generic changes, make a note of that.  The pharmacy or their supplier may have switched sources, and you need to watch for a recurrence of your symptoms until you are sure it’s working like it is supposed to.  If you have a bad reaction, note the manufacturer and the appearance of the pill, as the same formulation may pop up from different suppliers because of “repackagers”, who (from what I understand) buy the generics from one manufacturer and release them under their own names.

It is NOT true that all generics are the same, no matter who tells you otherwise.  You are ALLOWED to insist on generics from a particular manufacturer. Not all pharmacies have deals with all manufacturers, so some pharmacies won’t be able to get specific generics.  If yours suddenly can’t, that doesn’t mean you can’t find it elsewhere!  Other pharmacies have different deals!  If you can’t do it yourself, you can enlist a friend, therapist, doctor, or the pharmacist to help you find a source!

Check your meds before you leave the pharmacy, always.

A great resource for pill identification is http://ift.tt/1o2nEo0.

Keep your meds history list handy.  On your phone, or in a Google doc is good, but a paper list in a nice notebook is also handy, as is a Word doc you can just print and show your doctor.

It can be a pain in the ass to find the right medication.  It is made WAY easier by keeping close track of your data.  What drugs you have not responded to can often help doctors zero in on ones that will.  And you may very well find yourself in need of this information years down the line.  Please do yourself a favor now, even if it’s difficult, and make sure you are recording it.

Enlist a friend if you want to, even.  A buddy to help you curate the list.

Please know that it is worth sticking it out.  The right medication makes a tremendous difference in quality of life and the hassle of finding the right thing fades pretty quick once you are comfortable again.  Stick it out, be strong for yourself, be present for yourself, care for yourself and work to make future-you’s job easier by keeping track of what you have tried.

I love you all.  You can do this.  You are strong enough, even when it totally sucks.  Just hang on.  You are part of this world, and you deserve to be cared for.


A Person Who Wishes They Had Done This More Than Halfheartedly
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I first read this story on Reddit several months ago but in the time since then it has absolutely haunted me and I regularly remember it as I’m laying down to sleep and without fail even thinking about it will make me laugh hard enough that I wake my sleeping boyfriend and I have to explain “I thought about the what fart again” and apologize
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My grandmother is a bitter old crab with nothing good to say about anything, but she does have a few good stories. She confronted the woman my grandfather had been cheating on her with - this other woman had no idea he was married, and was righteously angry.

The two of them schemed together. My grandfather’s mistress drove her convertible to the construction site where he was working. As he approached the car, she said, “Why didn’t you tell me you were married?”

“Married?! I’m not married!” he said.

My grandmother sat up in the back seat, where she’d been lying down, and said, “You won’t be for much longer.”

After they divorced, my grandfather begged my grandmother to come back to him. “I’ll marry you again if you buy me a house full of furniture,” she said.
“Deal,” said my grandfather.

So they got married again, he bought her the house full of furniture….. and then she divorced him.

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me: (listens to ‘take on me’)

me, who was not alive in the 80s: god this really brings me back
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Short comic I drew for the Oath Anthology, a queer super hero anthology, last year.

My favorite kind of heroes are idealistic teens who are still learning. So I decided to draw a story about that.


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