Jan. 25th, 2017

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lucky enough to capture a shooting star

ig: @allieipalma
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If anyone has a sending money to strangers kink hit me up
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I’m her
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if your feminism doesn’t prioritize me freebleeding and trespassing on private property to plant rare and precious seeds in neglected earth while humming in unison with the crescent moon, then it’s NOT real feminism and you CAN’T call yourself a feminist
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Despite being a bladder-shattering 23.5 ounces, cans of AriZona iced tea have never wavered from the 99-cent price point introduced shortly after the drink debuted in 1992. It’s even printed on the label as a way of warding off sugar-water price gouging by retailers.

The fact that AriZona has been able to resist inflation for nearly a quarter-century is impressive. The fact that the cans usually wind up being cheaper than smaller soft drinks is also impressive, until you begin to realize how strange it is that a vat of iced tea and its accompanying ingredients somehow manages to be less expensive than plain water.

In a recent interview with Thrillist, AriZona chief marketing officer and co-owner Spencer Vultaggio shed some light on this convenience store mystery.

Unlike water titans Coke (which distributes Dasani), Evian, or Fiji, AriZona has virtually no advertising dollars invested in their teas. “We feel like it’s more important to spend money on something that our customer really cares about, instead of buying billboards or putting our cans in the hands of some celebrity for a few minutes,” Vultaggio said.

Even with a frugal approach to ads, AriZona still has to deal with rising production costs. To help resist increasing prices to compensate, the company has pursued alternative manufacturing methods, using 40 percent less aluminum in cans and having enough factories dotting the country to make transportation more efficient. Bottled water, in contrast, is sometimes sourced from abroad, making for exorbitant shipping costs.

In the end, it’s not the iced tea that’s more economical than the water; it’s that the container it comes in is simply cheaper to produce and transport. And while AriZona isn’t above charging a premium for fancier drinks—like a tea brewed with oak chips that sells for twice the price—their branding depends heavily on those familiar rows of 99-cent cans and the loyal consumers who keep reaching for them.


I’m glad to know there wasn’t something sinister involved, because I love this stuff and I drink it all the time.
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I never tire of looking for the look upon your face.
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This is so, so important you guys.
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Because “suki” means “bitches” in Russian.
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Woman in Black Stockings by Egon Schiele

Medium: watercolor on paper
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sees cat being naughty and scoops him up: This is a disciplinary hug. Do not derive joy from it.
naughty cat: purrs loudly
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ok but what if like. werewolves transform under the full moon but theres just this one and by day hes a big tough guy and then when he transforms hes a tiny dog. just fucking. just fucking turns into the tiniest, fluffiest dog

imagine that howling at the moon


Truly a ferocious predator.

And lastly: (He’s the pack leader obviously)

the big wolves are his younger sisters

oh my fucking god it got better

this is my favourite thing right here :D


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The Judy Garland one omg😳👏

#how do that many sounds fit into that tiny of a human

My voice teacher always told me that the sign of a truly talented actor and singer is the ability to do flawless impressions
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That’s Me: ‘Nancy Drew’ Reveals First Canon Queer Character

The Nancy Drew games have been revolutionary in many ways, but regressive in others. While the developers have tried to evenly round out racial representation (overall — not counting individual games), feature a 50:50 ratio of men to women in the entire series, and include suspects who struggle with depression and/or anxiety, there is one particular aspect of diversity that these games have been sorely lacking in: queer diversity.

Her Interactive (HI) — the company behind the Nancy Drew games — has made a point of making their titles “family-friendly,” and extended this policy to their official message boards. The Golden Rule was to keep it G-rated. While the idea behind this approach is understandable because of the series’ original target demographic (pre-teen girls) and the personal responsibility HI felt to keep their official boards safe for minors, the execution fell short. 

This isn’t to say that the boards weren’t safe for minors, which they were by standard internet safety precautions, but the manner in which they were meant to be safe was built around heteronormative constructs of what constitutes as “family-friendly.”

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Ya’ll are fucking backwards as shit.

Someone punches a nazi and now people are screaming and crying about how we need to use our words and that violence doesn’t solve anything. 

But then Shia Labeouf does nothing but yell at a nazi that had the audacity to show his ugly ass face and spout pro-white bullshit on his live stream, and now ya’ll are calling him a bully? Are you really gonna defend LITERAL NAZIS in 2017?? What the fuck is up????

If you think a Jewish man standing up for himself against a nazi is bullying, block and unfollow me right the fuck now.


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