Jan. 21st, 2017

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So my brain can barely process this. The Vampire Chronicles (they’re wanting to do The Vampire Lestat first) done by Bryan Fuller!!!!!

Please universe…please make this happen for me!

Listen, I too am super into this, but at least 40% of my enthusiasm is based around watching what Anne Rice does when she realises she can’t stop fandom from writing gay porn about her characters this time
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I wonder if Genji ever stops to think that he’s 15 years older than his sensei

I mean like

Zenyatta is 20 years old.

Genji is a 35 year old man taking life advice from a college junior working through his philosophy degree

This is the best addition anyone could have made to this post thank you lesbiangenji
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The view from my apartment this morning: “We outnumber him! Resist”
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like a couple of months ago i accidentally made a Gay Joke and outed myself to a coworker and she went “you’re—-you’re girls!?” and i agreed “i’m girls!” and i still havent forgotten it
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I don’t really have behavior commentary on this, except that birbs are such a gift. 
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Submission: This is my dog, Tiptoe. I accidentally reinforced her when she sneezed once and now whenever she wants attention she fake sneezes, and it is the cutest thing. 

You’re always training, even when you don’t think you’re training. Too cute. 
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That is actually likely to be exactly what is happening. There have been a lot of instances of blind dogs having companion animals (not always another dog) who help them navigate as they get older. It’s not something I’ve ever heard of anyone training on purpose - it’s just a thing that occurs naturally between bonded animals, and it’s wonderful. 
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Let’s make Donald’s life pure hell.
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When the floor is lava but your human needs you.
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So, after being in discourse hell for a long time and I’ve seen a bunch of stories (which I 100% believe and think are valid) where people have been afraid of being forced into treatment for their asexuality or have even been told to seek said treatment. And those stories are then used to terrify young ace people into thinking that treatment is a real threat. But, as far as I’ve seen, not a single one of those stories have ended with actual coerced treatment.

And that is because… there are no institutions that coercively treat asexuality. In fact, there are no institutions that treat asexuality, period.

Asexuality is not and has never been in the DSM. There is no recommended treatment for asexuality. And there is not a single institution that advertises that it will treat adults to “fix” their asexuality, let alone literal minors.

On the flip side, that simply isn’t true for LGBT conversion therapy. Stories don’t end with “I was afraid this would happen,” more often than not if someone is talking about their experience with conversion therapy… it actually happened. It was a fear made real.

LGBT Conversion Therapy is legal FOR MINORS in 45 states. It is legal for adults in every state. Institutions like NARTH (now ATSCI) brag about successful pray away the gay programs.

Asexual Conversion Therapy is not a thing. Conversations that imply it is real:

Do not understand what conversion therapy actually entails

Confuse HSDD (Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder) treatment with conversion therapy

Confuse the definition/symptoms of these illnesses with asexuality

Harm survivors/actually ill people by implying seeking treatment for  HSDD is anti-ace and a product of internalized aphobia when HSDD does not deal with asexuality at all

Aces are spreading these stories to convince people that aphobic oppression is real and it has another side effect: it ends up scaring actually ace people and creates a toxic environment where young people feel unsafe and can easily be manipulated. This is dangerous for people who are trying to figure out their identity and feel secure in it. You are hurting ace people by implying your irrational fear of treatment is based in a lived reality.

So, below the cut, I am going to:

Clarify what conversion therapy actually entails (trigger warning for medical abuse, obvs)

Compare that to the treatments of HSDD

Clarify what HSDD actually is

Talk about the timeline of asexuality becoming more known in the mental health field and how quickly the APA accommodated the ace community’s concerns

WITH! all my sources cited

so that instead of spreading stories where ace people (who have genuinely hurt by their parents and maybe do not know this fear of treatment is unfounded) only ever FEARED the POSSIBILITY of conversion therapy, people can understand there is no coherent reason to insist there is systemic medical abuse against aces. Spread this knowledge instead.


To sum it up (you don’t really need to read below the cut, it’s just clarifying information): no one is lying when they say their parents maybe forced them into therapy or even to see a doctor for their asexuality. That may even qualify as abuse in and of itself in some contexts. But there is no medical treatment for asexuality and especially no forced treatment for asexuality in minors. Convincing young people it’s a real threat is harmful and doesn’t prove ace oppression anyways. It hurts aces and it hurts actual survivors of conversion therapy and it hurts people with certain conditions who need to be diagnosed so they can have treatment.


Keep reading
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basketball 2

What is the objective?

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do aliens eat ass
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when u dont reply to someone and post on social media
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Beauty and grace
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me, holding my newborn child: what are its stats??

Class: Infant
Race: human
Strength: 0 can barely support own head
Agility 0 needs to learn to walk
Intelligence: 2, understands that crying brings food, replacement of soiled garments with fresh ones
Wisdom 1 no object permanence
Charisma: 20 becuase people lose their shit around babies, -1 for each month until Terrible Twos and all Charisma drops to 1.

HP: 2

Spells per day: Cloudkill, Telepathic Summons, Sleep (casts on Self),

Infant fingernails: does +1 cutting/slashing damage
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okay we all had a good laugh at the video of richard spencer getting hit in the face, but we need to keep something equally as important in mind if we’re going to spread that around:

he got attacked a second time as soon as the cameras stopped rolling lmao
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Theres nothing better than meeting someone and having an instant connection ahh thats the shit i live for
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Where are they all going?
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why obama look like Yami Yugi returning to the spirit world after his final duel

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this is stomp dog it shows up to stomp away sadness
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trying to prove a point to birds
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At any given time, the urge to sing “the lion sleeps tonight” is just a whim away, a whim away, a whim away, a whim away
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A video posted by funny videos & more 😂 (@biochemicals) on Dec 15, 2016 at 4:38am PST




I can identify with this level of pettiness


Life with a cat 😂
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My first shibari attempt.

Model: Michelle Superwoman 
Copyright © jyvesd
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this is what i’m gonna write on all my resumes from now on
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List of words containing “meow”: meow, meowed, meowing, meows, homeowner

This is literally destroying my life.
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true story apparently im the “embarrassing mom” friend
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Folks, I need to warn you

I’ve been seeing a sudden surge of use of the word ‘thot’ and I’m concerned

We’ve recently seen at least one ancient Egyptian deity resurrected through meme magic

Thoth is a significantly more powerful member of the pantheon than Kek and the consequences of summoning him may be even more drastic than the rebirth of Kek (Brexit, Trump winning the election, a series of celebrity deaths)

The phrase ‘return the bones thot’ radiates an obvious mystical power and it may herald that Thoth will come to preside over 2017 as Kek has presided over 2016 - the bones possibly refer to the millions of mummified ibises buried in his honor at his main temple in Khmun, by reblogging that post you may be unknowingly beseeching this ancient and powerful being to repay the thousands of years of sacrifices humanity once offered him - what form that might take, we can only speculate

Although it’s possible that Thoth has been with us for a while - his name in Greek letters is Θώθ, which is clearly referenced in the ‘OwO what’s this?’ meme

As the inventor of both magic and science and keeper of all wisdom, Thoth assuredly does know what ‘this’ is, but I’m not sure we want to find out

I’m also concerned that Thoth’s wife Ma’at may be connected to the frequent seemingly compulsive and superfluous use of the word ‘mate’ or ‘m8′ in memes

Please be careful with your memes, they may hold hidden arcane power

haha good one

*googles Θώθ*

oh bloody hell

Unlike Kek, a god of primordial darkness, Thoth is associated with balance, mediation, and arbitration. The return of Thoth may be exactly what we need in these troubled times

OK idea:

Jan. 21st, 2017 06:56 am
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message me what country you’re from and your 3 favorite things about living there

why do i bother
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unless someone puts the “fantasy” in fantasy football then why even bother? If I can’t make my wide receiver a wizard and give my quarterback +5 dexterity then I’m just not interested
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why is this weak ass font over a lake and some mountains they deserve better


we’re bisexual. we can have explosions and mountain lakes. 
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Sometimes you gotta just take the anger for a little walk around the block and hopefully it’s tuckered out when you get back.
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Black Girls Code is using ‘Hidden Figures’ to inspire young girls to enter the STEM fields

In partnership with 20th Century Fox, Black Girls Code created FutureKatherineJohnsons.com. 

The website highlights 14 young girls pursuing STEM fields and explains how Hidden Figures inspired them to break barriers. 

The website’s namesake, Johnson, was a black NASA research mathematician who calculated the trajectories and return paths that led to John Glenn’s successful NASA mission in 1962. Read more

follow @the-movemnt
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Girl buried with a crown of ceramic flowers. Patras, 300-400 B.C. From the Museum of Patras.
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If you want to know what it’s like being trans just imagine yourself exactly as you are but everyone else sees you as someone else and if you correct them they may kill you.

this this this. honetly like we need to reframe the entire discussion around trans issues becuse the problem is not trans people, it eeryone else. young trans kids dont get bullied bc theyre trans they get bullied bc other people teach their shitty kids to hate trans people

Re-blogging at break-knuckle speed.
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Sack it

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Please don’t stop telling your partner please, thank you, or excuse me. No matter how long ya been together. Always be gentle and respectful
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Frog King of Greed 

His signature move steals health and magic points 
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Diego Luna practices his emotions with Elmo

shoutout to @mariadelmontgomery for the translation, thank you!
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me learning a language: wow! this is so easy!

verb conjugation:
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After graduation, Ferguson went to Sullivan University in Louisville, Kentucky to further his pursuit of becoming a chef. However, he was met with disappointment after discovering his academic funding was only partial. Although excelling in Sullivan’s Culinary Arts program, he started selling drugs on the side to make ends meet.

Fortunately, he was able to graduate but continued to sell drugs & was arrested eight times in 3months. He lost everything he owned, including his place of residence, and eventually became homeless. 

“The last time getting locked up, I remembered being in class & them talking about being a statistic & how once you get in the system you can’t get out,” 

he said. “I started thinking that now I’m the guy that I didn’t want to be. That’s when I told myself that I was going to get serious about something I know that I can do, which is cooking.” He focused on opening his own restaurants. 

Ferguson named his pop-up restaurant SuperChefs, after his nickname throughout his culinary career & his time at 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China, where he was one of 22 chefs chosen. After a few years, the 28-year-old chef opened SuperChefs in June, in a 4,500-square-foot space. He now employs approximately 35 people.

Went from selling dope to being super dope! Real hero right there. Especially in the oppressive merican system.
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“Ultimately, most things that are offensive are also lazy and unoriginal; because you can’t reach that point of view by looking at the world honestly…You reach that point of view by taking short cuts and by just sort of repeating what someone else told you.”

Joseph Fink
Writer from Welcome To Night Vale discussing writing on Citizen Radio 865  (via podquotes)

From now on, this is our universal answer to the supposed “creativity” of skin-revealing armor.


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