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A huge thank you to Andrew Woods for giving me this Peter Pan commission, which allowed me to play around with such a vibrant variety of media and feel very much in my artistic element. It was so nice to escape into a more fantastical world for a bit and while working on this.
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So, as promised, here’s my list of lesbian movies for all of our lovely followers and the people you want to share it with. I hope I haven’t forgotten any good ones, but if you feel like that is the case, feel free to add movies to the list! 

This is my gift for all of you, I hope you’ll like it ♥

/ Mod W

Tipping the Velvet 

based on the book by sarah waters (she has written many lesbian books!)

it’s a bbc adapatation

technically a mini series but i like to see it as three hours of lesbian content heaven

it’s about this girl who falls in love with an actress and she goes to see her at the theatre five billion times until the actress notices her (that’s just the first part, other things happen to the main so watch the rest for more lesbian content~)

the main character (nan astley/king) is like… my fave. i love her.

the book is very good too!!!

honestly i have so much love for this movie/book i get all giddy just thinking of it


lesbian gangster/mob movie do i need to say more???

the main actresses are cute af (one of them is a butch lesbian!)

it’s awesome and very cool

(gonna trigger warn for use of lesbophobic slurs used by some characters/some lesbophobic violence)

Below Her Mouth

meh plot with amazing sex scenes basically?

a lot of sex scenes

i mean it like half the movie is graphic sex so if ur uncomfortable with that you probably shouldn’t watch it lol

all female cast

willa from wynonna earp!

The Handmaiden

also based on a book by sarah waters (called Fingersmith, there’s a bbc adaptation of it too which you should totally check out as well)

good quality movie right there

(putting a trigger warning here for sexual and psychological abuse and abuse in general)

Kyss Mig

one of few good swedish movies

basically about two step-sisters who fall in love (they’re not actually related i promise)

But I’m a Cheerleader

baby natasha lyonne is in this one! also i have a crush on clea duvall in this movie lol

a very cute love story tbh

good aesthetic

you’ve probably heard of it before but idc cause it’s great

(it’s like a satire of conversion therapy so if that’s something you can’t watch i don’t recommend this movie for you in particular)

If These Walls Could Talk 2 

a bunch of famous actresses (like chloë sevigny, michelle williams, natasha lyonne, ellen degeneres, etc. etc.)

divided in three segments from three different periods in time

one segment is set during the feminist movement in the 70s and features chloë sevigny as a butch lesbian with a motorcycle do i even need to say more??

Anatomy of a Love Seen

this is about two actresses who were a couple when they shot a movie together and now they have to go back and re-shoot some love scenes but they’re not a couple anymore and it’s sad af

i have basically never seen this movie in any rec lists but it’s actually one of my faves and i cry so much to this movie tbh

Saving Face

this is a good one

also pretty funny tbh!

it’s about a doctor who falls in love with a dancer and the doctor’s relationship with her conservative mom

it’s kind of rom-comish

Lost and Delirious

warning: very sad like super sad?

it’s about a girl who goes to a boarding school and so happens to become roommates with a lesbian couple

teen angst squared and multiplied with gay panic

The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls In Love

you may have heard of this one but if you haven’t it’s time you watch it

that woman who plays tina on the l word is a butch-ish girl in this one

VERY CUTE and chill

every time i watch this it feels like this movie is the director’s BABY like it seems like she cares about this story so much and it makes the movie feel so genuine and lovely

i want every baby lesbian to watch this, please, it’s my gift to you.


you may have heard of this one too but if you haven’t seen it yet it’s definitely worth a watch!

lesbian spies!

the heroine falls in love with the villain (that enemies to lovers trope tho!!)

Desert Hearts

old but good!

i feel like this movie is on most of these long rec lists but people probably don’t watch it cause it’s old but it is actually pretty good!

your classic “oops i thought i was straight but that woman is hot” story

Margarita With a Straw

indian girl figures out she’s bi when she goes to uni in new york and meets a lesbian girl

cute, funny, sad, it has everything tbh

The Hours (actually one of my all-time favorite movies/books!)

The Intervention

The Kids Are All Right

The Children’s Hour

Blue is the Warmest Color

Elena Undone

Fucking Åmål 

this is a great list but i cannot BELIEVE you left off Cloudburst

Some of these have some pretty rough stuff in them to watch, so be sure to check out warnings if you’re sensitive to certain content. But great list of some good lesbian movies!

@gravityeyelids a good resource for the next time we hang out possibly?
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Beautiful. But you’re late, Your Majesty.
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Ring of stone. by AlanVia Flickr:
I wonder why that field enclosure ended up round…
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Regular Couple

this ended homophobia
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“Wake me up, before you Go-Gurt” is a phrase that my brain conjured up earlier, unprovoked. How’s that for an intrusive thought?

don’t leave me hanging on like a yogurt
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*opens tumblr in public* whoopss titties
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The Shape of Water (2017) dir. Guillermo del Toro

The literally silent women protagonist leaves a super bad taste in my mouth.

She’s deaf and speaks with sign language, she’s not a silent woman. Like, can we agree that deaf representation in media is important? Can we agree that ASL representation in media is important? This is an adult-oriented romance/sci-fi movie where the female lead is a deaf woman. How can you act like this isn’t significant? The last gif has a deaf woman in the 60s standing up to an aggressive man and telling him to go fuck himself. 

This movie is doing something that has probably never been done before. But hey, she can’t talk “normally” like a hearing woman and that’s bad, so go off I guess.

From the trailer it looks like she’s mute, not deaf. So I’m gonna add that on an artistic level, the mute protagonist is also probably a direct homage to the fairy tale of The Little Mermaid.

I saw a quote somewhere from Octavia Spencer, saying that she thinks one of the best things about this movie is that, since the two romantic leads are mute, much of the dialogue in the movie is spoken by a black woman and a closeted gay man, two people whose voices would have been silenced in real life by 1960s society.
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Don’t trust morning you. Morning you is a dick. Morning you would sell your loved ones if it got them 5 minutes of extra sleep
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On the lead up to October, have some vamps 

Don’t worry they’re safe (and grounded).

Oh yay! I’m so glad there was a happy ending!

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~ It’s HIGH… TIDE! 🌊

#SAMF ! Overwatch fans, do you hear me? 😏
You better hide because Summer Games #BAE McCree is here now!!!

The shooting has been done in Santo Domingo just after the hurricane Maria went away, so don’t worry! The wind was extremely strong (look at the bent palms on the background) but I took as a personal motivation challenge as you can see now this first preview 😎

#McCree #Overwatch #Cosplay #LeonChiro #Cosplayer #Art #Summer #OlympicGames #Skin #HighTide #Blizzard #Videogame #Games #Photo #PhotoOfTheDay #Photoshooting #SantoDomingo #Tropical #BAMF (presso Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

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Black Cats need more love! 

Available On Redbubble!
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I’m not a furry, but my character will have sex with anything that moves and is above 7/10. 
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… he claimed to be genuinely surprised when, in March 1956, he received a letter from one Sam Gamgee, who had heard that his name was in The Lord of the Rings but had not read the book. Tolkien replied on March 18:

“Dear Mr. Gamgee,

It was very kind of you to write. You can imagine my astonishment when I saw your signature! I can only say, for your comfort, I hope, that the ‘Sam Gamgee’ of my story is a most heroic character, now widely beloved by many readers, even though his origins are rustic. So that perhaps you will not be displeased at the coincidence of the name of this imaginary character of supposedly many centuries ago being the same as yours.”

― The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien: Letter 184

He proceeded to send Mr Gamgee a signed copy of all three volumes of the book. However, the incident sparked a nagging worry in Tolkien’s mind, as he recorded in his journal:

“For some time I lived in fear of receiving a letter signed ’S. Gollum’. That would have been more difficult to deal with.“― J.R.R. Tolkien: A Biography
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Sep. 24th, 2017 02:03 pm
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I can’t even escape math on tumblr
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I’ve been meaning to start a serie of fake vintage ad’s for monster for a while because is there anything better than good old monsters and stylish advertisement 

the answer is no 

more vintage ad by monsters, for monsters:




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An older piece I’m still not sure how I feel about? It’s been at that ‘is it done?’ stage for a few months. Figured I would just post and can always improve on later -COEY!


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