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Cafés don’t have clocks because they are timeless places

there’s a cafe in my town called time and it has clocks all over the walls, but none of them are the same or the right time, so like, #confirmed

That café is the entry to the faery world sorry I don’t make the rules

“Do not eat or drink fairy food.”

“I know… but have you tried their lattes?”

okay but the whole thing about not accepting fairy food or drink is that they give it to you and you then owe them something for it

so like, if it’s a normal cafe and you pay for your coffee & muffin you’d technically be okay since you paid them

so what I’m saying is, fairies starting coffee shops because it’s actually pretty profitable and more interesting than just waiting for humans to stumble into fairy circles

Some Fair Folk Cafe’s are fine, you go in, pay for your food, and if you leave wanting to go back that’s normal. These guys want you returning, they like humans, want to watch them and interact with them and learn about them.

Some, less so. You feel an urge, an itch under your skin to take more than you paid for. “We can upgrade you for free, if you’d like!” The cashier says. There’s something a little off in her smile. Sharp teeth are uncanny at this angle, you think. You shake your head, refusing politely.

“Samples, take one!” The person stocking the cabinet says, holding out a plate of small pieces of cake. They don’t say free, they don’t say what they cost. You know better than to take them at the implied meaning. Fair Folk don’t do ‘implied’.

“I just ate, but thank you,” you reply gracefully. The smile fades, sharp teeth hidden, before it widens again.

“Next time then,” they say, and you feel the promise brushing over your skin.

“Maybe,” you reply, still smiling. You know better than to agree with one of the Fair Folk. Words have weight after all, and none more than the echo of a promise to one of The People.

I’d be screwed. I love free samples.

But that’s where they get you - they never say it’s free.
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