Jul. 13th, 2017

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it’s just like, why are there cat emojis for loads of emotions as well as normal humans emojis

like, when do i need to express these emotions… but as a cat

they’re not for you… they’re for ME
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When you’re home and the mailman doesn’t knock and leaves the package at the door

Introverts, on the other hand….
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Jul. 13th, 2017 12:16 pm
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based on this gem for my man yucee
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My emotions are valid*

*valid does not mean healthy, or good, or to be privileged above common sense and kindness

A distinction for anyone who is young and hasn’t figured this out yet:

You are allowed to have whatever emotions you want. No one can control your emotions. Emotions are healthy responses to things.

You are not allowed to have behaviors that are harmful just because you have certain emotions. Your behaviors are what you can control, and they are far easier to control than your emotions.

You can be jealous about someone or their talents until you turn green, but it is harmful to yourself and to that person if you try to sabotage them because of it. You can be so angry you can literally feel your temperature rise, but this does not give you permission to rage at others.

Your emotions are valid. They are always valid. You are a person of value. However, you behaviors are not always justified just because of those emotions. You may not be able to control you emotions, but you can certainly control your behaviors.

and this one, i beg you to learn before you become right-wing fundamentalists: just because something gives you revulsion feelings does not mean it’s morally wrong.

you may be sex-repulsed; that doesn’t mean sex is dirty and bad. maybe you were bullied by teenage girls; that doesn’t mean teenage girls are a force of evil. perhaps a villain in a work of fiction reminds you of someone who abused you; that doesn’t mean people who enjoy that character or that fiction are abusive. your feelings about those things are absolutely valid, and it’s not right for people to tell you you shouldn’t feel that way. but it’s also not right for you to act out against others based on those feelings.

that instinct to generalize served our species well when we were hunter-gatherers living in small bands in a hostile wilderness. you nibble a delicious-looking berry, you throw up, you know that berry is BAD and you make the yuck face whenever you see it so the other hominids know it’s a bad one. but in the modern world, in the information age, there are so many complex things you might encounter, you’re going to have badfeels about a lot of things that aren’t actually across-the-board bad.

you need to not be ruled by your hominid yuckberry instinct. that’s where bigotry comes from.


I’m old and still need refreshers on this.
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my new bird is a monet painting
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persona 5 print complete! first time in a while i’ve drawn a print that was fun and relaxing for me
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if you feel like you’re alone

 no, no, no, you are not alone
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Persona 5 - Goro Akechi
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Persona 5: Phantom Thieves (click for HQ)

“Remember, there’s no such thing as the ‘real’ world. What each person sees and feels — those are what shape reality. This is what gives the world infinite potential”
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Lmao 😂😂
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Do not help someone waste your time. Speak up.

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What’s the most ridiculous false rumor that has been spread about you?

i gave a talk at my middle school when i graduated from college and afterwards this girl came up to me with big wide eyes and said, “are you molly hall? the molly hall?” and i was like, “i am……a molly hall,” because that’s a fact that cannot be denied, and then she went, “is it true you once planted stinkbombs in all the lockers and is it true you refused to wear the dress code and is it true they tried to expel you but they couldn’t because they couldn’t ever prove it was you and is it true that when the principal found you wandering around the halls during class and asked you why you said HEY BUDDY MIND YOUR FUCKIN BUSINESS?”

and i had done literally exactly not one of those things and in fact not one of those things had been done by anybody, at all, while i was attending that school but u bet your sweet bippy i looked into that girls eyes and said, “yes i am absolutely that molly hall, and 100% i did all those things and i’d do them again, tell everybody.”
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Jul. 13th, 2017 05:40 pm
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I bring you: The Light!
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memories, of a stolen place.caught in the silence.an echo lost in space.it comes and goes in waves.
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Jul. 13th, 2017 08:50 pm
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andrew came downstairs from the office to give me a hug and seemed really worried about me and it turned out that i had reblogged a picture of a jellyfish with the tag “sometimes i wish i could be this” and while i had meant “beautiful, ethereal, and full of light” he had interpreted it as meaning “brainless and totally free of the burden of consciousness”

why not both
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One of my neighbors had a REALLY FAT golden retriever she adopted, that needed to be put on a diet, but even super-low-cal food wasn’t working, becuase Ella was still hungry and would open the cabinet to eat the whole bag.  Vet suggested that she needed a filler Food so she could feel full without the extra calories, and suggested canned green beans, which are mostly fiber and lean protein.

Ella fucking LOVES green beans.  She does a dance for them if you mention them.  Her ‘sibling’ the police academy washout shepherd, thinks she’s insane.

Even if your pet doesn’t like green beans*, offering them a canned green bean is inevitably HILARIOUS becuase they’ll either be thrilled or otherwise make strange faces.  Results so far:

Ella (golden retriever): Overjoyed.  gets up on her hind legs to dance without prompting.

Sampson (Black shepherd): Offended, yells until you give him REAL treats.

Cody (Gentleman shepherd): is concerned, becuase this is Obviously Not Food.  Gently takes it to be polite, leaves it out in the yard.

Minx (Domestic Shorthair cat): Smelly Toy Is Hilarious, batted under the couch.

Tiger (Really Fat Domestic Shorthair cat):  Total disgust, hissing and sulking in the Prosciutto box.  Came out and ate it later anyway.

Wanda (corn snake) we didn’t expect her to be interested but she spent like three minutes licking it.

Sadie AKA Marquis De Sade (Hyacinth Macaw)  ignored bean in favor of dumping can on the floor, sticking head in can and screaming.  Did not attempt to bite, which is Very Nice for her.

Arwen (Australian Kelpie): ate bean, waited until humans were out of the room to consume rest of the can, got costco-sized can stuck on face and pooped green for three days.  Regets nothing.

Empanada/Anderson Cooper/#3 (Plymouth Hens): Excited screaming, kickboxing tournament over possession of beans/can.  #3 was ultimately victorious, becuase She is Fattest.

Big Angus (scottish highland cow, I know, ironic): very polite and delicate acceptance of beans for appx 1700 lbs of beef, will now run full-tilt across pasture to meet me, which scared the crap out of me tbh.

Will post further updates as I am allowed to try.  

*Please always cionsult a vet before making any dietary changes or offering your pet new foods, but green beans are pretty safe for most pets you can keep in America

Gave cockatiel bean. He gently took it, threw it into my face, and laughed at me

Literally every time someone has tried this with a parrot of some kind, it’s resulted in rage, destruction or mockery, usually all three.

Wildly entertaining tho.
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