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everyone is embarrassed of their fourteen year old self trust me if you’re fourteen right now you will regret whatever it is that you are doing at this moment

What, being a SuperWhoLockian, Tumblrian, and just being generally pretty good? I don’t think so.

screenshot this and look at it in 3 years

Wow holy shit guys, it’s been approximately 5 years and I’m drunk enough to not regret finally acknowledging this
Surprise surprise, I was that kid
I know the above is the most cringy 14 year old thing to say, but hot damn y'all I was a child and I had just found an online community of people where being a fucking nerd was “hella cool” and oh my god I was having a blast, and with my new fragile self confidence I decided to say “no I don’t regret what I’m doing/what I like right now at this moment because I don’t hate myself and that’s pretty neat!” And y'all remember 2012-2013 tumblr that shit was absolutely cringy, I was just repeating phrases I’d heard. But then, it got turned into a “laugh at the child” and then I got dozens upon dozens of hate messages and my confidence about literally everything got shattered
I had messages telling me to kill myself and messages calling me a snowflake and an idiot and a c*nt and all those other words that are meant to hurt you. Even years after I changed my URL, I’d get a sinking pit in my stomach whenever I’d see this post go around again because I knew I’d get those three or four snide anons asking “so do you regret it?”
And yes I absolutely do, fuck off
So yeah, I was a stupid tumblr kid and probably shouldn’t have commented
But I didn’t deserve the onslaught of hateful messages
So now y'all know, it’s me
Surprise, or whatever

hello! I’m sorry for dragging you through the mud in the first place. seventeen-year-old me was not as evolved as she thought, which I’m sure is a surprise to no one. there were absolutely tons of comments exactly like yours, but it got singled out just because I was going through a sarcastically-responds-to-comments phase and I happened to see it. I’ve heard people use this post as an example of how young teens are stupid & don’t know anything, and I’m sorry that you became the poster child of that patronizing and invalidating idea. 

sidenote, who the FUCK calls a 14 yr old a c*nt & tells them to kill themselves??

Thank you for commenting, op <3 I really don’t blame you at all for what you said, I want to call out my 14 year old self just as badly lmao
But I really appreciate the overwhelming positive response to this
I’d hope we can sort of grow as a community from this, but I won’t get my hopes up lol

Holy shit this went so much better than I expected.

We’ve waited five years for this!
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Do you ever see a post that you agree with on some level, but it’s worded in an aggressive and mean-spirited way, so you’re just kind of
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summer is that terrible hot thing between me and halloween.
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Russian soldiers witness the awakening of an elder god.

Why does this stuff always happen in Russia? What are they doing?

Reality decided that’s the only place where it can cut lose, considering they don’t seem to give a fuck about anything. 

“According to some of the YouTube comments, the fire was caused by burning zinc, and the screaming came from the underground pipes that had somewhat of a ‘flute’ effect when the air passed through the tubes.“ 



me: okay that’s a fire what’s so weird about it *unmutes* ………..okay…….

This is from an unaired X-Files episode and you cants tell me any different
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Jul. 11th, 2017 02:29 pm
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So I’ve seen this post going around in link form, which isn’t super useful to anyone who wants to read it, so I put it up in photo form. Useful for anyone who doesn’t have xkit. :3 Definitely like and reblog the OP, but if it shows up as a link, this helps. :3

I fixed the link for the OP so it works now :)


I suck at cover letters so this is fab
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10 Top Communication Mistakes

No one is a perfect communicator, especially when our emotions are involved. It’s easy to say the wrong thing, take something the wrong way, or make assumptions that can quickly lead to disagreements and hurt feelings. Here are 10 of the top communication mistakes that people make and how to avoid them:

Not talking face to face. Talking over texts or email is fine for minor conversations, but you should never have an important talk this way. When you can’t hear someone’s voice, as you can on the phone or in person, it’s all too easy to mistake their tone and take something the wrong way. When someone says “fine” or “whatever” in a text message, it’s hard to tell if they’re cheerful or cold. There are so many subtleties in our tone of voice that can easily lead a conversation one way or another, and they are missed when you’re dealing in written communication. Next time you want to have an important conversation, make sure to do it in person.

Assuming they know what you want. Your partner is not a mind reader, so if you want them to do something you need to be able to just come right out and say it. It’s not fair to be mad or sulky because they weren’t able to guess what you need or want from them. Don’t make the assumption that they will anticipate your every need – just come out and tell them instead, and there won’t be any confusion.

Keep reading
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via http://ift.tt/2u4rWd8:With no Jews left to protest, Christian crosses grace Holocaust memorials in Belarus:




‘When this symbol is put on Jewish graves, the souls are not at peace’

A few years ago, a monument to the local residents who perished during the Nazi occupation was built in the central park of the small town of Petrikov, Belarus next to the big Soviet statue dedicated to fallen Red Army soldiers.
Inscribed in white letters on granite, the monument informs passersby that more than a thousand civilians were murdered in the town between 1941 and 1944. Above this message is a Christian Orthodox cross typical of Russian cemeteries and church steeples.

“The man who built the monument thought that we should remember not only the soldiers who liberated our city, but also the civilians — so people know that civilians were killed here,” explains Galina Truhanovich, director of Petrikov’s sole museum — a small building dedicated to local history. “He was a religious Christian, so he put a cross on it.”

Nothing on this monument informs anyone that overwhelming majority of those murdered civilians were Jews. Hundreds of Jewish townsfolk were killed when the Nazis forced them to walk into a river with rocks tied around their necks, and shot at them from behind. Only one man miraculously got across to the other bank and told his story after the war, says Truhanovich.

Others were executed in the nearby forests. The Yad Vashem Holocaust museum’s database lists 401 Jewish people who were murdered here, and the list is not complete. A hundred years ago, Jews made up about half of the population in the town. Now they are gone, and no one is left to speak on their behalf.

“The Jews were not the only ones executed, but most of the victims were Jews,” Truhanovich agrees. “It was silly to put a cross on the monument. But until now, no one brought this issue up.”

This small town is not the only place in the former Soviet Union where Christian crosses stand at Holocaust memorials.

In the time of the Soviet Union, Holocaust monuments never mentioned the Jews specifically. On stones that marked the spots where thousands of people were killed only because they were Jews, the victims were described as “civilians” or as “Soviet citizens.”

Now that the Soviet Union is gone and religion is no longer taboo, Christian symbols have begun appearing on Holocaust monuments in small towns and villages in Belarus and Moldova — especially in places where no Jews remain.

Last summer the village of Begoml in the Belarusian province of Vitebsk built a shrine topped with a cross and bearing images of Jesus Christ, Mary, and other Christian saints to honor the residents of their town who were murdered during the Holocaust. The monument stands in the Christian cemetery just steps from the spot where the remains of 300 Jews who were gunned down by the Nazis on October 2, 1941 are buried, said Alla Korolevich, a historian from Begoml’s Museum of People’s Glory.

On that day, said Korolevich, the Nazis told the Jews to gather and prepare to be sent abroad to Palestine or America. When they had walked about a kilometer out of town, the Nazis forced the Jews into a hole in the ground, shot them, and threw soil on top of them, burying many injured people alive. For days, children who saw the mass grave said that the ground moved like it was breathing.

In the 1960s, local officials reburied the remains of the murdered Jews in the town cemetery because no one could remember where the Jewish cemetery used to be, Korolevich said. And last year, they built the monument in the cemetery to honor all civilians, Christians and Jews, who were killed by the Nazis. Officials are now collecting the names of the victims to inscribe them on the monument, she added.

Many Belorussians from Begoml were also murdered — so many that after the war, the village’s population had shrunk by half, Korolevich said. Nazis killed anyone who had links to the partisans. They threw children into wells, forced children into camps and took their blood for injured German soldiers, and burned homes with the residents still inside.

“The only difference is that the Jews were the first to be killed,” said Korolevich, who is not Jewish. “I grew up without my grandmothers — both of my grandmothers were burned.”

The way Korolevich sees it, the Christian monument pays tribute to all the villagers who were murdered.

“We all live under one God. We call him by different names, but he still exists,” she said. “For me, it doesn’t matter if someone was a Jew, a Belorussian or a Russian — they killed everyone. I don’t separate people. They are all human.”

But many in the Belorussian Jewish community don’t see it that way, and have said that crosses on Holocaust monuments are disrespectful and historically inaccurate.

Boris Bruk, the chairman of the Jewish religious community in Brest, which built 17 Holocaust monuments in Belarus in recent years, said that it’s important that the word “Jew” be written clearly on the stones.

“If it’s only a cross and Jews are buried there, we are not happy about that,” he said. “It’s not right. It creates the wrong impression about who was executed there. It needs to be changed.”

From the religious standpoint, a cross that stands on Jewish graves is a very bad thing too, said Boleslav Kapulkin, the spokesman for the Chabad Lubavitch community in Odessa, Ukraine.

“The cross is a symbol of a foreign religion which is not entirely monotheistic,” he said. “When this symbol is put on Jewish graves, Jewish souls are not at peace.”

Others in the Jewish community are more positive about the phenomenon. Irina Shihova, the curator of Moldova’s Jewish Heritage Museum, has noticed several similar monuments in Moldova in recent years.

In the village of Terebna in the Edinets region of Moldova, a single monument stands in memory of both the Jews and non-Jews who were killed in 1941 — on the left side there is a Christian cross, and on the right side, the Star of David. And a few years ago in another village in the Edinits region, a school principal put up a cross on the spot of the mass execution of Jews, she said.

Shihova said in her opinion there is nothing wrong with that.

“If Christians honor the memory of their Jewish neighbors in a fashion which is familiar to them, that’s a very wonderful thing,” she said.

But back in Belarus, a Jewish visitor to the town of Petrikov, where her grandmother’s relatives were among those murdered by the Nazis, had an unpleasant experience when an official in the town hall said that the Jews have their own monuments in the forest where the executions took place, so there is no need for a monument in the center of town to also mention the Jews, especially if the Jews were not the ones who built it. Many Belorussian people were also killed by the Nazis, the official said.

The most cutting remark came from a young man who works as a security guard in the town hall.

“Why should we put a Jewish star on a monument in our town? I don’t have any Jewish relatives. I don’t know any Jewish people,” he said.

There’s a reason they don’t know any Jews.

What the fuuuuuuuck
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this is the content i signed up for
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Mimic Octopus has had enough of Dancing Crab’s shenanigans

darn dancing crabs and their jazz crab hands


i cant control my hand suddenly
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what the FUCK

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Yoga with baby goats

i want to go to this class because when i’m too crippled to do most of the moves i will be able to amuse myself cuddling baby goats
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if you’re having a bad day, just watch this video and thank me later. 😍

Credits to @my_aussie_gal on instagram!

@peskipixi @prplprincez

@why-animals-do-the-thing look at tHIS!!!!!!!!!!

I love training routines like this. They’re so good and pure and they show so much time investment. 
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every time i listen to npr
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Jul. 11th, 2017 03:49 pm
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Brazil is so wild this guy managed to open a church in the name of Hanzo…legally.. its recognized and everything

I also live in this god forsaken country and I couldn’t believe but,,


It’s actually a real thing. The guy wanted to prove how easy it was to make a church in Brazil, something that can give you the benefit of not paying some taxes. So he spent a couple of months going through paperwork and created the national church of Hanzo.


i read this whole fucking thing translated thru google and you know what. here are some highlights

the creator of this church admitted that he could have used mercy or zenyatta who are already rife with religious iconography, or even lúcio who is the only brazilian character in the game but he decided on hanzo for the interesting backstory and the fact that his long hair and beard make him “look like jesus”

“Hanzo is my shepherd and arrows will not fail me!“

the .pdf form he used as a reference stated in an article that members of this church would be allowed to skip a tuesday off of work every month for “religious purposes” ie playing overwatch

baptism = playing overwatch, or paladins if they cant afford to download overwatch

his church is allowed to sell pirated hanzo merchandise

“hanzo main” is considered a slur
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America’s Weather Zones
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if i ever say “girls are so pretty” or something like that, y'all better know that that includes trans girls 10000% !! i don’t want any terfs reblogging my stuff because trans girls are girls and my posts will always include how radiant and beautiful they are !!!!!
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Post 4.5 hour hike relaxation and muscle melting time 🙌🏻📖🍷🛁.
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Binding is not safe. Long term, it is detrimental to your physical health. While the social and psychological benefits might outweigh the physical risks for many people, the choice to bind should be made with the understanding that the risks cannot be eliminated even with great care to ensure good fit and avoid overuse. Tightly compressing a large part of your body with many complex skeletal and muscular connections on a regular basis damages your body over time. Take off-days, wear the proper size from reputable makers, don’t sleep or exercise in them, and take them off as often as possible - all good advice that you absolutely must follow to be as safe as possible, but it’s impossible to guarantee that there will not be complications.

People tend to downplay the physical risks of binding because the payoff for self-confidence can be so profound. But seriously - even responsible binding is likely to cause complications ranging from sharp pains, nerve damage, dramatically decreased lung capacity, fluid buildup, skin issues, and back injury. Do not take it lightly just because it’s a piece of clothing that can be removed and does not need a doctor’s approval or informed consent to use.

If you must bind, be gentle with yourself. On your off-time, or if you choose not to bind at all, puffer vests are your new best friends. Seriously. Get your Marty McFly on. Not your style? Your loss, you unfashionable fool, but scarves, loose-fitting button-downs, and bomber jackets can help as well.

Okay shut the fuck up.

If it’s a decision between hurting myself but feeling confident, or killing myself because I don’t feel like I belong in my own body, I think I’d choose the former.

That’s your prerogative. I never told anyone NOT to wear a binder. However, it’s a major medical decision, and minimizing or dismissing the very real and common side-effects is not good for anyone, especially young people just beginning to transition. Like I said, sometimes the psychological benefits outweigh the physical costs - if not wearing a binder makes you suicidal, then clearly continuing to wear a binder is the correct decision for you.

The problem lies in presenting binders as a miracle solution that everyone can and should try if they are distressed by the appearance of their chest, or that only “incorrect” binding (as with ace bandages) poses any dangers. Some people may develop complications that make it impossible for them to continue binding. It is vitally important that people are aware of the potential harm before they begin and are able to make informed decisions by weighing their own priorities and exploring alternatives.

Unlike surgery or hormones, binders are not medically regulated and don’t require you to understand what you’re getting into. That means we have to look after each other, and in this case, that means being honest about safety.

Okay, now shut the fuck up twice. People are pushing the agenda, and have been pushing the agenda, for making studies about binding for YEARS. And some traito…. I mean, trans people, are advocating for it to happen, and advocating for medical personel to overlook trans person’s binding as a medical procedure in need of ‘professional regulating’. I don’t fucking care about you or your self-righteous quasi fight for ‘heath of trans people’, because it’s just gatekeeping, plain and simple. Now, get the fuck out off my face, you tool.

[Deep breath.]

I… really don’t know where to start with this. Are you suggesting that peer-reviewed scientific studies on the long-term effects of binding are a bad thing, and that trans people who want this information to exist are “traitors”? Is that honest-to-god what you’re saying here?

I’ve never met anyone advocating for binding to be “regulated”. If that’s what you think I’m saying, please read my post again. Binding can affect your body dramatically and irreversibly, and trans people deserve access to information about their health so that they can make informed decisions about their bodies. 

Reliable information on trans health issues is virtually nonexistent because it hasn’t been widely formally studied over decades. It’s nearly impossible for trans people to make genuinely informed decisions about their health. If we cannot talk about the risks or are shushed for talking about our experiences, people get hurt and make decisions they may later regret. Just read through the notes on this post for many, many examples. 

Hiding or downplaying the risks of binding, especially from young people, is wildly irresponsible. I have no respect for you at all if you think that it’s better for kids to accidentally hurt themselves because they aren’t aware of potential dangers, than to “gatekeep” by asking them to consider their options carefully before proceeding.

The nerve damage on my left shoulder blade that causes gentle hugs to be agonizing is not an “agenda”. The fact that I can no longer safely enter water deeper than my neck because my lungs and ribcage can only expand to a fraction of what they used to is not an “agenda”. The constant aches, the faint wheeze, the tissue degradation, the fact that I’m unable to truly pursue the active, outdoorsy life I hoped for until and unless I get a surgery I can’t afford? Not an “agenda” either. I’m lucky in that I can still bind routinely and function throughout the day.

I wish I had known what I know now before I started binding. Would I have made the decision to bind anyway? Yeah, I really think I would. But I am furious that no one hit me with hard truths beforehand so my decision could have truly been informed. 
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We’re all in this together.
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The day I wore jeans. 👖 (at Brooklyn, New York)
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Yall do know that if you only hit someone up to talk about how sad you are & not much else, youre training that person to get sad whenever they see ur name in their notifications, right?

Its cool to have someone ya vent to, but the people you vent to are people too yanno? Hold a conversation with them. Remind them that theyre actually friends & not a bucket out only approach to dump your woes into. Things like that weigh on people.
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Go outside, look at the moon. The moons so pretty isn’t it. Yeah. Take a picture of the moon. Oh no bad picture it looks like a weird dumb speck. But the moons so pretty????
U know ur real pretty to. cameras arnt very nice sometimes. But your still pretty. Just like moon
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This sign has been up by my house for weeks and curiosity got the better of me so i texted the number and:
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Jul. 11th, 2017 08:54 pm
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i love y’all please put on sunscreen
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Had a dream where I was sitting in a dark office and reality felt really altered and strange and there was just a fishtank illuminating the room and then this fuckin fish looked at me and grinned with human teeth and in this super deep voice said “you’ve been here awhile, better wake up before you forget how to” and I fuckin woke up in a cold sweat

Dude I think you went to hell
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I feel bad but this is so fucking hilarious

if anyone is lost, Donald trump jr literally just tweeted out evidence of him being involved with Russia. Something this journalist has been trying to find evidence of for months…… he is obviously in in shock 😂

…..this is too much.

I’m at a loss as to WHY Junior tweeted it out…it isn’t especially helpful to him, is it? Almost some sort of hubris at work… 

he was raised by donald trump….. I don’t think anything he does is remotely reasonable or smart

He’s a a rich asshole who thinks his wealth protects him from any consequences for his behavior. And so far, the Republican Party has been proving him correct.
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1. taking a bath before a date will calm your nerves and make your skin super soft! I recommend adding olive oil or coconut oil to your bath along with rose or lavender essential oil. exfoliate EVERYTHING (except your face) with some exfoliating gloves. shave your legs with olive oil (please be careful with all this oil,do not fall and die) If you wanna shave down yonder you can do that too (or not, it’s yo shit.)

2. get out and exfoliate your face in the sink, preferably with a konjac sponge or something else gentle. if you’re going to be putting makeup on I don’t think you should do any deep exfoliating right before.

3. do a sheet mask or a clay mask. I recommend the creme shop sheet masks or the aztec healing clay mask.

4.after you do your mask, tone and do the rest of your skincare routine.

5.slather yourself in a thick body butter or some cocoa butter if you wanna smell like chocolate 😉 put a robe and socks on. 

6. if you plan on doing makeup, make sure you prime so your makeup stays on. i also heard hard candy makes a good setting spray that’s only 6 dollars. nyx also makes good setting sprays. also try doing the buffing technique! this will help your makeup stay put and look gorgeous even during any extra curricular activities 😏

7. some pretty date night looks: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

8. Beauty Bakerie makes lipsticks are smudge,transfer and oral sex proof. They’re also vegan,cruelty free and black owned.

9. big bombshell curls, waves, silky straight ponytails, flexi rod sets and bantu knot outs are all good hairstyles for a date.

10. before putting on whatever you’re wearing, put a scented/or essential oil (dilute it with a carrier oil if it’s essential) between your thighs. NOT on your genitals. between your thighs. this way, if your partner goes down on you, you’ll smell sexy as hell. I recommend jasmine or vanilla. 

11. apply a little vaseline or vitamin e oil to your pressure points (your inner wrist, inner elbow,behind your ear and behind your knees) before applying your perfume. this will make the scent last longer. do not rub the perfume into your skin after applying, just spray it and let it dry. don’t overapply, you don’t want to suffocate your partner.

12. make sure you carry your own protection, (condoms/dental dams,etc.) as well as extra panties, 💦 mints/gum, and your phone charger. 

13. always let somebody know where you are ESPECIALLY if it’s a first date. I cannot say this enough. whether it’s a mom,sister,best friend whatever. just let somebody know where you’re going,who you’re with and what time you plan to be home. for your own safety.

14. whatever you’re wearing, you look good bitch 💋 

for next time i see bae ❤
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imagine being so rich that you never need to attempt to raise money for anything in your goddamned life so you decide to sell organic cage free gluten free soy free lemon water for funsies but no one in your rich neighborhood leaves their house ever so instead you get your underpaid employees to give you, a rich toddler, their money.

i hate


The entire family is filled with horrible, delusional idiots

This is unreal
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I thought this was funnier than I should have
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please remember that in a healthy, adult relationship (romantic or not), you should be able to talk about things that are bothering you. if you are bottling up your emotions and holding it against someone when you haven’t told them what is wrong, you’re not engaging in healthy behaviour. but also, if your friend/significant other makes you feel as though you can’t talk about what bothers you- i.e. has made you feel guilty/gotten extraordinarily angry when things were brought up in the past- they are not engaging in healthy behaviour.

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