Jul. 8th, 2017

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Exquisite Photography Series That Depicts Dried Flowers and Tea Sets

Artist, wife and mother, Marina Malinovaya spends her leisure hours orchestrating extravagant photographic compositions using dried up flowers, leaves and tea sets.

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Sleep - Steve Rogers

Happy Birthday to @hopeless–geek !
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full bloom 
© fiona hsieh
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i had no idea they were so frickin huge

I love them so much because they’re about as sharp as a baseball and their anatomy is ridiculous to the point of them literally being classified as plankton for years because they just sort of get blown around by the ocean and look confused, but because they lay more eggs than ANY OTHER VERTEBRATE IN EXISTENCE, evolution can’t stop them

Why is no big predator coming and gnawing on them?

Their biggest defense is that they’re massive and have super tough skin, but they do get hunted by sharks or sea lions sometimes and they just sort of float there like ‘oh bother’ as it happens

Even funnier, because they eat nothing but jellyfish they’re really low in nutritional value anyway, so they basically survive by being not worth eating because they’re like a big floating rice cracker wrapped in leather.

Perfect example of “survival of the fittest” NOT meaning being some hyper aggressive, muscular manly asshole. This creature fell upon the complete opposite combination of traits and just rolled with it and evolution was like “well, it’s working, somehow".

reminder that this is what they look like when they hatch and they are smaller than a housefly

…..But they reach up to 800 pounds in barely over ONE YEAR.

One year omfg are you fucking serious I didn’t know that

it looks like someone dropped a lentil how does it gain that much weight eating jellyfish 

As an ichthyologist (someone who studies fish, I’m about to get my masters degree and move on to my PhD), I feel I need to respond to these sort of posts about Molids. I don’t want to ruin anyones fun, but it’s become a pretty common joke to talk about how ridiculous Mola mola are and how “they’re a freak of evolution that somehow works cause they lay billions of eggs” when in reality, they are actually very complex fish that are just as valid as any other. I’ll link sources below. 

They belong to the order Tetraodontiformes, which contains other fishes commonly described as weird like pufferfish, triggerfish, and boxfish. When you look at the Mola mola in a phylogenetic context, its actually not that strange as its very similar to its relatives. The name “Tetraodontiformes” means four-teeth, and so like the puffers and triggers, molas have 4 fused crushing teeth, hence the small funny mouth. This group is also known for their peculiar swimming methods. Almost all the members of this order use their dorsal and anal fins for propulsion (balisthiforme locomotion) rather than their caudal fin. In the Molas case, its caudal fin has been reduced to a rudder essentially, properly called a clavus. Look up videos of this guys relatives swimming and it wont be so strange it lacks a proper caudal fin, especially look at triggerfish.

To address the jokes about them just floating around and eating only jellyfish, this may actually only be half true. Very little is known about their feeding habits, but they appear to be more likely omnivores. They feed on any floating gelatinous zooplankton, but have have also been found with squid, fish, crab, and eelgrass in their stomachs and have been found to take squid baited hooks, though we don’t know if this is because of the squid or light lures. Also remember another large animal does the same thing - leatherback sea turtles are gelantinous zooplanktivores too, and equally massive.

As for their swimming, these fish are actually powerful swimmers with many records of them breaching and jumping high into the air. See the video to see one taking off. They are also travelers, making regular forays into the ocean deep and out-swimming currents as they migrate. We only know them from when they swim up from the deep to get rid of parasites and warm themselves, which is when I’d be pretty lazy too. There is a great deal we don’t know about these fishes, but they are far from simple giant heads, they represent an interesting evolutionary turn in nature with a unique morphology that natural selection helped create. 

Lastly, I’d like to address the concept that these are large, unintelligent creatures. This is partially based on my opinion and personal experience diving, but Tetraodontiforme fishes are some of the most curious and intelligent fishes I know of. Aquarists around the world have recognized this as well, especially in triggerfishes. The same is likely true for Molas, these are some of the most evolutionarily derived fishes in the world that exhibit complex behaviors like recognizing that they can bask and seagulls will pick off their parasites.

TLDR: These are complex fishes that we still barely understand, but they are actually powerful swimmers who can migrate, regularly make deep sea dives, exhibit complex behavior and may actually be omnivores. Please stop portraying them as freaks of nature because these images can negatively affect conservation efforts for animals. Being seen as useless is just as dangerous for conservation as is being thought of as dangerous. These guys are regular bycatch by fishing boats and may already be in danger. 

Sources: If you can’t open the pdfs, message me and I’ll send you a copy.





TY FOR THE INFO AAAA I’m not at all a fish expert and I appreciate you taking the time, I had no idea they could actually breach the surface that’s amazing holy shit. Imagine not knowing what a sunfish is and seeing that??

It’s amazing how little we know about species like this that are so big or commonplace for some people? It’s similar for amphibians, which are what I know more about rofl. We have salamanders in Georgia that are totally undocumented, some of them we’ve had documented for years and we just have no idea how long they live or what they eat etc because it hasn’t been studied.

That being said I hope it’s clear that me saying they’re ridiculous fish is in the same way I make fun of frogs; They’re adapted very well for their environment and things like ‘freakish’ or ‘useless’ are entirely baseless judgements because it’s based entirely on our perception of what’s average/useful and not the reality. Their adaptations are very beneficial because they’ve carved out a niche in their environments that no other fish have and that’s pretty amazing. They’re extremely cool fish!

Frogs are also amazingly well adapted, sensitive, and very important, and when I’m pointing and laughing at mola molas for looking perpetually surprised or desert rain frogs for looking like ping pong balls that grew legs I hope it’s obvious that it’s because I find them endearing and love them and not because my making fun of them is serious. 

how could anyone not love these mysterious sideways children

(If you have time, is it known how they grow so quickly?? I’ve been thinking about it all day, they must know something to eat that gives them the nutrients needed to grow so quickly but I can’t imagine what. Also have you gotten to see them in the wild? I always wondered if they acknowledged humans like whales or dolphins do, or if they sort of ignore us)

Re blogging for debunking mola slander
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don’t worry, you’re still in the “early life” part of your wikipedia page

actually you know what, most of you guys are in the “controversy” part
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it’s feels weird to me, sometimes, that the raised fist is now used as a super general protest gesture that even centrist liberals will use, and it’ll be in like kid’s  movies and stuff

because it was created as a pretty explicitly communist symbol

and was used as an ‘antifascist salute’ to counter fascist salutes 

not to mention frequently used in leftist iconography 

and in IWW and other socialist organizations in the 20th century

and was used by the Black Panther Party (a socialist group) and other radical,  black activists as a symbol of anti-capitalist solidarity and action 

the raised fist has such a powerful history in radical anti-fascist and anti-capitalist protest. 

I think all activists should learn about it and foster a respect in its complex history. it’s humbling, and also can remind us of the radical roots of different movements which have now been co-opted by liberals and branded by capital. 

no matter how many t shirts it’s printed on or politicians using it there are, it has radical roots, and it will always hold that history for leftists to reclaim
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hey, anyone got a nice house or apartment i could buy for like $6.18?

includes brick
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you know when youre playing pokeman and you walk up to a pokemon to talk to it and you already know its only gonna say like… gryaaah… but u do it anyway
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An angel

Wtf bats swim


Here’s another little-known bat fact:

Orphaned baby bats are often swaddled tightly like teeny burritos to mimic being cuddled by mom and help ease separation anxiety.

They also seem to find pacifiers soothing.

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted on this before, but there’s always someone who hasn’t heard about this before. Plus, I’ll happily take any excuse I can to post cute baby animal pics (especially when they’re wrapped like tiny furry burritos) :)
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Jul. 8th, 2017 07:49 pm
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These Muslim women are using their hijabs to transform into superheroes.

It’s called hijab cosplay, inspired by Japanese costume role-play and it’s making waves in Muslim-majority Malaysia.

Nuzaru is one of a growing number of hijab wearers embracing this world of comics, film and video game characters.

She spends weeks planning her costumes.

Today Nuzaru is competing at Malaysia’s first event dedicated to hijab cosplay.

Saakira co-founded the event.

Hundreds are here to watch acts and learn tips from cosplay pros.

Nuzaru’s hard work pays off as she nabs top prize.

This is so great! And this is what we need here in America!

This is awesome.

I was thinking earlier about gender bends in cosplay - because I’m in the preliminary stages of working on one (need more money, need to buy a wig for Mrs Peel first dang it).

Which may seem irrelevant, but one of the things cosplay gives us is the ability to not look like our character, but make our character look like us. (Not saying I don’t respect the skill of people who choose characters they look like and can walk on a stage looking like they stepped out of a panel or a frame, but…)

This is the same thing. Making a character your own by shifting it towards who you are.

I’ve honestly always loved how happy Malaysian Muslims look and how they wrap their identities all around Islam and their hijab rather than treating it like an obstacle– even just looking under the Doraemon tag, SO many are these happy Malasyain ladies in blue and white Doraemon-coloured headscarves taking pictures at Doraemon museums and stuff, they’re just so cute and unabashedly themselves, it’s really sweet to see.

Like you can tell exactly what character they’re going for, I’ve seen some really amazing hijabi cosplayers and Lolita girls (I remember a lot of positive reception from Japanese twitter too, of hijabi Lolita) too!!

I really love the ones who use colourful scarves to convey the character’s hair colour, it’s so cute???

This is a really tiny picture, but this creative little TARDIS was too cute not to share!!!

@sugarnoor on tumblr here is a Muslimah Lolita too. ^^
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congratulations!!! through doubt, you have unlocked backstory!!!

imagine, if you will, innocent, overly-trusting me listening to the mario galaxy ost and getting to the honeyhive galaxy theme, and thinking “wow! this song would go great with a pokemon walking gif!”

a brilliant idea! i immediately search up the song, and oh, how naive i was.

the third result is very official-looking!! a perfect candidate for a quick youtube rip–it’s just a meme, it won’t hurt anybody.

the first few second autoplay, and it seems legit! i quickly copy the url and download the file, then make the post

at this point, i haven’t seen the gif along with the song i’d intended to put with it, so i have a listen!!

and let me tell you, the surprise i got,

You got played by gilvasunner my dude
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Jul. 8th, 2017 11:04 pm
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