Jul. 3rd, 2017

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best post
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you know how if you ask someone where they are from, they’ll tell you their country of origin like “Norway” or “India” or whatever but Americans are all “my parents are originally from ohio but i’ve lived in utah forever until i moved to houston- NY not TX haha” 

okay ashleigh you could’ve just said usa, but no you expect the whole world to know every state in your country when your 23 year old ass can’t point to china on a map. so now i’m on urban dictionary bc i thought SoCal is an artificial sweetener

THIS IS MY FAVORITE DUMB AMERICAN THING??? it captures the entire experience of being an American. it seems super dumb and self-centered to anyone who isn’t from here but it is completely comprehensible to any other American and also NECESSARY because most states are size of European nations and we have the same weird hateful feelings towards one another??? so I need to explain to you why you shouldn’t hate me like, bitch, you better not think I live in Texas bc fuck those guys MY STATE DIDN’T VOTE FOR GEORGE BUSH

yesterday, @freekicks accidentally referred to California as a country and I launched into a spiel about how we’re big enough and have the fifth largest economy in the world (SUCK OUR DICK) and she told me to go fuck myself and that’s how you know I’m a Californian (and she is a New Yorker)

but ALSO we are intensely competitive about how authentically whatever we are so you can’t just say you’re from New York when you really grew up in MINNESOTA and just moved to New York as an adult so I need to tell you that my FAMily is from SoCal and I spent a bunch of my childhood there bc I can’t say I’m Californian just bc I’ve lived here for four years DOESN’T COUNT

but I am Californian bc I’m a snotty asshole and also I say “the 5” when I’m talking about freeways and I eat too many avocados and I know how to pronounce Vallejo and La Jolla

Other Americans may find the distinctions important, but it still absolutely comes across as dumb and self-centred to the rest of us xD

I mean, it’s been over six years since it happened, but I still distinctly remember the first time I heard an American answer that question with “the USA”. It was his first time hanging out with my friendship group, and there were maybe a dozen of us there from as many different countries – and every single one of us was like wait, what??!?

Literally before any more introductions could happen, the entire conversation devolved into the rest of us bitching about how Americans always expect the rest of the world to know and care about the differences between their states and cities. (As if other countries don’t have deeply entrenched local identities and rivalries. And the size argument falls a bit flat when you’ve got people from China, Australia and Brazil in the room.)

In this case it turned out our new American friend had spent quite a few years living in Europe, where he’d picked up on the fact that this is something that the rest of the world finds slightly exasperating.

On the flip side, as an American who intensely identifies as being from her home state, Delaware, and who intensely feels a deep loathing for New Jersey, and when asked where I am from will say Delaware but more importantly, southern Delaware since there is a deep cultural divide in my home state… it’s always weird to me people don’t say like province/area/city and just say the country. 

A lot of Americans honestly think of themselves as their state/home city before we think of ourselves as Americans.

It gets easier if you view the US as kinda like the EU - a bunch of separate city states waffling towards a common goal and global front.    The US isn’t like most countries in that all the little sub-areas (states, territories, regions, whatevs) are minorly important, each state in the US is like its own little country, so they absolutely do get as nationalistic about them as everyone else does.

That’s exactly it. The government structure is similar to that also. And admittedly my thing is when I would tell people I’m from America, they assumed LA or NYC. And that’s definitely not true.
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must be hard to work for the onion these days bc real life is stealing all their ideas

“okay, whaddya think about this one: president trump challenges anderson cooper to an oval office fistfight”

*deep sigh* “have you checked your twitter today, jeff”
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This cat is so pretty.. I’m shook
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Jul. 3rd, 2017 01:33 am
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Wash the dishes in your sink

Get your outfit for tomorrow together, including accessories

Set up coffee/tea/breakfast

Make your lunch

Put your keys somewhere obvious

Wash your face and brush your teeth

Take your medication/set out your meds for the morning

Charge your electronics

Pour a little cleaner in the toilet bowl (if you don’t have pets or children or sleepwalking adults)

Set your alarm

Go to bed at a reasonable hour
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by Eyebombing Bulgaria (more)
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Jul. 3rd, 2017 01:34 am
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— we were born to make history.
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If it’s lumber, I slumber (Source: http://ift.tt/2sInqgO)
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delivery man: delivery for...Sacred Mistress Of Dark Spirits And All That Is Unholy?
me: (standing under my ebony Victorian doorway, stroking a large raven in my arms) oh cool my Pillow Pet. where do i sign
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Black Goth Appreciation Day

Today’s post is an appreciation day inspired by @victoriankisses17‘s recent video. Watch and read here for a compilation of photos and inspiring quotes from black goth bloggers.

“For all my black goths out there who struggle with acceptance from family members, patience is key when it comes to educating and answering questions about your…’lifestyle’, as they call it. Answering them without an iota of sarcasm and malice, being concise with your answers and dispelling stereotypes helps the relationship run smoother.It also helps if you research the history of Goth (the music, the fashion variants, the philosophies, the literature, etc.) because if you answer the questions with “I wear black because it matches my soul and angst!” you will garner raised eyebrows and people won’t take you seriously, something you don’t want. Trust me, I know from experience.Being informed about the changing subculture of Goth not only helps you get more educated, but your friends and family will know that you are mature and serious about the subculture;” […] – My Experiences as a Black Goth and the Lessons that Came with It, Dejanae Jackson

Continue reading…

Photography: @jasminedenise (Jasmine Denise Photography), Bliss photographed by Ari Seth Cohen, Erica, unsourced images. If you recognize anyone please source! We do not want artists going uncredited.

This blog is reader funded. Help me make more posts and comics like this by donating on Patreon or Paypal at calynpickensrich@gmail.com.
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Wonder Woman by  Cutiepiesensei Cosplay

“ It’s about what you believe in. And I believe in Love.”
Cosplayer instagram / facebook  / tumblr

Photo by @idruthat

Get the comics here

[Follow SuperheroesInColor faceb / instag / twitter / tumblr / pinterest]
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Y’know, the double standard whereby bisexual men are presumed to be self-hating gay dudes and bisexual women are presumed to be straight trendsters totally makes sense if you’re starting with the premise that the most important thing about a person is whether they’re attracted to men.
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My cousin is a professional hippo keeper and has advanced far enough in the field of professional hippo keeping that she’s head of..idk, hippos? all giant herbivores? at Disney and has been consulting with the Cincinnati zoo about Fiona.

And being her facebook friend has really introduced me to the subculture of hippo keepers, who apparently all know each other and also can recognize most zoo hippos on sight. 

And man, if you thought cat ladies were bad about the “my precious panther children just bit the shit out of my arm and then vomited on my rug”  shit then I need to tell you that it is NOTHING compared to how hippo people talk about hippos with each other.  For example, my cousin will post a cute video of Fiona and her mother and all her hippo friends will comment things like, “Aww, look at Bibi.  She’s beautiful. Remember that time she bit down while I was brushing her teeth and she broke every bone in my hand?” and all the other people are like,  “Aw, precious Nile princess! I remember riding with you in the ambulance!”

Or she’ll post a picture of baby Fiona gnawing gently on her caregiver’s leg and someone will respond with a picture of a massive bruise she got when a teenage hippo did that and everyone will be like, “hahaha, these nightmare murder beasts sure are wonderful.”
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These fucking babies want MONEY for having been criticized on the internet for having faux-radical politics and approaching a situation through an obviously antisemitic lens! This is the absolute pinnacle of entitlement and shows that they haven’t even seriously considered why they are being called antisemitic and are making the babyish move of insisting they were wronged SIMPLY by virtue of people having disagreed with them.

give us money for being called racist so we can paint out toes and do more racism, queer babes.
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The caffeine in coffee “beans” is a natural plant defense against herbivory, i.e., a toxic substance that protects the seeds of the plant. Fruits and leaves are both sources of caffeine as well and a tea can be made of the leaves, but neither are used commercially.


Follow Ultrafacts for more facts

Me, eating the beans straight;

The joys of being descended from generalist omnivores–our liver and kidneys are the envy of the animal kingdom. Poisons become flavors and drugs.

Yeah, various plants are spicy or sour in order to deter animals from eating them.

We come across that shit and are like “Hey! This stuff burns the shit out of my mouth! THAT’S AWESOME, MORE PLEASE.”

[terrified alien noises in the distance]
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reblog if you, too, are very gay and very jewish
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lil doodles of alola vulpix (and ninetales!)
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Jul. 3rd, 2017 02:58 am
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here’s a comic commission i drew for @gabapple​ and @mamodewberry​ based on a snippet from their fic: Never Look Away! please go read the fic when you can!!

thank you so much for trusting me with this comic, i’m super honored!!
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Jul. 3rd, 2017 02:59 am
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my femme girlfriend: [hour and a half later] ok I’m ready to leave the house

me: [throwing on shorts and a tank top] okay baby i love you and you look so pretty

My overdressed butch ass: [hour and a half later] ok I’m ready to leave the house

My femme girlfriend: [throwing on a sundress and head scarf] okay baby I love you and you look so handsome

Me: [after spending 6 hours on my hair and makeup] Babe I’m ready to head out now

My femme wife: [who has also taken 6 hours] Okay babe I love you I’m ready and your highlight is poppin severely but you need to blend that contour in a little bit

Me: [fixing her eyebrows] I love you

this post fixed my brows and cleared my skin
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Wise words from the local bookstore.
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maybe, just maybe, the military has nothing to do with protecting us?
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#DearNonNatives happened yesterday. Signal boost this and support! This hashtag needs more traction.
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Okay, who all wants to help me start breaking down the countless things wrong with this “beautifying transformation”? If only I could link the gif. Sadly, or maybe happily, I cannot.

Oh my god, so many things. Even ignoring the atrocious editing (her hairline. THE COLLAR DOESN’T GO AROUND HER NECK), there’s the “beautifying” brown eyes by changing them to blue, lightening skin, and so much that has nothing to do with “low light” or “poor photo-taking.” I just. Wow.
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Kill me

#‘killing him slowly’ how do you kill him faster

reblog to kill him faster, like to kill him slowly
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Okay, who all wants to help me start breaking down the countless things wrong with this “beautifying transformation”? If only I could link the gif. Sadly, or maybe happily, I cannot.

Oh my god, so many things. Even ignoring the atrocious editing (her hairline. THE COLLAR DOESN’T GO AROUND HER NECK), there’s the “beautifying” brown eyes by changing them to blue, lightening skin, and so much that has nothing to do with “low light” or “poor photo-taking.” I just. Wow.


Also, let’s just further the stigma against braces as well. Lots of people get them. I did. Girls can look great in braces.

Also, let’s face it. The only time you ever see a tattoo added is when they lighten skin tone.

YES, THAT TOO. I had braces not only as a kid, but from 17-20.
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This is the most adorable thing I’ve seen in awhile. 13/10 would watch twice.
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Wishlist Dream Daddy on Steam!
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This is a very heartbreaking story no one deserves to go through. 

Resham Khan and her cousin are victims of an acid attack, a vicious crime that is rapidly growing in the UK.  Not only are they victims of acid attacks, but this was also a hate crime and a blatant act of Islamophobia. The people of the UK fear that white supremacists will make acid their primary way of attacking minorities. Unfortunately, anyone in the UK is allowed to buy acid without a license….even minors. A petition was implemented to call for the attention of the Home Office (UK’s government) in order to put an immediate stop to reckless purchases of deadly acids. 

Resham and her cousin’s lives are gonna change forever…. they were just trying to celebrate a birthday when some disgusting racist sabotaged their night and life. Hopefully by signing the petition, the UK government will realize this is a devastating issue that needs to be fixed immediately. 
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don’t forget how much platonic love matters
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This makes me so mad.
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Legend of Dragoon (Sony - PSX - 2000)  
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Jul. 3rd, 2017 04:43 am
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Space is a lesbian that’s why it’s a GALaxy

Just galaxies being palaxies.

I recognise it’s problematic and may be really destructive and bad representation but I ship Milky and Andi pretty hard uwu


slow burn
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Jul. 3rd, 2017 04:54 am
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heylookitsarevolution replied to your video

What show is this?

I’m not sure! I don’t think it’s out/subbed yet. It looks like it’s called Kakegurui
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you deserve to be loved without having to hide the parts of yourself that you think are unlovable.
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if you’re reading this i hope you find the strength to get through whatever it is that’s causing you so much trouble or pain at the moment
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I think I’ve posted this before, but I really have the best ever boyfriend and the best ever girlfriend

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Jul. 3rd, 2017 07:38 am
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(via @Gr8ones_)

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Here’s a browser extension that lets you replace any and every word that you don’t want to see with another one. 
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This is how my friend found the cat in the bathroom

Always hang your cat up to dry after a bath.
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On May 28th, my sister, Edna, turned 31.


Her mental age is about three years old. She loves Winnie the Pooh, Beauty & the Beast, and Sesame Street. Even though the below picture is unconvincing. 

Edna and “Cookie.” I think she was trying to play it cool. 

My name is Jeanie. I’m Edna’s younger sister. I’m also her guardian and caregiver. 

That’s me on the left. (Hey, you never know. After a year of writing a blog about online dating - Jeanie Does the Internet - I’ve come to learn that there are A LOT of fools on the internet.) 

ANYWAY, I’m not “doing the internet” anymore. I’m taking care of Edna full-time, after completing my MFA in Writing for Screen & Television at USC.

May 16, 2014. I wanted a picture. Edna wanted breakfast.

In case you’re wondering where our parents are, they’re dead. Our mom died of breast cancer when she was just 33. 

Us with mom before she died. (Obviously.)

As for our dad, he peaced-out around the time my mom got sick. His loss - we’re awesome. 

Here we are being awesome at the beach. Pushing a wheelchair in the sand? Not so awesome. 

In case you’re wondering “What’s wrong?” with my sister - as a stranger once asked me on the street  -  NOTHING. Yes, Edna has a rare form of epilepsy - Lennox-Gastaut syndrome - but I don’t know if that’s anymore “wrong” than people who don’t have manners. 

Basically, Edna was born “normal,” and started having seizures as a baby. They eventually got so bad that they cut off the oxygen to her brain, causing her to be mentally disabled. Or impaired. Or intellectually disabled. Or whatever you want to call it - except “retarded,” because in 2010, President Obama signed Rosa’s Law into effect, replacing that word with “intellectually impaired.” 

Which is cool and all, but services for the disabled and the people who care for them are SEVERELY LACKING. Also, there’s a bunch of people working in taxpayer-funded positions who are supposed to help families like us, but don’t. (Big surprise, I know.) They just fill out paperwork (whenever they feel like it) with asinine statements like this: 

YUP. I transport my sister down the stairs in her wheelchair, because that is not only safe, but TOTALLY PRACTICAL. Why doesn’t everyone in a wheelchair just take the stairs, for God’s sake? Stop being so lazy, PEOPLE WITHOUT WORKING LEGS! 

But, as it says above, Edna’s legs do work. Whether or not she wants them to, is another story. 

Edna refusing to go inside. 

These are the stairs that I have to carry her up - by myself - on a daily basis. That is, until one of my legs break and both of us are just sitting at the bottom of the stairs, helpless. 

For six months, I have begged - BEGGED - the State of California to help my sister, which they are required by law - The Lanterman Act specifically - to do so. But they’ve told me “these things take time” and that I “need to amend my expectations.” (That was said to me when I refused to place Edna at AN ALL-MALE CARE FACILITY. Because yes, that was an “option” that was offered to me.) 

Prior to Edna moving in with me in my one-bedroom apartment, she was living with her amazing caregiver, Gaby, back in Tucson, where we went to high school and I did my undergrad. Edna’s reppin’ the Wildcats below. 

But back in November, Gaby also died from breast cancer. (FUCK YOU, BREAST CANCER!) This picture was taken a month before she died. She never even told me she was sick because she didn’t want me to worry. 

By the way, we were raised by our grandma. Edna and her were very close.

She’s dead, too. Surprise.

She died when I was 20 and Edna was 21. That’s when I became Edna’s legal guardian and Gaby stepped into the picture to help me out with Edna. 

So, six months ago, after Gaby died, I moved Edna to California, where I tried to get the folks over at The Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center to help me. I’ve told them I’m worried about our safety - that one of us could get hurt on the stairs -  I’ve told them I can’t afford to pay the private babysitters $15/hour because the ones social services sent me who make $9/hour were unreliable (they didn’t show up on time or at all so I could get to school and work), untrustworthy (one of them let Edna go to the bathroom in the kitchen and then took her into the bathroom because “that what I thought I was supposed to do.”) 

But the people over at the FLRC don’t return my calls, they don’t file the paperwork on time - and the first caseworker that was assigned to us actually LAUGHED AT my sister when he came to our home to evaluate her. When I reported him to his supervisor, she told me, “That’s just [insert name of said jackass].” 

He was one of the two caseworkers that contributed to the report I mentioned above, which also included this: 

So let me get this straight - I have to feed, bathe, dress and help Edna in the bathroom and you can’t deduce whether or not she is able to vote? What in the fuck?!

Now I realize I seem angry. And you can bet your balls I am. I’m also sad. Sad for those who don’t have family to stick up from them and who waste away God knows where, monitored by no one. Or monitored by people who physically and sexually assault them. 

I’m also sad for the caregivers who are SO EXHAUSTED - trying to take care of their loved ones - while also trying to take care of themselves and battling a system that is supposed to help, but does nothing of the sort. And I know a lot of people give up. They let their dreams, their marriages, their friendships slide. All while trying not to resent the very person you’re doing it all for.

Edna wanted to sit next to me the other day while I was writing. Clearly, she’s not impressed. 

Here’s the thing: I REFUSE TO GIVE UP. I’M NOT GIVING UP ON HER OR MYSELF. I’m going to pursue my dreams while taking care of her, AND while ensuring that the people paid to do their jobs ACTUALLY do them.

That’s where you come in. I need you to help me get my story out there. Because I know I’m not alone in this. I want to connect with families who are in similar situations and also show people who have no idea what it’s like to care for someone with a disability (or even a loved one who is sick) that it can be rewarding. Super fucking hard. Exhausting. Painful. Isolating. But, rewarding. 

I’m going to get help for my sister - and others. My hope is that by sharing our story, I can bring awareness to the lack of services and help for the disabled. 

Thank you, 


Facebook:  http://ift.tt/1qhaDKK

Twitter: @EisforEdna 

This made me cry



This is a really uplifting and inspirational story of a family sticking by each other and making things work despite a whole lot of shit

They just want to find other people in the same position they are, for a sense of community and to feel like they aren’t alone.

I know out of all of you, some of you have followers who are living with and taking care of intellectually or emotionally disabled family members, and this lovely and unbreakable pair of sisters need to find them.


Repost! This story needs told!

Disabled lives matter. Sooo much. 

I wouldn’t be here without the support of my family - share stories like this, the more people know, the more likely systems of support can change and grow to better serve families and communities.
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there was some science that got done that involved putting a camera on a humboldt squid and

all i can think about is how fucking weird this must be for the squid??? like??? squid do not wear clothes, when left to themselves so how is this one adapting to its new clothes-wearing paradigm, how does it feel about this situation where it is now the only squid in a t-shirt and bodycam

shit, what do the other squids think? are they jealous that they didn’t get free outfits, or are they all roasting their buddy because he looks like a total dork now

I’m reminded of the ornithologists who discovered that banding birds with brightly-colored bands actually disrupted the mating season because female birds were attracted to males with colorful bands

what if these scientists have plunged the normally staid squid community into a maelstrom of unbridled sexual desire because one of them is wearing a shirt
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Kids are interesting. I’m babysitting a 9 year old boy right now who’s homework is to write a fictional story and he wrote about how in millions of years the sun will expand killing everything and one man fell asleep at the beach and missed all the official announcements about the world ending but he managed to be the only survivor of the solar flares because he applied SPF 100 sunscreen.
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rb for pikachu to cheer for your followers too!
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Jul. 3rd, 2017 05:43 pm
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and when Persephone was in the underworld she ate just one bite of avocado toast and so, from thence forth, was cursed to never own a home

Will someone explain the avocado toast thing to me, please?

Two grumpy rich white men in Australia complained, in two different occasions, that if Those Damn Millennials saved the money they spent on avocado toast they could afford a housing deposit by now.
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what I actually mean when I send the kissy face emoji
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“break often - not like porcelain, but like waves.”
- survival kit, Scherezade Siobhan
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Accomplishing all their goals!


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I feel like I should make a post about this because it’s not something that’s very well-known, and that Americans in particular may need to know about given the uncertain state of our healthcare system at the moment. I’ve wanted to write this out for a while, It’s kind of a long post, so sorry about that!

If you have an emergency and have to go to the hospital, you’ll owe the hospital a lot of money.(I got into a car wreck and broke my ankle and my arm. My hospital bill was around $20,000)

You’ll also owe the ambulance provider, if you need one.(My ambulance bill was about $800)

You may get separate bills from the anesthesiologist or surgeon.(My anesthesiologist bill was $1,700)

You may need follow-up appointments.(My orthopedic surgeon billed me for the appointments and his surgery together and it was about $1,000)

You’ve also got to pay for medical equipment you need afterward, like crutches or a walking boot.(Mine cost about $75)

Altogether, I ended up with almost $24,000 in medical debt from one car accident. That’s a really scary number for someone like me who makes $10/hr at a 12 hour a week job.

I got my debt down to $1075 by making some phone calls and submitting some paperwork.

The first thing I did was contact the hospital. They don’t make it easy to find, but many hospitals (perhaps most hospitals?) have financial assistance programs for people who can’t afford medical bills. I don’t make a lot of money, and I have bills to pay, so they were able to help me.
I called the billing department and asked if they had any assistance programs for low income people who can’t pay their bills. I had to call multiple times, and I got transferred in circles by people who didn’t know what I was talking about. Finally, I got an appointment with someone in “Eligibility Services” (I don’t know what other hospitals call it, if it’s something different). I had to bring my pay stubs and copies of all of my bills. When I got to the hospital for the appointment, nobody knew what I was talking about so I had to wander a little to find where I needed to go. I spoke with the guy in Eligibility Services, and I waited for a decision on how much of the bill they would forgive. A month later, I got a call telling me it was totally forgiven.

I did the same thing for my ambulance bill and my anesthesiologist, but the process was a LOT easier. I just had to mail some paperwork and it was totally forgiven.

I didn’t bother with the medical equipment suppliers, since the bills came from separate companies and I didn’t feel like going through the process twice for $75. I was assured at the hospital that they had similar programs for debt forgiveness, so I could have probably avoided paying that too.

The only thing I couldn’t get taken care of was the surgeon/follow-up appointment cost, but they were able to put me on a no-interest payment plan.

Medical debt is scary because it’s something that can come from stuff that’s already really scary. I didn’t need the burden of $24,000 in debt on top of trying to get around on a crutch with a broken arm (it’s not easy, believe me!).. but I can’t imagine what it would be like with a bigger debt or a more severe medical emergency.
I see lots of people in even worse trouble than I was in, both financially and medically. Please know that there are options for you when that GoFundMe doesn’t do enough. Even if your income is higher than mine, it’s worth a shot even for partial debt forgiveness.
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i’m so tired.  for those of you who don’t know, at the chicago dyke march three women were told that their rainbow flags with the star of david on them were triggering others/ making them feel unsafe.

if you feel unsafe because i’m jewish and gay, you’re an antisemite.  if my religious symbol makes you uncomfortable, you’re an antisemite.  judaism does not equal zionism, and zionism does not equal support for the current israeli government.  in addition, a jew’s want for a place, preferably in israel, where they are free from persecution is not a racist statement.

if you believe the star of david is a racist symbol and you believe that my identity as a jewish lesbian is politically unacceptable, you’re an antisemite and you should unfollow asap.

Perfect sentiment.  Thank you for writing @sapphicselfies !
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some summer gals! 🍍🍉
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I think people often underestimate the potential educational value of senseless memes. For example, thanks to Spiders Georg, literally every teenager on Tumblr has a reasonable grasp of what a statistical outlier is and the sorts of problems that outliers can introduce into a naïve analysis. There are grown adults who don’t get that - I deal with them on a daily basis.

“Memes have educational value” actually statistical error. Average meme teaches 0 facts. Spiders Georg is an outlier adn should not be counted
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wow woke

ight one of us is doing the math wrong

Ah yes the only true gender

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I don’t know how to explain to goyim that calling out anti-Semitism is not about hurt feelings or crocodile tears and everything to do with the fear of history repeating itself in the form of angry mobs hellbent on attacking Jewish people.

I don’t know how to explain that I am not calling Jay-Z out because I want to silence Black artists; I’m calling him out because I’m genuinely afraid that his false accusation about Jews owning all the property in America will result in people across the nation blaming Jews for the evils of the world and then inciting pogroms (violent mob attacks) against Jewish people.

I don’t know how to explain that I’m not calling out CDM because I don’t care about the liberation of Palestinians; I’m calling them out because I’m worried that if we allow non-Jews to police our beliefs and define for us what our ancient symbols mean, that it could ultimately lead to any displays of public Jewishness being deemed questionable or offensive, which could eventually end in violence against any Jews who are openly Jewish at public events.

I don’t know how to explain to goyim that nearly every Jewish person in the world either grew up with a relative who had to flee their home in the middle of the night because of this type of violence, or they actually experienced this trauma themselves. I don’t know how to tell them that this is an ingrained trauma in almost every existing Jewish family, and that it has been repeated every few generations across the globe since we entered the Diaspora nearly 2,000 years ago.

I don’t know how to explain that when people say almost the exact types of things that were shouted at my relatives by white Russian nationalists as they burned their villages to the ground that it doesn’t matter if you say you’re a progressive or an anti-racist, or you’re also marginalized in some way, because all I hear are the same words people have said to Jews for centuries before physically assaulting them, and I’m worried you’re going to eventually going to assault me, too.

I don’t know how to explain that if goyim read our history they might understand that we Jews have been used as scapegoats for the world’s evils everywhere on the planet from Lithuania to Ethiopia, and that regardless of our standing in society or our level of assimilation, that it’s always ended with our expulsion or murder or both.

I don’t know how to explain that I’m not trying to be petty or “take up space in the movement,” or draw attention away from other causes, but that I’m only asking for you to examine your words and actions now, while I still hope there’s time to pull out the seeds of anti-Semitism that have been planted, because I am literally afraid that if I don’t, you or somebody like you will ultimately be at my doorstep shouting “It’s their fault! Get them! Kill the Jews!”

I don’t know how to explain that I’m afraid you might believe the vitriol behind your words one day enough to kill me.
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LMAO the cis are at it again. It’s been suggested that the facial model for the statue of liberty was a dude and so now all the news orgs are like “is the statue of liberty actually a man?” Well I for one just congratulate Lady Liberty on being the largest trans woman in North America if not the world.

I, for one, love our country’s giant metal trans woman who welcomes immigrants as they arrive here from across the Atlantic

Since the poem written on her base was taken from a poem written by Emma Lazarus a Jewish woman I’ve decided that makes Lady Liberty a giant metal Jewish trans woman 

the statue of liberty is a large trans jew and she is my girlfriend

The L in LGBT stands for Lady Liberty
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I notice that oftentimes people tend to hear “I am polyamorous” and understand “I sleep around a lot.” And that’s sad to me, because while physical intimacy is a part of many poly relationships, it’s so very far from The Point.

For me being polyamorous has never meant the absence of commitment, or a disinclination to be “stuck with one person.” Quite the opposite, in fact. For me it has always been the acceptance of more commitments. I want to be able to be curious and vulnerable and intimate with multiple people and not to limit the depth of the connections I feel based on the (somewhat arbitrary, in my mind) idea that you should only have “real” feelings for one person at a time. 

I’ve also never been comfortable with the idea that you must have exclusive, proprietary rights to touch someone else’s genitals in order to call a relationship “real” or “serious.” Sure, if that is a way that you choose to express your commitment, then go for it. I’m not going to tell you how to live your life. But, please, offer me the same courtesy and understand that I do express commitment to my partners. Just not in that one, specific way. And, gosh, monogamous or polyamorous, can’t we all agree that there are dozens of other incredibly important elements to a healthy, mature relationship that are just as important as (or more important than) sex? 

When I say I am in a relationship with someone, what I mean is that I enjoy spending time with them and I make a point to do so, and they feel similarly towards me. I call them my partner because their presence delights me, seeing them calms my anxieties, touching them comforts me – I am happier, healthier, and otherwise better off because they are in my life. It’s about investing in other people, feeling your investment returned, and letting each other know that you’re planning to stick around to share happiness together and support each other through hard times. 

And so with all that in mind, it saddens me that, almost without exception, when I tell people I’m polyamorous, their VERY FIRST comments are invariably something like, “Wait, so you get to sleep with whoever you want?” 

Ughhhhhh… Yes, I do have the chance to be physically intimate with multiple people. And sure, that’s fun, absolutely! But sex is only one facet of a relationship. And not even the most important one, in my opinion. Even the most casual “friends with benefits” situation implies the presence of friendship! And friendship is wonderful. Reducing all polyamorous relationships, conceptually, to being only about sex is an unfair oversimplification. Like all other human relationships, they are varied, complex, and unique.

(This was going to be a comment on this Ask that @theruleset posted earlier but, as usual, I talk too much, and I didn’t want to hijack his thread)
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Let’s nip that “oracle” shit in the bud right off. I’m a prominent person who’s polya, that’s all. I don’t have all the answers, I’m just a notable face to ask. I do what I can with the experiences I have.

My answer for jealousy is “confidence and communication.”

Confidence is your armor, your strength. Remember that you are absolutely someone worth being with, and that your partner(s) are with you for probably many reasons! Affirm whats great about you to yourself. For me, this blog is part of that process. I think that exhibitionist/showy streak is more common in polya folks because confidence is a self-fulfilling prophecy. (The wheel can absolutely break, but you just gotta bluff your way back into the hype.)

Communication is what makes the road smooth. Talk about how you’re feeling to your partner(s), let them know if there’s low spots happening or if there’s some particular behavior that’s irking you. Do your best to compromise in a fair way that remembers you both want things to succeed. (If you arent confident of the last part, then things need to be reconsidered.)

So! Believe in yourself, and be honest with the people you love. Cartoon philosophy that makes the world a better place.
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who else thought Martha’s Vineyard was an actual vineyard owned by martha stewart
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Pickles and her friends are going on a adventure!


Pickles is wearing the backpack! also, this is Pickles as a baby =)
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The Evening News, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, August 15, 1925

Me: (Lounges in my acetic silk garment, texting my girlfriend) BABE

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Chris Christie and family photographed relaxing on beach he closed to the public in state shutdown

On Sunday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was photographed enjoying a day with family and friends at his home in Island Beach State Park.

The beach is one of several of the state’s government-run beaches Christie closed amid an ongoing budget standoff in Trenton.

Aerial images captured by New Jersey newspaper the Star-Ledger show the governor sunning himself in a sand chair in the middle of the deserted beach. Read more (7/3/17)

As a born-and-bred NJ girl (even if currently on the wrong coast), I cannot emphasize how very much a dried-impacted-turd Chris Christie is, and how very much his actions was a deliberate slap in the face of every single person in New Jersey - most especially the middle and lower class families, who often plan their entire holiday weekend around the public beaches, rather than taking an our of state vacation.

Words cannot express how much I loathe Chris Christie.  I would not waste the water to spit on him.

We used to drive from PA when we were poor as fuck when MK was little, because we could take the whole family to a public beach and then use a public shower to rinse off, and drive home.
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Props to the guy getting free bananas while he can.
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Jul. 3rd, 2017 09:28 pm
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Jul. 3rd, 2017 09:28 pm
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Once I tried to think of how Harry James Potter would have looked like when he got older.

I imagine McGonagall seeing him and thinking that Harry looks like everyone he loved now. His mother’s green eyes, his father’s features, Sirius’ hair (and even beard) and Remus, because of the scars on his face.

Celebranting 10k followers on Instagram @potterbyblvnk today, and also appreciating all the support with my series of sketches about adult Harry here on tumblr! :) I hope you enjoy this portrait of Harry showing his hair 😉
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OMG. This. Changes. Everything.

Reblogging for my followers who might have trouble remembering whether or not they’ve taken their medicine!



Let me share with you guys a product that super helps me remember if I took my meds or not (because while the above is great, I still would manage to confuse myself):

They count as soon as you put the top back on. So if I don’t know if I’ve taken my medication for the day, I can check the cap to see how long ago I opened the container! It’s brilliant! 

I use a days of the week pill container - it looks like a little ice tray with lids on the compartments - and there is an AM and a PM box for each day. When my sister saw it she asked “Did you get it at an old people shop?” but the joke’s on her because I got it at the pharmacy and it’s really useful. It’s also extremely simple and doesn’t depend on anything electronic working correctly, just on my remembering to refill it when it’s empty. Tl;dr products designed for the elderly can be useful at any age.
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Jul. 3rd, 2017 10:43 pm
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