Jul. 2nd, 2017

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me when i get off a rollercoaster
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Jul. 2nd, 2017 01:33 am
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Some people aren’t yet aware of YikYak’s new OP badge.

i love purple fedoras and my tits are huge
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God @ northern liberals w that “southerners deserve natural disasters for voting for trump” as if there aren’t a ton of poor people and people of color and other vulnerable people.. y'all think it’s the rich republicans that will die if a hurricane hits Florida??? Naw so shut the fuck up

Listen this is why gerrymandering is such a massive, massive problem down here in the south.

Texas has been slowly becoming a Latinx majority state for decades. You wouldn’t know it by the way Texas votes because gerrymandering exists. Rich southern conservatives always win the votes because of this. (Lack of decent education doesn’t help.)

Worst of all, they try to teach us in school that the federal government bullies the state by making the state submit its redistricting plans for approval before redistricting can take place.

In reality, it’s because the gerrymandering would get even worse if the state was allowed to do as it pleased.

Gerrymandering and voter suppression are why the south looks the way it does in elections. The south is poor and more diverse than a significant part of the rest of the country, and all of the marginalized people get thrown under the bus by the whole country and by both parties.

So yeah when you wish bad things on the south, you’re being pretty indescribably shitty because let me tell you, the south already has “bad things” happen in significant amounts.
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casual survey: reblog if you want to kiss a girl right now
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Australian Sen. Larissa Waters gives speech to Parliament while breastfeeding

Australian Sen. Larissa Waters continues to log historic firsts in her country: In May, she became the first woman to breastfeed during a parliamentary vote, and now she is the first person to file a motion while breastfeeding.

As Huffington Post Australia reported, Waters was in the middle of feeding her daughter, Alia, when her turn came to speak on the resurgence of black lung within the country’s coal-mining community. 

Holding her baby to her breast, Waters stood to move the motion, NBD. Speaking to BuzzFeed, Waters said she hopes to set an example for other working mothers. Read more. (6/22/17, 9:04 AM)
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Book Dress by Sylvie Facon
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If you are scrolling through Tumblr trying to distract yourself from something you don’t want to think about, or you’re looking for a sign. It is going to be okay. Just breathe. You are alive and you matter. 
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A very short thing because I have a thing for palm kisses 

(I haven’t drawn comics/DJs since forever but when bee anon mentioned palm kisses…. I had to…..)
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You’re stronger than you believe. You have greater powers than you know.
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forgive yourself for the stagnancy that was produced from your depression
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TIL there is a Cyrillic letter so rare it is only used in the phrase “many-eyed Seraphim”

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and it looks like THIS

aka the only possible appropriate character for talking about angels
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This is it this is my favorite video in the whole wide world

he taps
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Comic books are Jewish-American culture

And never forget that one of the reasons so many Jewish-Americans contributed to comics is because of the antisemitism in much of the creative sector in 20th century America. Many of these highly skilled and creative people ended up in comics because they couldn’t find work in more prestigious and lucrative fields.

also the same reason so many of them worked in the motion picture industry when it first began; working in film wasnt a respected line of work, so it kinda became a jewish culture, and when film unexpectedly caught on, upper-middle class white christians were quick to erase the jewish influence that the film industry had.
also similar to the reason why so many jews in the past millennium worked in finance- in the 1100s it was considered sinful in the christian church to handle large amounts of money, so banking in western Europe was kind of the only profession in which Jews were guaranteed a secure income. because banking was a Jewish thing because it was sinful, when it became a respected profession, the upper-middle class and elites were quick to smear the Jewish involvement in banking as an evil conspiracy to control the world

nice addition thank u^👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼✡️
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Jul. 2nd, 2017 02:28 am
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my favourite thing about being super unemployed is applying for jobs that i simply have no place doing at all. like., its 5am and im applying to be an air traffic controller because in theory i guess i could

listen, if the president of the united states can apply for a job he has absolutely no qualifications for and get it I see no reason why you shouldn’t at least try

well fuck, you’re not wrong
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I think the most iconic thing about Wonder Woman is that she never has to prove herself as a woman, only as a warrior. Like this is a movie set during a point in time where (most, if not all) women couldn’t even vote and yet whenever she’s fighting there are no comments on her gender. She doesn’t have to seduce men and they don’t underestimate her-they just see her as something to shoot at. The fact that she’s a better fighter than Chris Pine doesn’t emasculate him like it would in any other movie, it’s a logical fact. Wonder Woman (2017) worked because it wasn’t trying so goddamn hard to convince you that a girl was worthy of fighting with the guys-it took that as fact and worked from there. And as a result, Diana got to experience such a complex and moving character evolution-optimism, doubt, a crisis of morality, and the development of a new, evolved worldview-that is incredibly rare if not unheard of in any movie with a female protagonist, let alone one in an action movie. Wonder Woman is this iconic feminist figure but the movie wasn’t selling store brand pseudo empowering “girl power,” it was a hero’s journey, a film about loss and doubt and growth whose hero just happened to be female, and as a result it was one of the most complex, resonant arguments for female personhood that I’ve ever seen on screen.

Diana was able to have a complex character and grow throughout the film because she didn’t waste her time convincing everyone else to allow her that experience, she just did it.
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Beginning last summer Twitter user @fuguhitman began illustrating his personal backlog of bird-bread puns. His first starchy birb was the Sparroll and he claims to have at least 20 to work through. With 9 completed thus far, we have one question for him: why did you wait so long to share these works of punny goodness with the world?

Follow @fuguhitman on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss out on the rest of the breadbird flock and little bonus birbs such as this chocolate chick cookie:

[via NOTCOT.]

@star-anise sent this to me; none of us are free from Sin

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I just remembered there’s no actual name for those little eye crusties you get when you wake up so reblog and tag what you call them
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It may only seem like one person, but they send a lot of messages and overwhelm you with clearly wrong but seemingly well supported info.

The trick they’re trying to pull has two steps:

1. Overwhelm

2. Colonize

Overwhelm: By sending you lots of messages all at once they intend to trigger anxiety and cause you to give less than waterproof answers. From here they can deconstruct your answers with a combination of technicalities and fallacies.

Colonize: By making you answer publicly they spread their ideas through your blog. Further by making you look bad they make an example of you and by ganging up through your asks they isolate you from support.

The response?

Block them all.

And after that optionally you can publicly debunk their argument without their input.

People who use these dogpiling methods don’t deserve your blog as a platform.


They want your time and energy and attention. Delete their asks immediately and block. 

Block early, block often. Trust that they will be return to pee in your inbox again, and pull out the flamethrowers. 

Also. Turn off anon. I’m sorry to my shy followers but man my tumblr life has been so peaceful since I turned off my submissions and anons

I stopped regularly receiving anti-Semitic vitriol and Holocaust gore the minute I turned off anon/submissions.
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when you accidentally open a message you didnt wanna open and now you have to reply
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really, genuinely loving this trend of replacing “reblog to make x mad” with “reblog to make y feel better”

its definitely good to make some people mad sometimes but i think by choosing this language we do a lot more to make using this website more positive and less stressful

reblog this, it’s making people who don’t always like confrontational language feel better
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“We’re open! Spinach, Flowers, Herbs, Eggs and more…”

Photo/caption by Owens Truck Farm
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im going to have a stroke

Instead try…Person A: You know… the thingPerson B: The “thing”?Person A: Yeah, the thing with the little-! *mutters under their breath* Como es que se llama esa mierda… THE FISHING ROD

As someone with multiple bilingual friends where English is not the first language, may I present to you a list of actual incidents I have witnessed:

Forgot a word in Spanish, while speaking Spanish to me, but remembered it in English. Became weirdly quiet as they seemed to lose their entire sense of identity.

Used a literal translation of a Russian idiomatic expression while speaking English. He actually does this quite regularly, because he somehow genuinely forgets which idioms belong to which language. It usually takes a minute of everyone staring at him in confused silence before he says “….Ah….. that must be a Russian one then….”

Had to count backwards for something. Could not count backwards in English. Counted backwards in French under her breath until she got to the number she needed, and then translated it into English.

Meant to inform her (French) parents that bread in America is baked with a lot of preservatives. Her brain was still halfway in English Mode so she used the word “préservatifes.” Ended up shocking her parents with the knowledge that apparently, bread in America is full of condoms.

Defined a slang term for me……. with another slang term. In the same language. Which I do not speak.

Was talking to both me and his mother in English when his mother had to revert to Russian to ask him a question about a word. He said “I don’t know” and turned to me and asked “Is there an English equivalent for Нумизматический?” and it took him a solid minute to realize there was no way I would be able to answer that. Meanwhile his mom quietly chuckled behind his back.

Said an expression in English but with Spanish grammar, which turned “How stressful!” into “What stressing!”

Bilingual characters are great but if you’re going to use a linguistic blunder, you have to really understand what they actually blunder over. And it’s usually 10x funnier than “Ooops it’s hard to switch back.”

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Colours of the Rainbow
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fun fact

Jul. 2nd, 2017 02:28 pm
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bi means two so whenever you encounter a bisexual, there is a smaller, angrier bisexual hiding nearby. watching. waiting.

a nearbi if you will
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Jul. 2nd, 2017 03:58 pm
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Jul. 2nd, 2017 05:13 pm
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Jul. 2nd, 2017 06:38 pm
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when you see your friend
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Consider: keeping people alive should not be profitable. Profit shouldnt factor into it
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Jul. 2nd, 2017 09:04 pm
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THIS JUST IN: Local Father Commits Premeditated Murder
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Project Monsoon  Clever colorful street art that only appears when it rains

After the Superhydrophobic Street Art, which uses a superhydrophobic coating to create designs which appear only in the rain, here is the Project Monsoon, which uses the same concept, this time with hydrochromic painting, which reveals its color only when wet. This amazing and clever project was designed by a Korean team of designers, in collaboration with Pantone, to provide color to the streets of Seoul during the rainy season, while paying tribute to the Korean culture. A brilliant idea! Source: ufunk 

The world is filled with such wonderful things.
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I already sent good vibes your way… they’re coming. there’s nothing you can do to stop them

This is the most threatening way I’ve ever been cheered up.
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The one D&D session, our group decided to stay the night at an inn.  Our rogue places some traps at the door and everyone goes to sleep.

My character, the warrior of the group, decides she’s had enough of sleeping in armor and takes it off– deciding the group has traps at the door, there’s no windows, so they’re safe.  She also managed to take the bedroom room of the spot they booked after an intimidation check.

During the night, our DM has us make listen checks.  My character fails all of them.  She’s sleeping like a log.

Our cleric lands one and is woken up to the sight of “basically ninjas” (as our DM described them) in the main room where he slept.  He shouts for everyone else to wake up– everyone passes the listen check to do so… except my character.

The group rolls initiative and I have to keep rolling listen checks which I CRIT FAIL twice.  TWICE.

Finally my character is woken up (after about 5 turns).

Not bothering to throw on armor, I make a strength check and land an 18, kicking the door off its hinges.

There’s a ninja on the other side of the door ready to take down my character (who’s still basically in underwear).

I roll an intimidation check.

Nat 20.

I roll to confirm– another 20.

My character gives the biggest death glare at the ninja and yells “WHO WOKE ME UP??”

He pees himself and crumples to the floor, the other ninjas surrender.

My DM LOST it, she was laughing so hard.
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