Jun. 22nd, 2017

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Bisexuals in committed monogamous relationships have not chosen a “side,” they have chosen a person.

Thank you and have a blessed day.
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your condom breaks

you feel a lump on your breast

your friends are ignoring you

you’re stranded on an island 

you got rejected by a crush

you get into a car accident

you got stung by a bee/wasp

you got fired from your job

you’re in an earthquake

your tattoo gets infected

your house is on fire

you’re lost in the woods

you get arrested abroad

you get robbed

your partner cheated on you

you’re on a ship that’s sinking

you fall into ice

you’re stuck in an elevator

you hit a deer with your car

you have food poisoning

your pet passed away

you fall off of a horse

you or your friend has alcohol poisoning

you have toxic shock syndrome

your house has a gas leak

I feel like this could be useful in my future

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it’s so disgusting that we as fans and consumers think that we’re entitled to every aspect of celebrities’ lives just because we watch their movies/listen to their music/etc. we’re literally not entitled to any information when it comes to their personal lives. they don’t owe us anything. the fact that people think otherwise is disrespectful.
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naked fruit

i feel like i wasn’t supposed to see this
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Must be tiring having to come up with another reason to slander women on the Internet everyday

as if that’s a good argument about women’s intelligence rather than a good argument about the quality of our education system
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Jun. 22nd, 2017 03:08 am
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When we say “black lives matter”, it does not imply “white lives don’t matter.”

When we say “women should be respected”, it does not imply “men should not be respected.”

When we say “there’s nothing wrong with being gay”, it does not imply “there’s something wrong with being straight.”

When we say “trans people are people” it does not imply “cis people are not people.”

Us getting rights does not mean your rights are being taken away. You are not a victim. So stop making everything about you.
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A pair of daggers with goat horn hilts, India, 19th century.

from Hermann Historica
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you guys asked and here’s my bite sized rant vid about things the beauty industry does that pisses me off. i kept this one pretty apolitical to test the waters but if i get enough thumbs up on this vid, ill film a part 2 in which i dive deeper and hope to tackle compulsory femininity and eurocentric beauty standards 
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Overwatch VA’s dancing like their heroes


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I finally made an NSFW sideblog. lmk if you want a link
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uh actually dont? yell at hets for using words like datemate and partner?

because there is always a chance that one of them is a closeted trans person and they’re trying to not misgender them while also not outing them

and normalizing gender-neutral language makes doing that safer anyway

normalizing gender-neutral language for romantic or sexual partners also lessens the strain on closeted LGBPA people in same gender relationships

normalizing gender-neutral language for spouses/partners/datemates/SOs/etc even for cishets is helpful to everyone, ESPECIALLY queer people

Make Gender Neutral Language Normal And Unremarkable For The General Population 2k17
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i can’t stop laughing at this
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This hell app somehow manages to use five times the data of the full location-based MMO I’ve been playing almost constantly, and it still doesn’t load images 90% of the time
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Just two months from now, the moon will completely block the sun’s face, treating part of the US to a total solar eclipse.

Everyone in North America will have the chance to see an eclipse of some kind if skies are clear. Anyone within a 70-mile-wide swath of land — called the path of totality — that stretches from Oregon to South Carolina will have the chance to see a total eclipse.

Throughout the rest of the continent, including all 50 United States — and even in parts of South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia — the moon will partially obscure the sun, creating a partial eclipse.

Photo credit: NASA/Cruikshank

An eclipse is one of nature’s most awesome sights, but safety comes first! When any part of the sun’s surface is exposed, use proper eclipse glasses (not sunglasses) or an indirect viewing method, like a pinhole projector. In the path of totality, it’s safe to look directly at the eclipse ONLY during the brief moments of totality.

During a solar eclipse, the moon passes between the sun and Earth, casting a shadow down on Earth’s surface. We’ve been studying the moon with NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, and its precise mapping helped NASA build the most accurate eclipse map to date.

During a total solar eclipse, the moon blocks out the sun’s bright face, revealing the otherwise hidden solar atmosphere, called the corona. The corona is one of the sun’s most interesting regions — key to understanding the root of space weather events that shape Earth’s space environment, and mysteries such as why the sun’s atmosphere is so much hotter than its surface far below.

This is the first time in nearly 100 years that a solar eclipse has crossed the United States from coast to coast. We’re taking advantage of this long eclipse path by collecting data that’s not usually accessible — including studying the solar corona, testing new corona-observing instruments, and tracking how our planet’s atmosphere, plants, and animals respond to the sudden loss of light and heat from the sun.

We’ll be studying the eclipse from the ground, from airplanes, with research balloons, and of course, from space.

Three of our sun-watchers — the Solar Dynamics Observatory, IRIS, and Hinode, a joint mission led by JAXA — will see a partial eclipse from space. Several of our Earth-observing satellites will use the eclipse to study Earth under uncommon conditions. For example, both Terra and DSCOVR, a joint mission led by NOAA, will capture images of the moon’s shadow from space. Our Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter will also turn its instruments to face Earth and attempt to track the moon’s shadow as it moves across the planet.

There’s just two months to go until August 21, so make your plans now for the big day! No matter where you are, you can follow the eclipse as it crosses the country with live footage from NASA TV.

Learn more about the upcoming total solar eclipse — including where, when, and how to safely experience it — at eclipse2017.nasa.gov and follow along on Twitter @NASASun.  

Make sure to follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space: http://nasa.tumblr.com
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Here are some comics I made for this post. It’s a bunch of stuff about vaginas I wish I had known before it happened to me!


The last one killed me.
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@yourfool just like at the louvre . I have to have another!
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The Timeless Trilogy

im happy they worked it out

I need updates on this 

are they still bffs?
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Romeo + Juliet (1996) dir. Baz Luhrmann

Performance of that era


Yup.  Perrineau’s Mercutio was one of my very fvorite things about that film.  :-)
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On National Indigenous Peoples Day, Justin Trudeau’s government just voted AGAINST removing gender inequality in the Indian Act.

More info on this vote today:

Pamela Palmater: Why is Trudeau Government Opposing Charter Equality for Indigenous Women?

What is their argument??

Their argument is that removing this discrimination, will give indian status to too many new people.

Which to me, and a lot of people sounds a lot like, removing sexism is going to cost too much:

Quebec chief urges MPs to pass amendment to eliminate sexism in Indian Act


“Such a broad amendment casts the net much wider than is what is required to achieve the goals of Bill S-3 and would have wide-ranging unforeseen implications,” said Mr. Reiher, who reminded the MPs on the committee that the government has a court-imposed deadline of July 3 to pass the legislation. After the bill becomes law, he said, the Minister of Indigenous Affairs has promised a second phase of consultations with First Nations, which should last about 18 months, to determine the next steps.Mr. Reiher told the MPs, as a colleague of his told senators, that a demographer’s report predicted 80,000 to two million more people would gain Indian status and the associated tax breaks, postsecondary education and supplementary health benefits if the Senate amendment is allowed to stand.

While the government agrees the numbers are so broad as to be meaningless, Mr. Reiher told the committee “there would be an influx of additional members into communities,” and that demands further consultation with the First Nations.

But Mr. O’Bomsawin disagreed. In 2009, when a court ordered that the Indian Act be changed to remove other sexist elements, tens of thousands of new status Indians were created, but no one came back to Odanak, he said.

“If a person living here in Ottawa gains their status, do you think they are going to give up their job … and come out to my place and farm the fields? It’s all a myth,” he told MPs, urging them to pass the bill with the Senate amendments.

Mr. O’Bomsawin rhetorically asked why the government does not want to fix the system. “Let’s all be honest,” he said. “We all know. It’s the financial commitment. We all know this is about money.”
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Your honor, out of all the cases you gonna hear today, which one is gonna matter 100 years from now? Which one is gonna make you the first?
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we go to the botanical gardens. u point at all the plants u like. i eat them
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Model Halima Aden becomes the first hijabi model to ever appear on a ‘Vogue’ cover

follow @the-movemnt
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no fucks given that day
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look, you can say a lot about the deep web, but what really matters is that on the deep web i found a three-generation appalachian moonshiner family selling their proud traditional wares which they have collaborated on for decades, complete with wholesome woodsy description and screen name something like pappy’s shine, and you can’t tell me the deep web isn’t a beautiful, poignant thing when i can get a gallon of traditional family moonshine on the internet for fucking bitcoins. get out if you’re not here for the deep web

don’t call yourself cyberpunk if you ain’t spent bitcoins on pappy’s moonshine
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honestly inserting “number (numeral)” in places where it doesnt need to go is one of my top three (3) favorite jokes
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