Jun. 7th, 2017

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This idea came to me at 3am so don’t ask.

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I always wear puffy clothes but under it , there is a world of beauty. (Have a good day everyone!)

Thanks for submitting, @nekocherry336!

Theme Thursday — This week: Lingerie Love (Part II)!
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i basically assume that people don’t like me unless they explicitly tell me they like me and then periodically remind me
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I love how there are two approaches to stealth games, it’s either no bodies for the guards to notice or no guards left to notice the bodies

No one can call the cops if there’s no one to call the cops.

Stealth or Russian Stealth
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I think that we’re under this constant pressure to achieve success in our twenties because, as women, our youth is seen as our prime but there are so many women who go on to do great things later in life like Ava DuVernay didn’t pick up a camera until she was 33 and now she’s in her 40s and her career is just beginning her next feature film has a budget of over $100 million
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you: i hate this ship and anyone who ships it is gross

me, an intellectual: this ship isn’t my thing and makes me uncomfortable, but i respect people’s rights to ship whatever they want and i can just blacklist or unfollow if it’s really that difficult for me to see.
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u.k. people - the election is tomorrow. (8th june)
polls are open 7am to 10pm. you don’t need your polling card to vote. if you don’t know where to vote, go to this website and put in your postcode, it will tell you where your polling station is.

this website will tell you who to vote for in your constituency for the best way to get the tories out. please vote. i don’t care if the weather’s shite or if you’re too busy or what. put a coat on, plan your day as best you can and get to the polling station.
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i see 📝

Just say you hate gays and go

If they give BATMAN of all people a happy marriage and don’t let Batwoman have one I am gonna flip a table
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Jun. 7th, 2017 07:41 pm
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life comes at you fast
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I have 50 slots that need to be filled before Friday! I will be Livestreaming some of these commissions on Twitch over the next three days!

Please fill out the following form and email pugsales@gmail.com with the subject “Pets” to be added to the list. I’ll be sending out invoices as soon as I get information so be sure to let me know what your Paypal address is!

- Full-body portraits of your pets. - Body type (fat, thin, average, fluffy, curly, etc.) and color clarifications. (For example, if your pet looks yellow in the photo, but is actually white, I need to know that information.) - Eye color clarifications. (This is very, very, very important.)- Paw pads/skin/other hidden colors you may want to clarify.- Their personality and name.- Gender - Whether or not it has a collar and the color of that collar.

45 slots still open!
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Sock Journal: Our Proudest Year Yet

Every year we do a round-up of our rainbow socks for June, which we hold dear as Pride Month! In past years we’ve even branched out to suggest styles and combinations of styles
which best represent the other pride flags, but this year we went ahead
and made our own! Additionally, we’ve been rethinking our rainbows and
adding exciting new variations, because whatever kind of pride you wish
to express, we want to have you covered!

Because we know that pride month is about more than rainbows, we created our own line of Proud Stripes
after receiving requests for them last June. We started with four
different flag stripes, and it immediately became clear that four wasn’t
enough! Now we have seven different colorways and two different lengths, by popular demand!

Proud Stripes in Pink Rainbow are based off the original Pride Flag designed by Gilbert Baker.

Neon Pink/Neon Purple/Turquoise stripes represent the Pansexual Pride flag.

Columbia/Rose/White stripes for Trans Pride.

Black/Grey/White/Purple stripes make an Asexual Pride flag.

Purple/White/Kelly stripes for Genderqueer Pride.

Neon Yellow/White/Purple/Black stripes form the Nonbinary Pride flag.

Neon Pink/Purple/Royal stripes represent Bisexual Pride.

In fact we love our Proud Stripes so much that our Pride Month seasonal logo sticker
currently features the pink rainbow stripes! Add one to your next order
for free, but don’t wait too long - she’s only available while supplies

Speaking of pink rainbows, this year we got inspired by the softer side
of this favorite and versatile colorway. Introducing two lighter,
retro-style rainbows: Pastel Rainbow and Sidewalk Chalk!

Most recently we were inspired to bring in some vertical rainbow stripes, but then we thought we’d mix things up even further… in our new Dreamer Nocturnal Rainbows and Dreamer Laser Rainbows,
you can decide if you want the full spectrum, all warm tones, or all
cool tones! Since the full rainbow features one cool leg and one warm
leg, you can buy two pairs (either two rainbow or one each of the warm
and cool options) and have the option to wear them as all three

Dreamer Nocturnal Rainbows feature our regenerated cotton yarns and muted color pallet from our Harvest Rainbows.

Dreamer Laser Rainbows feature our high quality acrylic yarns, in the same bold, bright colors as our Radiant Rainbows.

Of course, we’ve still got a whole array of our regularly scheduled rainbows and gifts for Pride
to choose from, so even if our innovative new styles for Pride aren’t
quite You, you should be able to find something that is! Just remember
this one important thing…. we are incredibly proud of our amazing,
unique customer base, and we wouldn’t change a single one of you. Happy
Pride Month!

GAY Crews * Rainbow Giftcard * QUEER PRIDE Knee Highs

♥RosalindSocks by Sock Dreams • Free Shipping in the US • $5 International ShippingFind us on facebook | twitter | pinterest | instagram | sock journal | g+
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Galia Lahav Haute Couture 2015
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