Apr. 25th, 2017

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The climax of poetic literature.

There comes a point when you try to convince yourself that My Immortal was written as a joke and yet you still doubt your conclusions.

people wonder if machiavelli’s prince was satirical.

my immortal deserves equal historical significance imo
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byronesque borzois
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Apr. 25th, 2017 01:09 pm
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does anyone remember that one magical time when one of the non-replica Phantom productions put out a promotional pic from Masquerade where Christine happened to be standing in front of a chorus member whose gloves were the exact same color as her dress at just the right angle that it looked like she had arms jutting out of her boobs

good times

The real opera ghost: Boobie Jazz Hands

Phantom: Masqueraaaaade

Every face a different shade




Phantom: i’m going back to my lair

Maybe the next girl I trick into falling in love with me by pretending to be her dead father won’t be so WEIRD for some unexplainable reason


Phantom: you stop that you

“I may be hideously scarred but THAT’S just weird”

“Keep your hand at the level of your eye”


“What do you mean which o…OHMYGODWHATNOOOOOO”

That last one is the reason I’m reblogging this. WHICH ONES. which ones.

which ones
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Google Chrome, my pathetic lackey, cringing in the doorway: are you sure you want to restore 27 tabs?
Me, leaping up from my gem-encrusted throne: you DARE to question me?!
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With Yom Hashoah and the 102nd anniversary of the Armenian Genocide falling on the same day this year, we should all be reminded how important it is to fight genocide denial, as denial of both the Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide are still very common to this day and we cannot let bigots let anyone think that these crimes against humanity never happened.
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of course im familiar with the seven deadly sins!! the munchies, super pissed ,  naps, thinking yr hot shit, thinking your friend is hot shit and being mad about it, capitalism, and big sexy
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Been thinking about Aliens recently
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Who am I? I am a girl who loves my island. I’m the girl who loves the sea It calls me. I am the daughter of the village chief. We are descended from voyagers. Who found their way across the world. They call me. I’ve delivered us to where we are. I have journeyed farther. I am everything I’ve learned and more. Still it calls me.
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★ Even when I’m at my worst, you always make me feel special.
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What’s the most simple thing you’ve ever had to explain to a fully competent adult?

That you cannot fax money to someone.

Had someone accidentally fax us some paperwork. They then asked if we would fax it back due to the paperwork being confidential…

I have received a fax in an envelope. like… they took the documents, put em in an envelope, then faxed me a picture of the sealed envelope.

When I was a kid, I faxed my dad’s satellite office drawings of horses. I had watched my father send so many faxes that I had the process memorized. Except, for some reason I thought that I could fax things to grandma. I put in the numbers for the office every time, but was convinced that the faxes were going to grandma. I also didn’t think to inform my parents that I was doing this.

My dad visited the satellite office (three hour drive) one day and discovered their conference room white board absolutely covered in my drawings. The guys thought it was adorable that I sent drawings and letters to them, and didn’t tell my dad because they knew he’d stop me.

That’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever heard.

I like that this just turned into stories about faxing
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*falls behind in life* haha the lag
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A pair of Ethiopian wolves snuggling on a chilly morning in the Bale Mountains.

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when you’re cozy in bed and you hear heavy rain reblog if you agree
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Inspirationless: where you have the motivation but just can't think of anything good to write.
Motivation Deprived: you have the idea, but just, don't really wanna.
Pooped: Basically you have no ideas and don't really feel like writing anyways.
Procrastination: Where you are SO PUMPED TO GET THIS THING DONE!! But, there's that other thing, and, your show is on, and, you'll just do it tomorrow.
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Frozen vs HTTYD:


I love this comparison.

Disney animated snow here to be soft and heavy. I think they even developed a whole software just for animating snow! They add a lot more vivid color, like the blues in the shadows and the oranges in the light. Obviously, the way they animate catches the eye easier because of its strong color and bouncy movement. Characteristic and still reminiscent of the classic Disney movies.

Dreamworks made the snow here look powdery, like it had just fallen. Look how it kind of “explodes” and clouds up like dust when it’s hit with such a great impact. It’s less colored by light, but it still looks very real. Dreamworks puts so much love and detail into their animation, making it look so real you feel like you can reach out and touch it.

Both Disney and Dreamworks make movies that are amazing to look at. I could stare at the details forever.

This is the kind of animation and positivity i need on my dash.

…*sighs* such beauty…

This is legit the first Disney/Dreamworks comparison i’ve ever seen on my dash that hasn’t been aggressively one-sided i’m shocked
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I’m suddenly laughing at the idea of a cliche noir detective story written in the brutally concise style of Hemingway.

A woman walked into my office. She had legs. I noticed her legs. “I have a problem. I need your help,” she said. They always said that. I knew her legs weren’t the problem. I hoped she might want my help with them anyhow.

“Can you pay?” I asked. Of course she could. Her shoes were worth more than my rent. She could pay.
“I can pay,” she said. Her eyes were wet. I wondered if anything else was wet. Probably not. I am not handsome. Not since the war.
She was looking at my scar. Lots of people do. Most look away. Not her. She did not look away. She looked at my scar and I looked at her legs. There were two of them. I liked that about her. I liked that a whole lot.
“Will there be danger?” I asked. There always is. This city bleeds danger, then drinks it right back up again.

“I’m afraid there might be danger,” she said. She had the voice of a beautiful woman. She also had the face and body of a beautiful woman. She was beautiful.

The light from the window was striped. It made stripes on my cigarette smoke. The end of my cigarette crumbled into ash. My marriage had also crumbled into ash.

“I can handle danger,” I said. I patted the butt of my gun. My gun was a Colt. My gun and my scar were all that was left from my time as a soldier. My gun, my scar, and the nightmares. I looked her up and down. “I am good at handling things.”

“It’s about my husband. He’s gone missing.”

She was not wearing a ring. It means something when a woman does not wear a wedding ring. Usually, it means that she is not married. “Seems your ring has also gone missing,” I said. I hoped her dress would join it.

Her red mouth curved upwards. She was smiling a little. “I don’t wear it outside. A diamond that large would only invite trouble.”

“In my experience, trouble doesn’t wait for an invitation.” I looked at her legs again. They were both still there. “When did you last see your husband?”

@kleenexwoman it got better!

i would read a whole novel like this seriously
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Apr. 25th, 2017 10:00 pm
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Why do my interests in canning, couponing, and homesteading overlap so often with blogs with titles like ‘The Obedient Housewife’? 

Like, I’m like, “I want to learn to make soap and farm,” and suddenly I see 500 “traditional family” motherfuckers like no you are mistaken. I am just a simple lesbian anticapitalist looking to limit my consumerism as much as possible.

‘these fun crafts will keep your kids occupied until your husband gets home!’ no i want a clothespin crown for me

“ladies, adorn your crafty country homestead with handmade quilts just like your grandmother!” my grandmother lived in downtown st paul and enjoyed gin fizzes and rhinestone cat clocks, also i’m a man, but thanks

“These wonderful conserves are the perfect way to show off a woman’s housewifely virtues!”

Ok, good to know - but I’m just a dude with a garden who likes putting jam on everything!
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if u say u wouldnt fuck a werewolf first of all ur lying and second ur a coward
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