Feb. 7th, 2017

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Tfw you sucking fuck at keeping a convo going
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This veterans group made a striking ad calling out Trump — and put it where they knew he’d see it
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First of all “this is why Trump won” has officially become the new “thanks Obama.” Trump never welcomed anyone with open arms. He promised to get revenge and inflict cruelty upon anyone who threatened whiteness and masculinity. He promised to hurt the people that ignorant white people felt hurt by. He ran campaign devoid of any grace or good humor. All he promised was anger and vengeance on a changjng world

Trump won because 80,000 people in three states were duped into the promise of the return to mid-20th century financial stability. He won because the media treated a low tier email impropriety like Watergate. He won because Republicans spent 25 years turning Hillary into the embodiment of whatever you hate the most, and Bernie Sanders picked up that torch and gave it to a new generation. He won because racial demograohics and social mores are progressing faster than anyone could have imagined even a decade ago. He won because Mitch McConnel stole a Supreme Court seat from Barack Obama and dangled it as the ultimate prize in front of social conservatives. He won because people think being rich makes you intelligent. He won because people haven’t cracked open a history book, haven’t studied how democracies falter. He won because a third of the country lives in a hermetically sealed alternative reality governed by Fox News and sundry racist blogs. He won because Vladmir Putin aired all the dirty laundry of the Democratic party to a populace who had never seen how the sausage gets made. 

He won because demagogues from Cleon of Athens to Joseph McCarthy always win, right up until they face a humiliating defeat. Cleon was killed by Spartans, Hitler was forced into suicide by the Allies, Mussolini was butchered by rebels and hung by the heels on meat hooks in a square in Milan. McCarthy was dressed down on live television and drank himself to death two years later. Trump will either die or be cast out and humiliated, almost certainly by overreaching and angering all the wrong people. 

But here’s the part that you always have to remember whenever discussing Donald Trump: more people voted for Hillary Clinton. He won the presidency because the founding fathers knew they couldn’t have a viable country without the slave states, and the slaveowners knew they were outnumbered, so they demanded a system whereby a state that had relatively few eligible voters, but high population, would have outsized power through an electoral college. So whatever I’m doing must be popular, because Hillary got the most votes.
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A student in Massachusetts constructed a swastika in the hall. Two teachers talked about it (one by broaching the topic of antisemitism in class, the other in private conversations with teachers and another student); a third rescinded her letter of recommendation for the student (contacting colleges to explain why). All three teachers have now been disciplined by the school. The first two teachers received disciplinary letters, the third has been suspended from teaching.
This is outrageous. I can – barely – wrap my head around some discipline for the two “talkers” on student privacy grounds if (a) they mentioned the swastika-creating student by name and (b) it was not generally known that he was the perpetrator. I still would be very, very dubious, but I can see a superficially not-entirely-frivolous rationale there.
But the suspension of the teacher who rescinded her letter of recommendation is far more troubling. While we don’t often talk about “academic freedom” in the context of secondary school, it does exist and this is a great example of it. A teacher’s decision to recommend a student for college or a job is an exercise of their personal judgment as academics and directly puts their reputation on the line. There can be no obligation to “go to bat” for a student if the teacher has lost confidence in the qualities that triggered her recommendation in the first place. It is beyond unreasonable to mandate that a teacher continue to back a student who is either pro-Nazi himself or so negligent with respect to the sentiments of others that he just doesn’t care about the hurt and offense he causes.
By and large, the story here seems to be that the school district wanted to sweep this incident under the rug and several teachers declined to assist it in doing so. And when the perpetrating student’s mother called and complained, the district swung into action to ensure that his not-right to have a favorable recommendation wasn’t jeopardized just because he threw up some Nazi symbolism. It’s grotesque. The Boston Globe describes the case as “difficult terrain”, but it wasn’t all that “difficult” until neo-Nazism managed to squirm back into the mainstream.
The teachers here are unionized, and I hope they grieve the hell out of this one.
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a teacher being disciplined for talking about antisemitism with their class is a huge red flag

It gets worse: the student who made the swastika was enrolled in a Holocaust course at the time. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing, and it goes to show that just because you are more educated, doesn’t mean you’re less hateful. Also, the teachers who got in trouble had been told not to speak about the incident, but spoke to students who were already talking about the issue amongst themselves, and that’s why they got disciplined. 

AND this was the SECOND incident in a month at the school involving a swastika. The teachers also asked administrators to send letters home about the incident and they DIDN’T. In fact, parents didn’t find out about what happened for two months. The school did nothing to address the issue other than discipline that one student. 
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“I love the little girl saying [suddenly turning to the camera and speaking in monotone] Alexa, execute order Burning Eagle”

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Imagine wanting to spend billions on something so easily circumvented.

I guess lefties think that illegal aliens can walk on water.

Wow, you’re right. There’s a huge flaw in my post, I forgot that humans have no way to get across water. Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll get right on deleting this.

Guess everyone trying to drag this conveniently forgot that planes exist in Mexico too.
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And here we see an early contender for Most Elaborate Rejection of 2017.

Most people can only fantasize of being this extra
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•Its good, but its depressing and I just wanted some positivity that day

•Its something I wouldn’t want to reblog without discussing, but I have no time and/or mental energy to do that at the moment

•There are no sources

•I have seen the same post on my dash three times today and frankly, so has everyone else, adding to that is doing nothing

•Its a callout post still spreading around after the blogger who made the original offense has already apologized/done what they could to fix it

•its a harsh callout post against a mistake due to the misunderstandings of a 13-15 yr old, and I as an adult feel that this is a horrible way to do things 

•It includes a phrase like: If you don’t reblog, you’re a terrible person


the “if you dont reblog this im judging you” is such a shitty guilt trip and it makes me not want to reblog it at all.

Even I, the queen of political reblogging, can’t stand the guilt trips. I will sometimes if I like the post a lot and the point, but you saying that certainly decreased the chances. And yes. Callouts. Especially for kids. 


They want to argue, that’s on them, block or be blocked. I’m not going to say I won’t argue if they keep trying to push something. Maybe I’ll say something that’ll help, and a few times I have, so there’s that. But callouts? Yo. Trying to get others to go harass some kid is a big no no. Don’t do it. I will haunt you in your dreams.

Don’t think I won’t.
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Yuri!!! On ICE Reaction from Olympic Skater Johnny Weir
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i cant wait for yuuri to be the son-in-law yakov’s always wanted..

anyway heres a bonus cause its christmas!
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via http://ift.tt/2kHlswh:His Paula Deen takedown went viral. But this food scholar isn’t done yet.:



Wow this guy is amazing uhhhhhh uhhhhhh such awesome work

-blogger at Afroculinaria.com

“Twitty is deeply engrossed in both the African American and Jewish food traditions. “Blacks and Jews are the only peoples I know who use food to talk about their past while they eat it,” says Twitty, 38.”

“From Richmond it was a short jaunt to Colonial Williamsburg, where Twitty spent the week lecturing, conducting training sessions and cooking in period costume at three of the living history museum’s venues. In all his talks, Twitty emphasized the impact of chefs and cooks of African descent on shaping American and Southern cuisines in colonial times and after.”

“At a conference he met the scholar Robert Farris Thompson, author of “Flash of the Spirit,” a book about the influence of African religions on African American art that helped him see that “soul food” was, among other things, a spiritual term describing a mystical connection between humans and the animals and plants they eat.”

“He cooked and he gardened. He studied heirloom seed varieties, some that had been brought from Africa and some that had been carried from the New World to Africa and then, on slave ships, back to North America, among them okra, black-eyed peas, kidney and lima beans, Scotch bonnet peppers, peanuts, millet, sorghum, watermelon, yams and sesame. He called those seeds “the repositories of our history” and wrote about them in a monograph published by Landreth Seed in its 2009 catalogue.”

“Twitty’s embrace of all the various parts of himself — African, African American, European, black, white, gay, Jewish — sometimes raises hackles, as does his habit of speaking his mind. An article he wrote in the Guardian on July 4, 2015, suggesting that American barbecue “is as African as it is Native American and European, though enslaved Africans have largely been erased” from its story, elicited scorn and worse: Many commenters were outraged by his idea of barbecue as cultural appropriation.”

omg i’m SO EXCITED to see Michael Twitty on my dash!! do you guys know about Michael Twitty? He is a gay black Jewish culinary historian, writer and chef whom I met when he was one of the best speakers on a truly great panel I got to attend last year. 

It’s especially cool that he should show up when we were just talking about the power of Shabbat – he really believes in and practices the power of sharing meals, and not as a sort of meaningless get-over-it platitude. 

“It’s in the dead quiet after the laughter than I know I’ve made the dent,” he said. “Food is lovely and nice, it gets us to a new place of understanding, but then you must deal with the serious stuff. I guess my model, again, is Passover. It’s a riot, right? Kids doing little plays, wine, and songs. But the best Seders are when, in-between, you get a lofty discussion of freedom and slavery and what they mean, what oppression does and how self-liberation takes place. That’s what I try to capture in how I teach and how I cook.”

Also, he takes no shit. 

The cure is to not lie or obfuscate.  The cure is to bear witness, to be real, to be truthful. The way to change our fate is to change the names we give and take, to re-arrange our place, to change our deeds, to pray yes, but also to give back and to cry out. (I thank the Rabbis of antiquity for this formula.) My path is not one of quiet acceptance but of a heritage born of the ring shout, forged in blood, sweat and tears in the slave quarter.  This is why I cook.

[…] I disagree with some of your supporters when they assume that the spotlight put on your search for inspiration and ideas is on an “overgrown path”—when African, African American and Afro-Caribbean and Latino culinarians have been writing about these connections and celebrating them without you—and without any media coverage for quite some time.  Pierre Thiam’s Yolele and my Fighting Old Nep pre-dated your trip to Senegal—but nobody lauded us for making the connection—nobody said we were exploring “unchartered territory,” nobody said we were going where nobody had ever thought to go.
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oh my god two words in that just UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE

All hope is lost so quickly I can’t stop laughing.

danish tv is the best thing ever

“Okay :(”

He went straight to Acceptance. He didn’t even go through the five stages of grief. He just started at Acceptance.

I can translate for anyone wondering what he’s saying. The dialogue roughly goes something like

“Hopefully the owner of the car behind me will next time consider if-oh shit. Okay.”
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i want to di e

good thing i had both wrists amputated when i was 12


Me: This is dumb
Me: -looks at both wrist and sees freckle on each-
Me: Well… Shit.
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a very weird banana
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I vote to make Melissa McCarthy a regular in the role of Sean Spicer for life.
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XD yes


Hehehe ok but can we go ice skating together though?

Yes, and I will fall a lot, and afterward we can warm up with warm drinks and blankets
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People need to realize that there’s a difference between straight people and Straight People™

Straight person: Hey, you got a new haircut. Looks really good.

Straight Person™: No homo, but your haircut looks good on you.

In case you were confused 👌

Just like how there are white people who are gay and then there are the White Gays

White people who are gay: “I’m gay.”

White Gays: “I can’t believe I got accused of racism after calling that person a racial slur! I mean, I know what racism looks like because I’ve been discriminated for my sexuality. How is me being racist even possible? I’M GAY!”

Lmao all the angry White and Straight people in the comments, keep reblogging

neurotypical: i don’t have any mental illnesses or disordersNeurotypical™: Happiness is a choice!! ✨✨Have you tried yoga? Drink more water and eat kale ✨✨
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It is our duty as feminists to protect and respect women in Hijabs

Now. More. Than. Ever.

Question: if I see someone pull off a Hijab, what should I do? I know there are reasons they are worn so I want to if i should stand in between them and who did this, should i protect them from view somehow, or something else? This has been happening a lot so I feel it’s something everyone needs to know.

Good question! I cannot correctly and effectively answer, as I am a white, non-Muslim person; however, I will reblog in case any of my followers can answer. 

I asked my Hijabi friend, so here’s one Hijabi’s answer: 

“my opinion is, definitely try cover them or give them something to cover themselves with. And perhaps shoo off the person, without putting oneself in danger! God forbid, if that happened to me, I would like someone to come and comfort me and give me something to cover my hair with and then help me report it to the cops “

(Followers, if any of you are hijabi and would like to expand on this answer or offer alternatives, please do.)

If u see it happen to 1 of us, pls cover our head + hair with a coat or shawl or any piece of cloth, while hugging us in comfort. Please don’t get hurt by lashing out @ the perpetrators in any way, coz if they dare to do that, they’re probably too far gone in their own hatred to listen to any reason. Much love + Thank You to anyone who supports us.

yes !! everything said here is important af. if you see someone pull off a girl’s hijab immediately cover her hair and provide comfort. don’t talk to the perpetrator but try to get the woman out of there if you can. maybe if you have a scarf on you at the time give it to her so she can wear it until she’s alone and can replace her hijab. please please protect muslim girls because we already had it hard before donald trump became president and now its gonna be worse with people going around thinking their violence and cruelty is justified 

for my other white ppl who might have a hard time, it’s my understanding that a hijab is like a major item of clothing, not an accessory like a hat or a scarf.
so think abt it more like if someone just ripped someone’s shirt or skirt off. u don’t want to be left there exposed or have to walk home without it.

everyone, even outside America needs to protect our Muslim sisters in these times.

as a man, what would be the best thing to do? should i turn my head and avoid looking at their hair? can i still offer a jacket or something similar?

^I’m hoping someone has an answer islamaphpbia is on the rise in my town and I want to be a good male non Muslim ally

For men, yes please, we would prefer it if you avoided looking at our hair, and if we don’t have something to substitute as a hijab at that moment, anything you could lend us, a jacket, etc, would be very appreciated.

Also, since most girls avoid physical contact with men they’re not related to, please do not hug them, but rather shoo the offender away if you can, or at least escort the girl to a safe place. You can still offer words of encouragement and support. Furthermore, understand that the victim may not be very welcoming towards you because she’ll obviously be shaken, and won’t know where you are coming from. If that’s the case, please still give her something to cover herself (hijab is very important, think of it as someone ripping your shirt off) and stand some distance away until you are sure she’s in safe hands.

Thank you so much for your support, we really appreciate it, god bless all of you.

In the horrible climate we’re currently in, please take note of this.

Reblogging this again for the guy-instructions


Also if the woman has her niqaab pulled off please respect her and try avoid looking at her face if you are a man and if you are a woman please hand her a cloth/book/paper as temporary face covering
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*walking past a church*
Child: *points at a large wooden crucifix replica out front* who is that?
Me: uh, that's...Jesus...
Child: who is he?
Me: well, in the Christian religion he is regarded as the son of God
Child: is he real?
Me: *internally screaming FUUUUUUCCCKKKK* um, that's a good question. Evidence suggests there was in fact a historical personage who once lived and that we now know as Jesus. How closely his life resembled the events written in the bible is somewhat unknown, and largely a matter of belief, I suppose, although what isn't, really?
Child: *long pause* okay.
Child: *points at the statue again* Is he real?
Me: oh. OHH. You mean like, is that a real body???
Child: yes
Me: Oh good god Tyler, no, I think it's wood
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Illustrator Lili Chin’s adorable series Dogs of the World illustrates 192 breeds of dogs grouped according to geographical origin.


tbh i never wanted this post to end
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i always see these posts about mutuals, but i just wanted to clarify that you can always

message me about how your day was

tag me in posts

ask for advice

help you with something (to the best of my ability)

have a friend / a listener

even if we’re not mutuals; the beauty of mutuals is grand, but i believe in helping/being there for everyone to the best that i can
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Vicchan's ghost @ Victor Nikiforov: Remember bitch, I WAS the original Victor Katsuki. Never forget-
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[submitted by @xxxman15]

Heal me like one of your French girls
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jstor is a wonderful resource, but it’s also dangerous because you’ll start out reading articles related to your lit essay and then before you know it it’s 3am and you’ve wasted the whole night reading about the perceived threat of witchcraft towards fishing vessels in 18th century dorset

Links or it didn’t happen.
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“you’re an art model does that mean you’re NAKED?”
“whoa….those lucky artists ;)”


idk who started the idea that life drawing classes have anything sexy going on like. there’s at least ten people in the room and we’re all tired and covered in charcoal.

the dude in front who’s staring at my boobs has been trying to get the shading right for 10 minutes. he’s almost out of paint. he is crying.

#this ain’t some avant-garde titanic poly romance it’s a bunch of individual sinking ships and one uncaring human-shaped ice burg

The ice burg being frozen solid because there are NEVER ENOUGH SPACE HEATERS.

I was an artist’s model in uni since it paid better than any other student work position. Did a life drawing class one semester, despite it being an unheated old building in the winter evenings, because the instructor was a decent fellow who always had extra space heaters. So there I am one evening, exhausted from my team’s afternoon practice, but I’m in a comfortable position on a padded stool, ready to hold the position for like fifteen minutes. Space heaters all around me, spotlights on me to get shadows in interesting places.

Beyond the red glow of the heaters and the hot-white of the spotlights, the massive drafty room is dark and quiet, broken only by the instructor’s whispers and the scratch of charcoal on paper. Me, I’m just dozing, ‘cause my ancient dorm was heated with creaky old steampipes that never really got warm, and with the new extra-powered space heater alongside the others, that night was the warmest I’d been in a month. I dozed, basking in the glorious warmth.

And then I fell asleep.

And then I fell off the stool.

I woke up rather abruptly on the cold wooden platform, and looked up to see an entire ring of terrified and worried faces around me. Everyone had their hands up, ready to help me up, except no one had touched me. Naked chick laid out face-down on the floor, and all the men and women were suddenly acutely aware they couldn’t just grab a half-asleep dazed naked chick.

Fortunately someone had the bright idea to tear the sheet down from the backdrop, lay it over me as a wrap, and then everyone was quick to help me up.

After that, the instructor and students got used to taking turns talking to me, just to make sure I wasn’t dozing off. Which was weird, at first, because I’d done two semesters just being a silent prop, and now I was interacting. It gave the class a vibe completely unlike any other I’d modeled for, and it ended up one of my favorite modeling experiences. 

postscript: months later, walking on campus with someone who’d eventually become my spouse, we passed some guys on the main path. One of them stopped, peered at me, and then said hello, excitedly, saying, “sorry, I didn’t recognize you, I’ve never seen you with your clothes on!”

This is honestly so delightful and accurate 

there was this woman who always came and modeled for us at my art college and she was was very old, and very fat, and very ugly. there was always some exhibition of student art in the hallways of just a million drawings and paintings of this big old naked ugly woman, and her stretchmarks and cellulose and folds and grey hair and everything. and a lot of people were really uncomfortable with it. they’d ask like ‘why do we have to see this awful old whale everywhere? why does this woman keep coming in to get her picture painted? doesn’t she know what she looks like? does she think she looks good?’ and i was young enough to laugh and agree. 

but i heard she got asked that, like to her face and everything. and she told the person who questioned why she kept making artists look at her: “you learn more from painting the ugly things than the pretty things. i come here to teach you kids that.”

and i loved all those gross paintings of her from then on out. 
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Petitions are useless right now anyway - be careful.

Boosting this again because Antifa International has confirmed it. Also, antifascism.org and r/antifa on Reddit are the same, don’t go to either place.

Please share this and make sure others know.
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New pieces for International Sailor Moon Day last weekend! It was a blast. 
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this is so great. fuck toxic masculinity. we need something like this stateside (x) | follow @this-is-life-actually

i love this so much

for all my quiet & reserved men going thru it i love u all

This!!!! Spread this message around. Crying is good!!!!
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I have 8 minutes left before midnight, when Holocaust Remembrance Day will end, so let me tell you the 8 things that I remember most vividly from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

1. The entire museum is suffocating. It’s quiet and somber and can sometimes feel like you’re mourning the loss of all of humanity at once. It feels like a crypt, an urn, where 6 million people are interred.

2. The Holocaust didn’t start with Hitler screaming rabidly about filthy Jews. It started when Hitler slipped dangerous rhetoric into his speeches, blaming crime and unemployment on them.

3. There’s a three-story tall room where every inch of the walls are covered with pictures. Little kids smiling cheesily and older couples sitting next to each other, families. The only thing they have in common? Their lives were exterminated during the Holocaust.

4. A man nicknamed the Angel of Death did medical experiments on children. CHILDREN. He gouged out their leg muscles and introduced life threatening infections just to see how their bodies would react.

5. There’s a boxcar that you’re made to go into on the tour. It’s a real part of a train that transported thousands to death camps. It’s cold and it’s cramped, and the tiny windows don’t give nearly enough light to let you feel relief from the nauseating claustrophobia that creeps on you.

6. There was a children’s transport camp called Terezin, where an art teacher helped the kids express their frustration and terror through their art. They have it hanging on the walls there. It’s normal kid stuff. Butterflies and houses, people performing on stages. Underneath, the name of the child is written, and their date of death. 90℅ of them didn’t make it past 1945.

7. The worst room, by far, are the shoes. It’s a simple exhibit. Both sides of the room have containers simply filled with shoes, old and rotten. It’s not objectively sinister. Until you read the caption and realize that every last shoe came from someone gassed to death. That’s when you start noticing the petite flats and the heavy work shoes, the tiny toddler Mary Janes, faded red. You notice that each shoe had a pair of feet attached, and each pair of feet had a body attached, and each body had a life, a story, a personality, a soul, attached. And you read the poem above, which bitterly notes that the only reason that these shoes weren’t burned with their owner was because they were made of leather and not flesh and blood.

8. You end in a memorial Hall. It’s made of bright marble, and each wall bears the name of a concentration camp. There, you can light a candle. It’s small, it’s insignificant, it does nothing to stop the atrocities committed, but helps. You look above it, and you read: “For the dead and the living, we must bear witness.”
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Sandra Bland should be turning 30 years today. She was murdered a year and a half ago, and even though her name may not be trending anymore, she still matters and always will! 

Gone too soon, but you will always be missed and won’t ever be forgotten. You’re forever in our hearts…

Happy birthday, Queen! May your soul rest in peace.

#SayHerName   #SandraBland
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Imagination: omg yes
Drawing skills: wtf no
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The Seine Near Giverny Claude Monet, 1897
Claude Monet, Arm of the Seine near Giverny in the Fog (1897) 
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It really drives me insane that I don’t know how people feel about me. Like am I nice??? Am I funny???? Am I mean???? Am I rude??? Am I obnoxious??? Am I dumb???? What am I????????????????????
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are you a forest or beach person? a thunderstorm or sunny person? a spring or autumn person? a vanilla or honey scented person?
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Te Fiti concept art ~ she’s beautiful
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Frog King of Greed 

His signature move steals health and magic points 


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