Feb. 3rd, 2017

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do you know what I really hate? early morning culture. the misconception that getting up early is inherently better than sleeping in. that people who stay in bed longer than 8 am are lazy and have an unhealthy life rhythm and that apparently they “miss the best part of the day”. that causes so much unnecessary shame and guilt, especially in young people whose inner clock doesn’t work that way - scientifically proven, teenagers can’t reach their mind’s full potential before 10 am. And more generally speaking: why should we care if someone gets up at 10 or 11 am and goes to bed far after midnight? I would get so much more shit done if I wouldn’t feel so guilty for staying up late and sleeping in. 

100000% this. Also Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder is a thing. But mostly just yes.
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Buzzfeed: Black people make the world go ‘round.

That’s just a small sample of what black people invented in this worlds in wich we live in. There are many, many things black people invented that all of use or need in our lives. And I am very proud of that. 

America would not be America without black people!

We need to start teaching this in schools!

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So I was telling my parents about this tweet, and now this is what my dad is calling him.


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Reminder: Your friends really do love you. No they dont secretly hate you. No they dont just put up with you and think you’re annoying. Your friends truly love you and care about you as much as you do.
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Google Ads are totally sea-lioning; if you so much as glance at a product or service it follows you around to every website you visit, popping up in the ads and saying HELLO SIR HELLO MAAM DO YOU WANT TO BUY ME YET? NO? IN THAT CASE THEN WHY DID YOU LOOK AT ME BEFORE?

They do that to me with things I actually bought! I bought a mattress online and now every ad I see is for the mattress company. Like if they tempt me enough I’m going to start sleeping on two mattresses. Or possibly a Princess-and-the-Pea-style stack.

I looked up those super realistic baby dolls- Real Dolls to show my mom how creepy they were and we found one with my same name. So now LITERALLY EVERY site I go to has an ad with her smiling up at me.

some browsers allow you to clear your cache & cookies for the past hour, 2 hours, a day, etc. so that might be a good idea if you start seeing those ads shortly after looking/purchasing and it’s getting on your nerves. 
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Moana visits Walt Disney World for the first time.
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Lawblr side of Tumblr, here. I don’t think anybody even understands how terrifying this is. If the Executive can ignore the Judiciary, then we have a full-on Constitutional Crisis on our hands. Our country immediately falls apart. The only options for enforcement of judicial orders are 1) U.S. Marshals (which are ordered around by the Judiciary but ultimately still a part of the Executive as part of the Department of Justice), in which case we have an ACTUAL ARMED CONFLICT BETWEEN TWO BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT, or if the Marshals refuse to comply, 2) the Governor of the state, say Virginia, sends in the National Guard of the state, which leads to AN ARMED CONFLICT BETWEEN A STATE MILITIA AND THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT
In case you weren’t getting the picture, let me be blunt and dramatic: this is literally Civil War-level shit right here.
And Trump has been in office a week.
This is fucking terrifying.

I spent the day at SeaTac (Seattle-Tacoma International Airport). We got very little done because CBP refused to talk to us at all. When one of the attorneys with us annoyed them so much that they finally answered their office door (she literally knocked on it for 10 minutes straight), they directed her to the press release on their website (side note: I don’t know if there even is a press release on the CBP website). They told her they don’t care how many attorneys show up, they don’t take orders from attorneys or judges. Senator Patty Murray showed up just after 4:00 & CBP refused to talk to her, too. I will repeat that: Customs and Border Patrol refused to talk to a sitting United States Senator. They refused other senators at other airports, too, according to a WaPo article I read earlier.

I had to return to Portland tonight because I have work tomorrow. ACLU & International Refugee Assistance Project attorneys will be back at SeaTac tomorrow at 5:30 a.m. (including my law school bestie, I am so proud). 

There were 13 people detained at SeaTac yesterday who were secretly transferred to a detention facility in Tacoma, so the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project is working with attorneys to straighten that right out. 

Basically: Shit is going down, y’all. The women I went up with today? Both were Arabs. One was from Pakistan, the other was from Lebanon (a Christian, a Muslim and a Jew walk into an airport…). When I asked them if I was overreacting by feeling like this was a coup-in-progress, they said no. That’s precisely what this is.

I thought we had a coup-proof system. I was mistaken.

Keep fighting the good fight, lawyers. And if you’re in Portland, I’ll see you at Perkins-Coie tomorrow at 5:30 for the L4GG meeting.

At Dulles, CBP has been stonewalling four members of the US House of Representatives, the governer and attorney general of Virginia, and Senators Cory Booker (NJ) and Mark Warner (VA)–the latter of whom chewed out the head of CBP in person. No dice. Not even with a federal court order telling CBP at Dulles, only them, and them in particular to give detainees access to lawyers.

And they’re pulling an old trick from the national-security handbook that’s been used to evade the courts on issues like domestic surveillance: “Lawyers and advocates still didn’t know how many people were being held in the secondary inspection area at Dulles or what their immigration status was, which led to a catch-22: Attorneys couldn’t file for contempt of court without having proof that legal residents were being detained and not being given access to lawyers, but they couldn’t get proof without getting access.” (x)

At least two VA reps have found out (via friends and family) about constituents being detained at Dulles, at which point CBP released them in order to dodge the access-to-lawyers issue. The representative for my district is on the warpath–and also on the House Oversight Committee. Here’s hoping these fuckers get slapped with contempt of court so hard their ears ring, then get hauled in front of a committee hearing to see if they want to try their chances with contempt of Congress.

All of which doesn’t even get into the Monday Night Massacre clusterfuck inside the executive branch, when the acting attorney general of the United States refused to make the DoJ defend the lawfulness of the immigration order in court. And was summarily fired and replaced with someone more compliant. So here’s also hoping the Senate puts Jeff Sessions through absolute hell on his role in all this before they vote to confirm him as AG.

It’s like the civics lesson from hell.

Yeah, I need a break, y'all.

Dulles Update: The State of Virginia has filed a Motion to Show Cause against Tr*mp and the Dulles CBP. This would require CBP to prove that they’re not in contempt of court - by proving that they’re “not detaining anybody” as they claim.

We’ll see what this actually does - I can’t imagine Tr*mp or his goon squad will obey the law any more than they’ve already done - but I derive some small measure of satisfaction from the fact that any time this obscenity is in the actual White House he’s surrounded by two states and a district that fucking hate him.
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This could be the biggest congressional victory for The Resistance so far!  KEEP CALLING!
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porn…did that

I’m deleting my blog

nobody ever talk to me about porn not hitting the hard issues Again!!

i legit cant tell who the bottom is post to be

The one being slapped. Unless the slapper is a power bottom
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1. the cool mutual
how they ever decided to follow u and why they still do is a mystery to u. sometimes you post such incredible bullshit ur surprised they signed up for this. u get incredibly happy seein them on ur activity page. you cant believe it. bless this mutual

2. the drama mutual type A
if theres ever discourse on ur dash or drama of any sort, this is the one u turn to. they have everything about everyone on their blog and if you ever wanna lurk this is who u go to. honestly, where would you be without them.

3. drama mutual type B
if theres ever discourse on ur dash or drama of any sort, this might be the one behind it. they vague, they namedrop, they start drama and ur intimidated by them but u still stick around, probably because theyre also really cool. u just hope they wont vague u.

4. the pda mutual
says “ i love you guys “a lot and a ray of absolute sunshine on ur dash? their posts are just uplifting and make this hellsite a lot more bearable. theyve probably sent u a really sweet message once too, and u could probably message them about anything. an angel.

5. the silent one
they almost never make text posts, they never post selfies and only answer the occasional ask. just a constant stream of aesthetic. maybe u think theyre neat but ur too scared to actually IM them. regardless u hope they have a good day.

6. the kpop mutual
ah, yes. that one you followed for god knows what and now they post only kpop. u dont even know what their url was before this or who they are. you probably dont even know about anything about kpop aside from those big selfies they post from twitter everyday.

7. the funnyman mutual
u see their posts from time to time on ur dash and feel happy knowing ur mutuals makin it. makes a lot of sans jokes too. and piss and vore too maybe. closely tied with the cool mutual at times

8. the old mutual
uv followed them for so long u dont even know what they first posted, but theyre here now and u feel like friends seeing how long its been. u reply to each others posts and occasionally send asks. might be the kpop mutual at times

which one am i
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Paintings by Aleah Chapin:

Laugh (2011)

And We Were Birds (2013)

Shanti and Heather (2012)

When Given Dragonflies (2013)
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That graffiti doesn’t mention Trump. So Fox News is openly admitting he’s a Fascist now. (source)
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understanding art, lesson one

this will never not be funny
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today at work a little kid came in to order their birthday cake and their mom was like “(deep sigh) tell them what you want on your cake” and the kid was like “ELSA” and the mom was like “(deeper sigh) and?” and the kid was like “SHARKS”
that kid literally ordered a princess elsa and sharks birthday cake and i have literally never in my whole life been more excited to see the end result of an order ive taken.
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Is this why they cancelled club penguin
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there are people you haven’t met yet who will love you
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Spent all night building a keyblade of out K'nex like a responsible 22 year old.
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Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière.

Lyon, France.
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do you think mcgonagall ever gets into any petty fights with the hogwarts cats just to let off some steam

mcgonagall lures mrs norris down into the dungeons for fight club on tuesdays
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tempted the next time I call my senator about the ACA to say “you realize this is Walter White’s origin story, right?”
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Me: I'm pretty good at English, Science, Art and other school subjects.
American Education System: But are you good at math?
Me: Well, no, but-
American Education System: lol that sucks.
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“How can we take down this flag and erase the honor of those proud Americans-”

Confederates weren’t Americans. They were actual, honest-to-god Not Americans; that was the whole fucking point of the Civil War. They were a bunch of people who collectively said “fuck America” and then spent years desperately fighting in order to not be Americans anymore. Flying the Confederate flag doesn’t honor Americans, it honors Confederates, and they don’t exist anymore because they lost the war, so there is no goddamn point to this flag ever at all. Right-wing folks really love to talk about “anti-American sentiments” and “treason” until it comes to the (white) people who actually did commit treason and were anti-American in every sense of the word. 

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“do not assume that i am a child
because i wear flower wreaths in my hair 
in the wintertime, their petals shrivel
to reveal the obsidian bones of a crown underneath”
- PERSEPHONE IS NOT A NYMPH || k.k. (via asteriaria)


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