Jan. 22nd, 2017

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Ryer in his bin of stuffed animals. He destroyed many of them. But had lots of fun doing so.
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You’re pretty much required to get video of this and submit it with the story again, you realize that right?
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That’s so cool. Not every dog who doesn’t know how to play can learn, but for a lot of people it’s really important that their dog be able to play - so it’s really great to hear success stories! It’s also pretty interesting that she picked it up from another dog, rather than a human trying to engage her.
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the yuri on ice fandom is wild

I love our fandom
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long live resistance auntie.


Her name is Anita Yavich, she’s an award-winning costume designer, Associate Professor of Theater Design at SUNY Purchase, and a Lecturer in Theater at Princeton University.
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ur welcome 2 come feel the weight of my feminist balls in your tiny hand

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Donald Trump’s Inauguration Parade Looks to Be Sparsely Attended

Let history show the truth because #FactsMatter

Ben Carson and empty presidential viewing stand

Other Sources:

In photos: President Donald Trump’s Inaugural Parade, 

The Globe and Mail 

Trump Inauguration Flops As Thin Crowd And Empty Stands Line Parade Route, 


Maybe because 1: Trump supporters had to work. 2: they couldn’t take off to go see it. And 3: Maybe they don’t got no money cause trump supporters have to put food on their kids tables instead of going out 😲😲😲😲

The inauguration is a federdal holiday in dc.

Is your argument really going to be that the 1.8 million people who saw obama get inaugurated were all umeployed rich people? Because that is an impressive level of delusion.

Cheeto in cheif has rock bottom approval ratings and lost the popular vote. Suck it up. Your grand cheese-puffiness is a loser.

How about y'all be quiet and realize that it’s the media screwing us over with this. That picture of barely anybody showing up at the inauguration? It didn’t even start yet. The hacking with Russia? Fake. God.

When I went to Obama’s inauguration in 2009, my school group left the hotel at 6 in the morning. We got through all the security check points and found a place to stand by 7am. The inauguration wasn’t supposed to begin until 10, but by the time we got there, the mall was so full, we were back by the 4th Jumbo-tron screen. Hundreds of thousands of people had already arrived BEFORE DAWN. It was bitterly cold. 28 degrees, but with a wind chill in the teens. I was so damn happy when the sun rose so at least the air would warm up a little. My group of high school friends, all Texans born and raised, were bundled up, huddled together, trying to pass the time, so excited, but also very cold. One of the girls in my class forgot to bring her gloves. She was so sure she was going to get frostbite. 

I remember how the ceremony ran long, how Obama finally took the oath just a little after noon. I remember glancing over at my teacher’s face, this lovely woman named Mrs. Simmons, who had organized this trip for us. I remember her crying with joy. I remember this feeling, head to toe, all over of genuine optimism for what lay before us as a country. I remember us moving to the Smithsonian after the ceremony ended, to stay warm until the crowds thinned out. 

And I can tell you, that it wouldn’t have mattered if they took a shot of the mall 3, or 4 or 5 hours before Obama took the oath. I was there, and the crowd was nowhere near as pathetic as what Trump got.

And that’s the facts. Right there. These things are facts. The question is: Does the truth matter to you?
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Every word in this headline is funnier than the one before it.

Trumbo Bingus and the cocain mingus.
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Sir Ian McKellen marching in London today with a special sign (x)
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Pinkas Synagogue, Prague
Jerusalem Synagogue, Prague
Old-New Synagogue, Prague
Maisel Synagogue, Prague
Spanish Synagogue, Prague

The synagogues of Prague, taken January 31 - February 1, 2013
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2017 prophecy

The Year of Realizing Things is Ended

The Year of Being Alright has Begun.
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it is very very possible to discuss the ways in which vulvas, vaginas, etc are demeaned by society/the gov’t because of their association with femininity + womanhood without equating those body parts with womanhood itself. 

not all women have vaginas; not all people with vaginas are women; “pussy power” =/= “girl power”; etc etc etc.
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Zendaya Coleman at the Women’s March in Washington, DC on January 21, 2017.
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A video posted by James Flemons (@phlemuns) on Jan 21, 2017 at 2:18pm PST





wow amazing #WomensMarch.

This is sooo many people. It has to be the biggest in world history or something

And this just shows America
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today @ los angeles
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Indigenous Women Rise sing warrior song

#IndigenousWomenRise bloc singing warrior song before the #WomensMarch in DC.
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im screaming at this list of sayings my dad made up??

who is Bill in your dad’s life
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no she is not a model, the camera turned on by itself
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stop scrolling for a second. 

You’re going to be okay, you’re strong and i’m proud of you. Catch your breath and wash your face. Grab something to drink or to eat and remember to take any medications if you need to, okay? 

You’re amazing for making it so far into life; thank you for staying alive. 

Now keep going 
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Photographer Devin Mitchell’s Veteran Art Project aims to show us the real men and women behind the uniforms of the military, who are oftentimes fighting for freedoms which they are not fully granted themselves.

I like this because tumblr has this stereotype of what type of people join the military.
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San Pedro de Cardeña Monastery, Castrillo del Val, Burgos, Castile and León, Spain. VIA.
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my grandma sent me this video for my birthday and honestly? the best gift i couldve gotten

The Scrub Jay is actually picking up several peanuts and choosing the heaviest one. They’ve done studies and these birds have a very keen sense of weight.
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This drawing was made 700 years ago by a 7-years-old boy named Onfim who lived in Novogrod.

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“Someday you’re gonna look back on this moment of your life as such a sweet time of grieving. You’ll see that you were in mourning and your heart was broken, but your life was changing.”
- Elizabeth Gilbert (via quotemadness)
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so glad this samoyed is representing all samoyeds against trump… cloud is against trump!!!!!!! (source: dogspotting facebook page) 
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I think I’ve been laughing at this for 2 days?
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Look you wouldn’t decide to run a marathon spur of the moment without training first, right?  I mean, that’s universally accepted as a bad idea.  So why would you decide that in order to go from having a messy home to a clean one you would start by cleaning the entire house, top to bottom till it shines like Barbie’s dream house… and then expect to do that every fucking weekend.  You’re going to burn out and exhaust yourself really, really quickly.

For anyone who’s chronically messy, it’s extremely hard to form new, good habits.  Here’s the secret of cleaning- it doesn’t have to be spotless show room quality.  You don’t have to move the furniture every time you vacuum.  You don’t have to scour the bathroom and kitchen every weekend.  It would be great if you did, but if you never did before that’s at tall order to fill and keep up.

Start small.  Really, really small.  This year my goal is to clean the bathroom every saturday.  And I’m going easy on myself.  I don’t clean the shower every time, and if the sink doesn’t need to be scoured I’ll just wipe it down.  Same with the toilet.  I do clean the bowl and sweep the floor and throw any old towels and wash cloths into the hamper.  The mirrors are fine, who cares if they’ve got a few spots, I’ll do it next time.  it still looks a hundred times better than it did.  

Now if I do that every saturday, and really force myself to stick to it, it will become a habit.  By summer I should be able to actually scrub the entire bathroom every saturday because it will be “normal” to do it, it’s routine. 

And if I’m sick? Or not home for the weekend? Oh well, it doesn’t get done and that’s okay.  In fitness terms it’s a cheat day I guess.  

Don’t let people guilt you into feeling like you need to do the most extreme clean constantly.  That’ll just make you shut down and quit.  Start with what you can handle.  Start with less than that.  Start easy and stop beating yourself up for having to practice something before you’re good at it. 
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Taken at the National Cathedral in DC!
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via http://ift.tt/2jO7EiA:I Can't Answer These Texas Standardized Test Questions About My Own Poems:


This isn’t really a surprise to anyone familiar with the American educational system, but it’s great to see authors engaging with standardized exams that use their material.

These test questions were just made up, and tragically, incomprehensibly, kids’ futures and the evaluations of their teachers will be based on their ability to guess the so-called correct answer to made up questions.

Yet more evidence that standardized teaching teaches people how to take tests, not how to think.

D    the fact that the poet, although she has never put her head in an oven, definitely has issues.

(I’m sorry, but I couldn’t stop laughing at this line.)

My final reflection is this: any test that questions the motivations of the author without asking the author is a big baloney sandwich. Mostly test makers do this to dead people who can’t protest. But I’m not dead.

I protest.

Kudos to Sara Holbrook.
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we – and by this i mean ‘people targeted by nazis’, but mostly jews, because i am a jew and that’s where my experience lies – we did not want to end up in a scenario where the highlight of our day could be some guy getting punched. in fact, that’s kind of ghoulish.

like, ok. i am pretty much the worst kind of bleeding-heart, dyed-in-the-wool pacifist you will ever meet, when circumstances allow me to be. i don’t, personally, want to kill nazis; i just want nazis to stop being nazis. ideally, the world would work like it did in my 10-year-old fantasies, where i could walk up to a nazi and be like “jews are people,” and he would be like “holy shit!!! mind blown” and stop being a nazi and we’d sit down and have a deep philosophical discussion.

but real nazis have this unfortunate, terrifying habit of continuing to be nazis. when you hit them with intellectual debate, or reason, or “tolerance”, or “just giving them a chance”, or “compromise”, or any of that shit. they continue to be nazis, which means they still want to wipe out me and my people, and many other swathes of people as well.

which is why i understand people who want to kill nazis. or, in a milder variation, punch them.

i wish they would stop being nazis but they wish i would die. when you, historically, adhere to an ideology that advocates mass murder past the point of any nonviolent resistance, you have forfeited your right to a fair debate. you have forfeited your right to any response but self-defense that is as violent as whatever you make necessary.

nazis forfeited their right to nice counter-tactics long ago, and jews know this.

there’s another reason, too, why i whooped at that video. not because someone was getting hurt – don’t be dense. as i said, that’s ghoulish. we did not want to end up with our livelihood as a people so threatened that violent self-defense makes us cheer. can you think about that for a second? can you think about the kind of corner we’re backed into, here? it’s not a natural state of being. it’s a place where most people, as far as we can tell, truly do not give a shit if we live or die, because they’re talking about “tolerating” people whose ideology involves straight-up killing us. and so if we see somebody punch a nazi, it’s evidence: that person in the black mask, they’re on my side.

there is one person who recognizes the nazi as a mortal threat, which means they recognize that jews are people. that people of color are people. that any of the groups threatened by nazis deserve to have their fear recognized.

and every time you, a moderate liberal, a white goy, wring your hands about a nazi getting punched, about violent tactics, about fighting hate with hate, you push us further and further into the corner where we have to cheer at that. it’s sheer relief, at somebody recognizing the terror enough to punch back.

so no, we weren’t born bloodthirsty, just salivating at the chance to kick a nazi in the balls. we got driven here reluctantly, by history, to a place where violence in our defense can make us weep with gratitude. you drove us here.

“we got driven here reluctantly, by history, to a place where violence in our defense can make us weep with gratitude” !!!!!!!!!
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Los Angeles-based artist and baker Christine McConnell (previously featured here) just unveiled her latest awesome edible creation: this spectacular gingerbread castle. 

The elaborate gingerbread fortress stands 5 feet tall and is covered in exquisite details, including gingerbread flying buttresses, transparent candy glass windows, frosted greenery garlands and wreaths, and a sugar cookie guillotine for naughty peanut butter snowball snowmen.

Head over to Food.com for many more photos of this edible masterpiece as well as recipes and behind the scenes photos.

[via designboom]
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New comic about how my brain works

wow this is too real
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I am going to print this out, laminate it, and keep it with my gloves and spade.

Dreaming of a springtime garden.

OHHHHH I can totally use this!

TO PLAN A GARDENhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqJoVlnmdFQ

@dearglobmylifeisananime Some day….
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Meet Effy! My friend’s @cellar-doorrr Newfoundland on her first thanksgiving!
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“Thousands of candles can be light from a single candle, and the life of the single candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”
- Buddha (via thecalminside)
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Uh oh. Shots fired.

Where’s the lie tho? Lmao
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you’re not a bad person if you can’t protest due to accessibility, physical disability, neurodivergency, lack of transportation, an unsafe environment, needing to work, fear of violence, the people around you, or any other issue that would put you in danger. (this goes especially for poc.)
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Her little sister is trying to pronounce the word “who”

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Fuck your backpacks.


I didn’t shop there before but now I will ACTIVELY NOT shop there.

DO NOT BOYCOTT L.L. BEAN. This is an extremely harmful dialogue that’s been spreading a LOT lately. Linda Bean is a garbage fire of a human being, but she is one of ten people involved in the board of directors running this company. LL Bean itself employs Maine people, in a state that’s VERY short on jobs, and they don’t outsource their products. LL Bean has done far more good for the state of Maine than Linda Bean has done harm, and her actions do not speak for the beliefs of the company– which is non-political, and doesn’t claim to support any political candidate.

Boycotting the company doesn’t stop Linda Bean from being horrible, and she doesn’t use the store’s money for her agenda. Boycott anything with her name on it, like her overpriced, “Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine” shitty-ass lobster shacks. Don’t hurt this company that she’s making a bad name for.
Link: http://ift.tt/2jGqWEj
And when I can find their statement I’ll add that too.

EDIT: http://ift.tt/2j4sEiL
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via http://ift.tt/2jGvfQl:Here's the Full Transcript Of Angela Davis's ~Fire~ Women's March Speech:


“At a challenging moment in our history, let us remind ourselves that we the hundreds of thousands, the millions of women, trans-people, men and youth who are here at the Women’s March, we represent the powerful forces of change that are determined to prevent the dying cultures of racism, hetero-patriarchy from rising again.

“We recognize that we are collective agents of history and that history cannot be deleted like web pages. We know that we gather this afternoon on indigenous land and we follow the lead of the first peoples who despite massive genocidal violence have never relinquished the struggle for land, water, culture, their people. We especially salute today the Standing Rock Sioux.

“The freedom struggles of black people that have shaped the very nature of this country’s history cannot be deleted with the sweep of a hand. We cannot be made to forget that black lives do matter. This is a country anchored in slavery and colonialism, which means for better or for worse the very history of the United States is a history of immigration and enslavement. Spreading xenophobia, hurling accusations of murder and rape and building walls will not erase history.

“No human being is illegal.

“The struggle to save the planet, to stop climate change, to guarantee the accessibility of water from the lands of the Standing Rock Sioux, to Flint, Michigan, to the West Bank and Gaza. The struggle to save our flora and fauna, to save the air—this is ground zero of the struggle for social justice.

“This is a women’s march and this women’s march represents the promise of feminism as against the pernicious powers of state violence. And inclusive and intersectional feminism that calls upon all of us to join the resistance to racism, to Islamophobia, to anti-Semitism, to misogyny, to capitalist exploitation.

“Yes, we salute the fight for 15. We dedicate ourselves to collective resistance. Resistance to the billionaire mortgage profiteers and gentrifiers. Resistance to the health care privateers. Resistance to the attacks on Muslims and on immigrants. Resistance to attacks on disabled people. Resistance to state violence perpetrated by the police and through the prison industrial complex. Resistance to institutional and intimate gender violence, especially against trans women of color.

“Women’s rights are human rights all over the planet and that is why we say freedom and justice for Palestine. We celebrate the impending release of Chelsea Manning. And Oscar López Rivera. But we also say free Leonard Peltier. Free Mumia Abu-Jamal. Free Assata Shakur.

“Over the next months and years we will be called upon to intensify our demands for social justice to become more militant in our defense of vulnerable populations. Those who still defend the supremacy of white male hetero-patriarchy had better watch out.

“The next 1,459 days of the Trump administration will be 1,459 days of resistance: Resistance on the ground, resistance in the classrooms, resistance on the job, resistance in our art and in our music.

“This is just the beginning and in the words of the inimitable Ella Baker, ‘We who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes.’ Thank you.”

My hero
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Audrey Hepburne and Gregory Peck testing the “Bocca della Verità” in: Roman Holiday (Dir. William Wyler, 1953).


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