Jun. 9th, 2017

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I fucking called it.
it hasn’t even been a week since t.sanders wrote a post supporting asexuals and people are now suggesting he’s a pedophile.

just put me in the fucking ground already.

its worth it so long as you can hurt aces right? that’s all that matters. well I hope you’re happy with the collateral. who gives a fuck about survivors right? it’s not like we don’t know what it’s like to be used.

I’m tired. I’m so fucking tired. I’m so tired of having people throw around this fucking painful violent word at nothing.
do you know what happened to me last month? I saw a post saying “psa blogger x is a pedophile supporter” and my first thought, my FIRST FUCKING THOUGHT was not “oh my god what a monster” but “I wonder if that means they’re actually a danger to children, or they support asexuals and/or ship something you don’t like”

im a fucking survivor of a man who targeted vulnerable children.
I spend a quater of the damn year in psychiatric hospital dealing with the trauma I live with every day of my life and spending the other ¾ trying to convince myself not to commit fucking suicide over it and you’re all out there making me question whether or not someone is actually dangerous because you can’t help but throw that accusation down every fucking time someone disagrees with you over fucking discourse or a fucking ship.

I saw someone say they were blocking another person for being a pedophile bc they shipped mccree and reaper together. MCCREE IS A 38 YEAR OLD MAN

what the fuck is wrong with you

do you have any idea what this does to me? to say “I wonder if that is true” when someone is accused of being a pedophile? ? DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT DOES TO ME WHEN THAT’S ALL ANYONE EVER SAID TO ME WHEN I TRIED TO GET HELP

do u know what it does when I have to fucking check? how it’s a fuckin trigger every time I have to go search someone’s blog to see why they’ve been called that? because either they are and I have to see it and read shit from the mind of someone like my rapist or they’re not and I have to see how much u fucking hate me as a survivor to throw that accusation around at something as fucking bullshit and trivial shipping OR I have to see that they support aces and you’re basically telling me that my traumatised sex reused ptsd ass is just as fucking bad as my abusers because I’m fucking asexual. which I don’t even know if I’m SUPPOSED TO FUCKING BE LIKE THIS OR IF IT’S MY TRAUMA


you keep saying but what about the survivors but it’s clear u only care about the leverage u think we give you. fuck you. I fucking hate you all so much and I hope u choke on it next time u try and use us to score a fucking point


@hollowedskin is it ok to reblog this? I know it’s very personal but it’s very strong and with very good points so I wasn’t 100% sure, totally understand if it’s a no!!

its fine, i mean im going to get people up in my inbox accusing me of being a pedophile supporter/apologist for daring to be upset with them using us victims as props *anyway* so, fuck it reblog it. the whole thing makes me want to fucking die.
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Redditors design worst volume sliders possible

Some of these are genius! ( see reddit / via )
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go fish but instead of saying go fish you say go fuck yourself

“got any 3s?” “go fuck yourself”
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Jun. 9th, 2017 01:56 am
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I was taking pics of this kitten sitting on her mom when her sister came to square up
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when you find awful Discourse and show it to the squad
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me eating something straight out the oven: bitch??? this shit is hot as fuck?? what in the hell omg
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casual conversation

Ravens are amazing

What in fuck

omg it’s like mickey mouse or something
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[studio binder]
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