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hey literally the worst way to address a child developing a crush on an adult is to act like THE KID is the predatory one for it. 

like it happens. as a kid, you arent gonna realize just how bad that age gap is until youre on the other end of it. no matter what a child does, the responsibility is entirely on the adult to not reciprocate in any form and shut it down. 

a child/teen having a crush on a teacher isnt a good thing of course and should be highly discouraged, but like… dont act like theyre immoral for it?? explain how its potentially harmful and how that age gap isnt healthy, since most kids and teens dont Really get it since theyre not on the other end of it. dont call them disgusting for it good fucking lord

Not to mention, in a world that normalizes and romanticizes age gaps, you really think children aren’t going to be influenced by that? They’re constantly exposed to stuff like student and teacher romances, grooming, etc. Most of us who are adults now grew up with movies portray a underaged sexuality in a really perverted and exploitive manner. It conveys to teens that ‘this is what adolescence is about’. We see TV shows and movies where a 17-year old character on TV (played by an adult) appears fully naked because we’ve been conditioned to see that as normal. You can’t call children predatory for shit that has been force down their throats for years. 

Also, it is always the adult’s responsibly to be the adult. Kids want dumbass shit sometimes, because they don’t have the maturity to understand the full effect of what to them seems like a brilliant idea. That’s why we have adults in positions of leadership with kids and teens, because it is your responsibility, as the adult, to use your experience and knowledge to guide young people away from danger. Which means that you’re frequently saying “no,” especially if you’re dealing with a kid who thinks they’re hot for teacher.

this is seriously so fucking critical. read this and read it again. my abuser – years after having preyed on me and others – posted a lot of sketchy shit about how minors following them were “putting them in danger” and etc.

any rhetoric that implies the onus of responsibility for csa/abuse/pedophilia is on kids & teenagers is at its core flawed and dangerous, and pedophiles/abusers literally use this to their advantage
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SailorMoon Log2

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Imagine being a human in an alien crew in space and leaving with bright blue or pink hair and the color fades and everybody on board wonders WHY you are losing your colors??? Is it the lack of greens? Are you sad? Angry? They just don’t know??

“Human-Kelly may we have a moment of your time?”

Kelly pauses in her inventorying of the photo-synth plates she’ll be installing after today’s cycle ends. “It’s just Kelly, hellot-Halzar, you don’t have to acknowledge my species every time we talk.” She smiles. “That’s not considered rude for us.”

“Very well hu—Kelly. Erm. May we have a moment of your time?” Many eyes blink earnestly at her.

“Sure. What’s up?”

hellot-Halzar considers. “May we discuss the structural nature of the ship interior and gravity-derived reference values at a later date? At this moment we would like to inquire as to the nature of your corporeal change.”

“Yeah sure—wait my what?”

“There is a mess hall wager.”

“About my –?”

“Concerning your strands,” hellot-Halzar says, gesturing.

“My….hair.” Kelly runs a hand through it. It’s purple as of two ship days ago. “Ok?”

“We wish to know whether the colour change signifies mood, nutritional intake variance, or ….erm….whether your mating season status has changed.”

“My mating season status, huh?” Kelly lifts an eyebrow.


“Did Jerry put you up to this?”

“Human-Jerry refused to answer our questions about your strands, citing some phenomenon known to your homeworld as ‘famine in missed eek’.”

Kelly snorted. “Tell Jerry he can shove his archaic ideas about ‘feminine mystique’ where M-series stars don’t shine. As for your bet: sorry, it’s none of the above. I changed my hair because my last box of dye was about to expire and because I felt like it.”

hellot-Halzar considers. “chinret-Zer wins then, by technicality: that reason falls within acceptable parameters for ‘mood’.”

“I suppose it does.” Kelly pauses. “Who bet on the ‘mating season’ one?”

“Hmm?” hellot-Halzar had already turned to go and deliver the verdict. They turn one set of eyes back. “Oh that would be Drannuc. He said he smelled a difference in you.”

“Delightful,” Kelly says, instead of explaining menstruation and how that can affect mood, diet, and that technically it correlates to what most of the species on the ship would consider a mating season.
“Next time, instead of betting, maybe just ask questions? And not Jerry. He’s a jerk.”

“Reclassifying human-Jerry as jerk-Jerry. We will approach you with all human queries from now on,” hellot-Halzar says and then continues on their way.

Probably for the best, she thinks with a lopsided grin, and then continues sorting the photo-synth plates to install on her space walk tomorrow.

“Reclassifying human-Jerry as jerk-Jerry” 

Pure. There is no other word.
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Sometimes cats can’t be explained.
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Moon and Stars Hounds Sticker Set // veronavarro
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“Truth or dare?”
“Order me a pizza.”

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you can tell a lot about someone based on their phone background. it shows what’s most important to them

Reblog this and put what your phone background in the tags
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(This ask is in response to this post on if animals can be bi). I’ve taken forever responding to this because I wanted to sit down with a trans friend who does activism/education on LGBT issues and hash out a) am I being shitty about this and b) if no, how do I actually say what I mean because getting myself out of science lingo when things cross over into social issues is something I struggle with. 

(I am very specifically not addressing trans/intersex animals in this post. I need to do more research and chat with people about that topic to get the wording correct first).

You’re absolutely right. It’s really important to say yes, in nature, there are animals that have sex / pair bond with / go through courtship behavior with animals of the same sex, or both sexes, or are uninterested in sex. This is absolutely a thing that occurs in nature, and while there are some species for which this is not species-typical behavior there are also species in which it is totally inherent in the normal behavioral repertoire. In terms of representation, yeah, it exists all over the animal kingdom and that’s absolutely worth acknowledging. 

I feel like there’s an important differentiation, though, between talking about is  ‘this animal’s existence is similar to / analogous to mine’ and projecting a human experience of that state of existence onto those animals. That’s where discussions about bi/gay animals start getting frustrating for me, as someone whose goal as an educator is to teach accurate behavioral science and remove anthropomorphism from how people think about animals. 

The really important parts of how people experience identity or how society reacts to someone’s identity (sexual attraction, isolation for not being heteronormative, for example) are too fundamentally tied up in being human to be correct for other taxa. We don’t know if animals have a sense of gender, or if they experience sexual attraction to conspecifics in any way other than an instinctual preference for specific indicators of fertility and quality, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard of an animal that was treated any differently by conspecifics as a result of who it tried to have sex with. When we assume animals experience being bi/gay/ace the way humans do, we basically invalidate all the ways their species-specific experiences and internal states would affect how they perceive and interact with the world. 

Tl;dr, bi/gay/ace animals definitely exist in a social/behavioral sense, but it’s really important to not assume that they have the same experience as a bi/gay/ace human. 
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you deserve someone who’s gonna treat you like you matter everyday. Not just when it’s convenient for them.
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*doesn’t show affection* oh no, I’m making things awkward!!

*shows affection* oh no, I’m making things awkward!!

*exists* oh no, I’m making things awkward!!
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