Apr. 3rd, 2017

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Grandpa goals af 😭😭💕💕💕💕
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Apr. 3rd, 2017 01:01 am
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being nice is so easy just do it

you sound neurotypical

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person: hey be nice it’s easy
some jackass on tumblr dot com: um ACTUALLY? some of us are mean and hurtful to COPE :/ you ableist FUCK
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When it’s 1am and you crave the Physical Affection and Attention™ but it’s no where to be found
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Apr. 3rd, 2017 02:11 am
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In light of the recent horrifying Cap twist, I have seen far too many “stop saying they made him a nazi, HYDRA aren’t nazis!!!11!1″ so I thought I would bring back this scene to remind everyone that yes they are

Bringing this back because of the bullshit they’re pulling with Magneto.
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Apr. 3rd, 2017 02:21 am
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Apr. 3rd, 2017 02:31 am
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“The famous quip “2 jews, 3 opinions” us often used to illustrate how we can hardly ever agree on a topic… But it has a deeper, truly positive meaning: When 2 jews come together and debate in good faith, they will always reach together a new understanding far beyond what each of them could have reached alone. That is the third opinion. That’s our special power as jews - as long as we are united, BECAUSE we may differ radically in opinion and personality, we achieve greatness.”
- (via arothejew)
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me looking in the mirror: what’s up you anxious bisexual fuck
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I applied for a job as a receptionist at a doggy day care! :D I AM EXCITE
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*Everyone contains a Hot Topic version of themselves
*Sora’s heart must be huge cause he has like 50 dudes in there
*Final Fantasy but with big hands and feet so they match Mickey?
*Game releases are measured in decimal points and tears
*No design of anything is practical ever
*Is rated E but has no problem dropping you into nightmare fuel
*Once a fan, You Never Leave
*Bedhead only possible in zero G
*Everyone’s eyes are like a slice of the ocean
*And their teeth are probably fluorescent light bulbs
*Buncha trenchcoat punks eating salty ice cream
*I only ever see people drawing them happy
*Does that mean the games are really sad
*What did they Do to you
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Children are already full people and genuine human beings, at any age, not people waiting to happen or adults in training. They are human beings in their own right, just with limited perceptive and analytical and emotional capabilities.

#entire people stripped of the ability to self advocate #do right by them

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you know what would have been great? if ron got sorted into slytherin.

imagine– we have this kid on the train, the first friend harry meets, with his corned beef sandwiches and smudged nose. ron is eleven years old and he wants gryffindor, because he’s a weasley and that’s what always happens. but it doesn’t happen.

what a way to redeem slytherin house– or, god, at least complicate it. because ron is petty. he is mean and sharp and ambitious and jealous– and he is loyal to the ends of the earth. he is all those things, and he is and always has been good.

potter becomes before weasley in the alphabet, so harry says not slytherin please and gets told might as well be gryffindor. percy and fred and george are all sitting there in red and gold, ruffling the already-ruffled hair of the boy who lived, smug, and then ron sits down and the hat spits out slytherin!

c'mon it’d be fun. just imagine–

the weasleys freaking out– but even that first christmas molly sends him a sweater in beautiful green and silver.

snape taking points from gryffindor when ron breaks rules or mouths off. “i’m in your house.” “hm, couldn’t tell which weasley it was…” /drifts away

sitting with harry in potions and in flying– whatever classes they happen to share. meeting up to study. scarfing down their breakfasts at separate tables so they can go hang out in the empty classrooms before the day starts. hermione reads while they play exploding snap.

the trio signing up for all the same electives third year. this friendship being something they earn and work for; not just the one that looked easiest. (not to bash canon ron&harry, the bros to end all bros, but by putting this very obvious obstacle between them– it makes it that much clearer to the reader that this is a love worth fighting for, because they’re fighting for it).

ron being jealous that harry and hermione get to share this house, this home, these hours, while he’s stuck with malfoy and parkinson and goyle– because that would eat him up some days, some months, this insecure kid who’s been the last at everything all his life. this kid who always leaves and always comes back.

ron, who constantly compares himself to his brothers– not as smart, not as popular, not as good. one more nail in that coffin, here, yeah? he’s not a prefect, not a quidditch star, not a troublemaker– and even when he becomes those things, someone else has always gotten there first. 

well, i guess he got to this house first at least

ron still snaps at snape in potions, after hermione’s been ignored three times, “you know, sir, i think hermione might know the answer.” he still pulls the bars off harry’s window with a stolen, flying car. he still shows harry around the burrow shyly, not knowing what a wonder a warm home is. he still stands up in the shrieking shack as best as he can with a broken leg and tells a mass murderer that if he wants harry he’ll have to go through him first. 

ron weasley is a lot of things, but one of them is absolutely a true friend.

in their second year:

when everyone calls harry the heir, they eye ron at his side and sniff.

when hermione lays petrified in the medical ward, ron sits at her side and reads her homework assignments aloud and thinks my house this was my house. 

when ron hugs ginny’s damp, shaking frame after the chamber, ron says sorry and sorry and are you okay and i’m so sorry and ginny calls him an idiot.

the trio spends more time in the library with hermione, since ron can’t come to gryffindor tower to study, and homework remains a thing that has to happen. fred and george constantly try to sneak him into the tower anyway. 

“c'mon, ronnykins, you belong here, you deserve it, no one’s gonna fuss, it’s your BIRTHRIGHT,” and ron fusses and rolls his eyes at them

and then in fourth year in one of those periods where he’s not talking to harry and harry’s not talking to him– he just snaps at the twins

because it’s not, alright?

not his birthright, not his house, and maybe no one would fuss if he snuck in, maybe no one would care, and that makes it worse not better, because then he’s just that weasley who should’ve been gryffindor

and isn’t

(and harry overhears this caterwauling, feels his heart fall to his toes, and goes and awkwardly asks ron if he wants to go a few laps on his firebolt). 

(because, god, harry-the-chosen-one, harry-in-the-cupboard-under-the-stairs, harry-who’ll-save-us-all– he knows what it’s like to have should have beens on your shoulders, and he knows what it’s like to not be wanted).

ron cheers for gryffindor during quidditch matches in those first few years, and sits with hagrid and hermione and neville. harry’s seeker, and fred and george are beaters, and ginny becomes chaser eventually, and honestly screw the slytherin team. they have each and every one of them said disparaging things about ron’s mother.

harry and hermione badger ron into trying out for keeper fourth year; he and harry have been practicing on the quidditch pitch because its a non-library-shaped place to hang out where both of them are allowed. ron makes the slytherin roster, and malfoy grudgingly provides ron a team broom after the captain chews him out for a bit.

“he may be a weasley, but he’s our keeper, don’t you want to win, draco”

but the sort of things they spit in the locker room, the words the players hiss or snigger, the slurs that come easy to their tongues– ron would like to say that he considered just walking out of the cesspit, but instead he snipes and sasses and shouts and sometimes tries to spell slugs at the worst of them. 

it doesn’t do much, that one irritated voice of protest– except that it does. and he’s got a new (hand-me-down) wand, after the gilderoy fiasco, so the slugs even come out the right end.

fred gives him a black eye with a bludger one time (though ron does manage to block the quaffle) and molly sends a howler to gryffindor table with the morning post. (“RON DID YOU TATTLE”) (“IT WAS CLEARLY PERCY, FRED, SIT DOWN”)

(the weasleys often have family conversations across the great hall, with hufflepuffs and ravenclaws covering their ears long-sufferingly between them)

in the lake, it’s still ron hanging there in the water, still and bloated. it’s still harry’s heart that stutters in his chest, for all it’s just a game, just a game, just a game, right?

ron listens hard and tries to talk himself out of fist fights, all that next year in the slytherin common room as they read aloud rita skeeter articles.

when hermione calls dumbledore’s army to its first session in that pub, there are green scarves in that crowd– ron and one of the beaters who ron’s gotten to help glare to rest of the slytherin quidditch team into submission.

ron beats draco to being prefect (i think i remember it was dumbledore and not mcgonagall who seemed to award prefect status– snape doesn ’t get a say).

percy is SO PROUD, as usual, but so are fred and george. “did you see the little malfoy git? green with shame, my god.”

when harry has the dream about sirius, ron isn’t there to wake. but when draco’s pulled out of bed to be a professional bully– er, i mean inquisitorial squad member– ron follows at a careful distance and curses draco from behind. 

they ride thestrals over london. harry finds the prophecy and ron thinks about the sorts of things that get decided at your birth.  

sirius black was a son of slytherin who had a lion living in his chest that he couldn’t hide away. 

ron was meant to be gryffindor, and through a haze of injury and fear he watches sirius die just out of harry’s reach.

just imagine: ron with his temper and his sharp words and his fierce loyalty. ron who looks into the mirror of erised and sees house cups and prefect badges and ambitions earned– he could belong in slytherin. there is nothing wrong with wanting things, and he wants them so bad.

there are so many reasons to fight a war, and so many ways. harry and his sacrifices, his loving resignation. hermione’s good right hook and bottomless bag of supplies. luna, brilliant and a bit batty. lee jordan’s radio and mcgonagall’s burning patience and brittle, certain bones.

just imagine: when the last battle comes, there is a slytherin on the field who is not snape.

when draco and his parents walk away, in that last battle, ron–

who slept in the same dormitory as the boy for six years

who heard draco’s nightmares and saw him paling and desperate all sixth year

who is as pureblooded as lucius’s spoiled whelp

who remembers grimacing at the thought of squibs

who has known magic all his life

who spotted draco penning letters home to his mother every sunday and hiding them when the other boys could see–

ron sees them going.

he sounds no alarms. he says no farewells.

he turns back to his friends, and his fight, and lets them be.

just imagine: when harry kneels on the train platform and his second son asks him “but what if i get sorted slytherin, dad?” harry can say, “the bravest man i ever knew was in slytherin house. whatever you are, wherever you go, we’re going to be so proud of you.“ 

and they can both gaze over to where ron is squawking beside his daughter’s trolley of luggage because crookshanks (who will live to be forty eight million years old) has latched onto his shins with a violent fondness.
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reblog for easter

forget april fools day its almost time for the best video on this entire fuckin planet
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How Screamin’ Jay Hawkins Spearheaded the Goth Music Movement

In the
recording studios of OKeh, a man, simply named Jay, walked in with a team of
musicians, with the intention to record a heart-wrenching love ballad, filled
with mourning. What resulted however, would shake up the music industry
forever. Just after Halloween, the chill of one drunken, November evening in
1956 brought us one of the most iconic, perplexing, and somewhat horrifying
pieces of music ever recorded. This was how “I Put A Spell On You” was born.

Prior to the
inception of the 50s classic, Hollywood was already being re-infected by the
Horror bug. The invention of Vampira, the popularity of American actor Vincent
Price, and the rise of B-movie Horror flicks cemented a public love for the
macabre, as established in the 30s, with Universal Studios’ Dracula, and
Frankenstein. Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff were monster legends on the silver
screen. Vampira, the queen of the television screen. But no one was making
waves in the music scene to inject this beloved aesthetic into sound. How Jay
Hawkins’ “Spell” was born was a complete accident, but those around him knew
they had something special on their hands, from the moment they heard Hawkins’
vocal delivery.

The rare,
original recording of “I Put a Spell on You” (now available on YouTube), was a
simple, sad blues tune, that may or may not have entered the public’s
consciousness had it been released as is. This version was recorded for Grand
Records, in late 1955. Nearly a year passes, and Jay chooses to re-record it
for OKeh Records, this time with producer Arnold Maxin on board. The story
goes, Maxin brought in food and drink (plenty of drink) for Jay and his
musicians, turning the session into an evening of inebriated music making.

“[The producer] brought in ribs and chicken and got
everybody drunk, and we came out with this weird version … I don’t even remember
making the record. Before, I was just a normal blues singer. I was just Jay
Hawkins. It all sort of just fell in place. I found out I could do more
destroying a song and screaming it to death.” -Screamin’ Jay Hawkins

the “Spell” was complete, and in November of 1956, OKeh Records released “I Put
a Spell on You”, under his new artist name, “Screamin’” Jay Hawkins. No records
prior bear the moniker “Screamin’” in front of his name (see: Discogs).

Alan Freed, a Cleveland disc jockey,
approached Hawkins about playing up his image, to draw the most out of this newfound
success, including the wild idea of rising up out of a coffin for one of his
performances. The rest, as they say, was history. Combining the aesthetic of
Vincent Price (and coincidently his mustache), and an aura of Haitian
voodooism, his act was born. He became the subject of mass media attention in
the 50s, side by side with the best of the Horror scene. He was one of them;
taking the derogatory “spook”, and turning it on its head—reclaimed, and turned
into profit.

What Screamin’ Jay Hawkins created
is what we now associate today with Shock Rock. The main features being his
vocal delivery, his wardrobe, and props used on the stage to give macabre
effects. With the 1960s came the first wave of Shock Rockers, directly
influenced by the path Hawkins had carved out for them. Screaming Lord Sutch,
of out London, used British Horror imagery, such as the legend of Jack the
Ripper, to form his artist identity. Arthur Brown, who has covered Hawkins’
hit, wore corpse paint, and wore a flaming helmet upon his head in live
performances. The Spiders, Alice Cooper’s original band name (1964-1967),
performed with a huge, black spider’s web as their first ever stage prop. In
the 70s, The Cramps, notable Gothabilly band, also claimed influence by
Hawkins. And with these acts introduce a long line of Goth Rock history, that may
not sound alike at times, but all descend from the same tree.
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Look, the only live action Disney remake I want is the Emperor’s New Groove and I want there to be no CGI, I want Kuzco to be played by two actors in a cheap llama costume
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Today I learned that the university of Coimbra in Portugal has

a great 18th-century library, the Biblioteca Joanina, that maintains a colony of bats to effectively control the population of paper-eating insects called


These bats are less than an inch long. They roost during the day behind the bookcases and come out at night. There doesn’t seem to be any English word for

papirófago, a cursory search turns up no details about what sort of insect they are, and ngl I am slightly concerned about them as a phenomenon. But I think my overarching point here is clear: 

This library keeps tiny bats that look after the books.

I’m here for tiny bats saving books.


@rivendellrose LIBRARY BATS



@gothiccharmschool you’ve seen this, right?

I HAVE AND I LOVE THIS. Library bats!

@redacuarela Let’s go there <3
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Girlfriend application compatibility question: do you keep your depression pile on the bed or on the floor?

depression chair erasure

Or d. All of the above
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other HP related questions:

-What happens with wands after a witch/wizard dies. Do they destroy them? Are they resold??
-Why is Mr. Weasley so fascinated by dentistry?? Do wizards not do oral hygiene??
-Are dementors the only employees at Azkaban? There’s recent photos of Sirius and the other escapees- so do they have picture day with a dementor photographer?
-Hagrid’s Conception…
-Are there owl breeders?
-Where do they do their grocery shopping?
-What crazy weight loss fads exist in a world full of magic?
-What’s going on under robes if they’re confused by “muggle clothes” i.e. pants..
-Are all wizarding kids under 11 just home schooled? Poor Mrs. Weasley…
-What crazy wizarding hallucinogenics exist?
-How do wizard farmers feel about MMOs (magically modified organisms)?
-Do they have lower security prisons, or are you just sent to Azkaban for a significantly shorter period of time?
-Are there quidditch little league tournaments and would James Potter have been the loudest person there?
-Do they go by a different calendar year?
-Where are the terribly done moving paintings… because they exist.
-Why didn’t they just Priori Incantato on Sirius’s wand when they arrested him??????
-What about wizarding art culture??
- How long is your house on fire before you call the fire department if there even is one?
-Magic “marital aids”..👀👀👀

i want ‘azkaban picture day’ fic or fanart
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“When you post something on the internet it’s going to be seen by everyone!!!11″
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I bet Girl Scouts would set up shop in front of stark tower bc they know the avengers are an easy sell


look at homegirl making heart eyes at Steve. So sweet, so pure. 
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oh hEY

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a commission for nola, their golden eagle sukh with globeflowers, lilacs, and constellations. the constellations ARE accurate, (fun game) see if you can find which portion of the sky I mapped in there… 
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bad and naughty transphobes are sent to the dinosaur park to atone for their sins 
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my kind of headlines
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Full Image
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Well, i’d never hate school/college if this happened daily 

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Apr. 3rd, 2017 07:26 pm
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me @ straight people: oh my god just ask it the offensive way i don’t have time for this
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Dita Von Teese
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Lauren Elycerose
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this clearly says LQVE, MQRRIAGE, and BQBY you fools

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