Feb. 11th, 2017

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View from the Greek Theater in Taormina, Sicily.
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Alex (1976 – September 6, 2007) had a vocabulary of over 100 words, but was exceptional in that he appeared to have understanding of what he said. For example, when Alex was shown an object and was asked about its shape, color, or material, he could label it correctly. He could understand that a key was a key no matter what its size or color, and could figure out how the key was different from others. One day, he asked what color he was, and learned “grey” after being told the answer six times. This made him the first non-human animal to have ever asked an existential question. [x]

Alex’s last words were also “You be good, see you tomorrow. I love you.” [x] 

These were the same words that Alex would say every day when his owner left the lab.

(Fact Source) Follow Ultrafacts for more facts

“You be good, see you tomorrow. I love you.”

a parrot actually said these words, and meant it, before he died.

I’m getting choked up

Alex the parrot is actually one of my favorite animal intelligence stories/examples. What a smart birb.

Why am I emotional right now?

I had thw pleasure of presenting her findings in my Evolutionary psych class this semester and Alex was a very smart birb. Some more fun facts! He had object permanence and could count up to 7. He understood concepts of bigger and smaller, and he could use the word no properly!!! And he’d also get an attitude if he didn’t get what he wanted and hed keep interrupting the task that he was meant to be working on at that moment to ask for something else or to go to a different location in the room!!!! He was a Sassy Burb

Alex would also interrupt other African greys they were trying to teach words to with the correct answer, so he would get the reward instead. I remember reading about him correcting the other birds’ pronunciation on ‘v’ sounds, as that’s a hard one for birds to make. Usually when they were trying to pronounce the number seven. He’d say the word as it should sound and then say something like “say it correctly”.

This bird also invented his own words for things. He did not know what an apple was, but he was familiar with cherries and bananas. So what did he decide an apple was? A banerry. Because it was red like a cherry but light on the inside like a banana or something. And he was so set in his ways that he was correct in saying it was a banerry and not an apple, that he would try to teach his human companions how to say it. In the same slow pronunciation that they would do at him when teaching him new words.

all African greys have the capacity to be this smart and it makes me so sad that so many wind up in rescues or are cared for poorly in their homes
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An extremely good pig, its eyes beckon me to shower with affection. I will cradle it with love. 10/10

A simple but beautiful piggy, has that perfect piggy bank stance. Commendable.

Not bad. Not sure how I feel about the square outline. A fairly solid pig.

Uh. Yeah. That’s a pig alright. That’s what they look like. Not much else I can say.

emojidex that’s just the Apple pig but outlined, you’re not fooling anyone.

This looks like the main character of a cheap straight-to-DVD animated film. 

Cheap, overglossy shading. Looks like it’s been greased up for a pig show. Not that impressed.

Decently rendered, but looks like it belongs in a shitty mobile game. Just looking at this pig fills me with hatred. 4/10

“Graphic design is my passion.”

You… You didn’t even fucking try. That’s just a pink oval with some blunt rectangles and curly tail slapped on.
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And here are some worn photos of that dress! I called this the pumpkin while I was working on it, since that’s what the color reminded me of, so it seemed fitting to photograph it in a pumpkin patch! 

It was a windy day, so these don’t showcase the dress as nicely as I had hoped. But I think it looks quite lovely in its natural habitat. 

I wore it over two petticoats, a home made cotton corset (that cinched down to 24″), with historically accurate-ish boots, and a home made hat! 

Not the most comfortable ensemble, but i’m really happy with the fit and shape of it. A definite improvement from my first attempt at turn of the century fashion.

More photos and construction notes can be found here! 
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that scene in the second Harry Potter where Harry has no bones in his arm is probably the most disgusting use of cgi

that wasnt cgi they literally removed daniel radcliffes bones for that scene

I hope he got them back

they didnt have the budget to put them back in so for the rest of the movies in the franchise they used cgi to make it look like they did
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this is my new favourite saying whenever someone questions my sexuality


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