Feb. 2nd, 2017

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Akira Armstrong was in two Beyoncé videos, but couldn’t find an agent to represent her as a professional dancer because of her size. To change the narrative around what a dancer’s body should look like, Akira started her own dance company, made up of plus-size dancers. “Pretty Big Movement” is destroying dancer stereotypes, one routine at a time.

This is so needed
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what can i say? I like my katsudon spicy…
(my vision of next season, during which Vitya has been teasing Yuuri endlessly about who will be kissing whose medal after the finals, and of course, whenever Yuuri gets sassy and gives as good as he gets – Victor melts into a smitten, supportive puddle).
*Russian – Yuuri: “Vitya”. Victor: lyubimii - “My love”.
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Three types of people in this world.

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OMG. Can we please get Victor’s answer?!! PLEASE PLEASE!!!!

[Written by @kaijoskopycat]Read more here
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always check yourself for unnecessary negativity and bitterness

✓ unnecessary negativity
✓ bitterness
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Of course: one makes goyim feel good about themselves by imagining they’re doing the punching – self-insert WWII American hero style – and the other requires actually giving a fuck about Jews.

I’ve made this point before, but I’ll make it again. The USA only “saved the Jews” in its imagination. By the time the Holocaust ended 6 million Jews were killed. Two out of every three Jews in Europe was dead including 1 million children. There was no concerted effort to save the Jews or any of the other victims of the Holocaust. I’d recommend reading “The Abandonment of the Jews” by David S. Wyman for more details. Protecting Jews and fighting Nazis are not synonymous, no matter how much they might look the same in your imagination.
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Sailor moon opening theme on Koto Trio

I love this. 
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Can I just say like… I’m not American so I can’t really know what it’s like out there right now, but I am really proud of you guys. Like, Trump - a man known to have sexually assaulted multiple women - is elected, so the women of your country not only turn out in their millions but they inspire women around the world to do the same in solidarity. He preaches anti-intellectualism, so your scientists host database hacking and saving days to preserve data. He bans government agencies from speaking the truth, so they create rogue social media accounts that spread facts even at the risk of their jobs. He brings in racist immigration bans, causing chaos in airports and huge uncertainties in the lives of real, innocent people, so protesters swarm to the airports, lawyers work pro bono round the clock to get people into the country, and people mobilise to destroy him in the high court in a day.
I know this is awful and it sucks and it’s only been one freaking week, but you guys are doing amazing right now and I am so moved and so proud. It’s gonna be tough and everyone will have to pick their battles and just keep fighting and pushing, and this isn’t how it should be but at least we know there are people with the guts and the gumption to do what they can.
You guys are the sand in the gears.

Thank you. If you want to understand America, you have to be able to imagine 400 cats in a moose costume. Most of the time it looks like an incoherent twitching mass as the cats inside hiss and scratch each other over things that only matter to those inside that one part of the costume.

Then something really big happens, something that catches the attention of all the cats, and suddenly instead of a twitching flat lump, you’re facing an fully grown, fully coordinated, VERY angry moose.

The administration thought it would be herding cats. Instead, it’s facing a charging moose.

Ok that’s hilarious

Be the moose guys. Be the freaking moose

Okay goddammit you’re making it hard for me to keep this stuff on my politics blog when you make analogies THIS hilarious…
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also, here’s your daily reminder that this blog stands by the belief that all lgbtqia+ and mogai identities and orientations are valid and deserve respect, love, and support from their fellow lgbtqia+/mogai peers.
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Spotting dogs on the tube is like finding gold at the end of the rainbow and you’ll find every person in the carriage gawking at the dog until they get off
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the poet who did the cow poem also did this Nice Guy Poem, its great.
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my friend angella was doing a comedy gig, and as soon as she came out a guy shouted ‘can i give you my number?’ and all the crowd groaned cause it was so inappropriate but angella was like ‘yeah sure’. the guy started shouting out his number and she started entering it into her phone. the whole crowd was like woaaah. she got the whole number and then dialled it and it rang. everyone lost their shit. finally the guy answered and angella just said “hello? shut the fuck up” and it was the most incredible thing i’ve ever seen 
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The Proud Family,  the “I have a dream” episode.

Disney, please, play it every day this month!

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i saw a really cool butterfly expert man on PBS and was so in awe of him and his butterfly knowledge i tracked down the episode online to see how to spell his name and found his twitter and followed him, only for the next day to awaken to him having read not only my webcomic, but also my livetweets saying how i wanted to marry the butterfly man. he said he was flattered. anyway the moral of the story is please don’t underestimate how far down your twitter a bored entomologist will scroll, and also the internet was a mistake.
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no profreading we die like mne
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do you ever do something and you practically hear the
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Christopher Kerksieck
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Google Ads are totally sea-lioning; if you so much as glance at a product or service it follows you around to every website you visit, popping up in the ads and saying HELLO SIR HELLO MAAM DO YOU WANT TO BUY ME YET? NO? IN THAT CASE THEN WHY DID YOU LOOK AT ME BEFORE?

They do that to me with things I actually bought! I bought a mattress online and now every ad I see is for the mattress company. Like if they tempt me enough I’m going to start sleeping on two mattresses. Or possibly a Princess-and-the-Pea-style stack.
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cats tend to hide their pain. look for subtle signs of pain in your cat like vague posts on their tumblr blog
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I’m upset because I want to change the world but the world is too big and people are too mean


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