Jan. 27th, 2017

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Me: *lifts cat down from table to stop her from drinking the water I’m using for dipping my brushes when painting*

Cat: *keeps getting back up on table because that water is Obviously hers and she needs to drink it*

Me: No, there is paint in that, you don’t want to drink it

Cat: *slaps my hand over and over in an attempt to get me to stop hindering her attempts to drink water*

This is Busan trying hard not to look interested.

She thought I was looking the other way and tried sticking her head in the water. I covered it with my hand.

“How DARE you put your hand over MY water???”

*tries to press head between fingers*

*tries to move fingers out of the way*

Nope, still not working.

Busan you’re not helping.
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Birds absolutely have complex internal experiences, although I’m not sure if we know how analogous they are to human ones. Think about their range of natural behavior - parrots can be gregariously social, many birds mate for life, corvids show a knack for creative thinking and seem to have an awareness that other animals have minds (because they use it to screw with us), and so much more. With complex social structure and a wide range of behavior comes a complex system to process it. 
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Linda Belcher being a modern witch.
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it’s so cute when you talk to someone a lot and you notice your phrases slowly slipping into their vocabulary
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“I know life is hard, I think everyone knows that in their hearts, but why does it have to be cruel, as well? Why does it have to bite?”
- Stephen King, 11/22/63. (via empiregrotesk)
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Behind the scenes with teresalui and Loren Tschannen
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if u look up there it is
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Bitch, where

Literally impossible.
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Because gay isn’t only 17 year old white kids that come from middle to upper class homes. And Black Love isn’t just straight couples that enforce gender roles and women with perfect bodies, a quiet tongue, and a womb always ready to create. This is also the face of Black Love. And its beautiful. -ShiShi


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