Jan. 5th, 2017

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Okay this ad campaign is actually great and every time I see it in a Tube station I laugh a little bit because it just reminds you how terrifically bizarre the human race is
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Sean O'Connell still has the best weigh-in stare downs

You guys, he’s back!

I didn’t know that I needed to see this until I saw it.

To put it simple. You DONT have to act tuff. To be a tough guy.  haha

So I looked this guy up. First, not shown in the first gif is the fact that he’s just wearing regular pants:

Also, he’s written a sci-fi novel and has spent time in Africa building a school and orphanage for abused teenage girls. So, good for that guy.
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“I have never heard anything about ableism.”

“…the incident when he mocked the disabled reporter.”

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okay but turn the tv to cnn cause all the anchors are drunk and it’s great

Don Lemon got an ear pierced and is considering a tattoo. A guy in Dallas is hitting on Anderson Cooper from across the timezone. This is great.

Anderson Cooper apparently thinks Mark Wahlberg is hot

Some highlights from CNN’s coverage of New Years in case you missed it:

- Don Lemon was joking about getting a tattoo of Donald Trump’s face on his dick and then an hour later seemed like he was seriously considering it.

- A boat full of Canadians in Miami were very offended when asked how much the boat costs.

- As soon as the year rang in, Don Lemon thought they went to commercial about a second too soon and he screamed “2016 WAS FUCKING AWFUL”

- Don Lemon was interviewing people in a bar and he said to one guy, “wow, you’re really drunk right now” and the guy said on live tv “I’m not drunk, but I’m definitely not sober woooo”

- When Kathy Griffin saw Ryan Seacrest, she flipped him off, and Anderson Cooper had to hold her around the waist to keep her from jumping the railing and going after him.

- I actually thought it was funny and staged at first, but Anderson started saying, “Kathy! No! We’re on the air! We’re on the air!”

- A guy approached Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper to play a game where he says a word and they have to say what immediately comes to mind so he says “Ball Drop” and they both are like “um uh ah uh” for like a solid 15 seconds.

- “No, I’m not wearing underwear. Why?” -Kathy Griffin, 2016

- Kathy Griffin said she was getting drunk texted by one of CNN’s Political Analyst so Anderson got her on live tv via the phone and she was like “I was just wondering if you had backstage tickets to Drake, Kathy! Jeez!” and Kathy was like “That’s why I thought you were drunk! Why would I have a backstage pass to a show in Las Vegas for a guy I don’t know!?”

- Anderson Cooper had to stop everything to find and put his glasses on so he could read a cue card, but Kathy Griffin was like “wow, that sexy left fast” and he took them off and she was like “No, it’s not coming back. It’s like in Queens right now. It’s gone, buddy.”

- “No, Anderson. Say what you said a minute ago.” “What did I say a minute ago?” “You know what you said! Just say it-” “Are you talking about when I suggested that Mark Wahlberg is an attractive man.” “The word you used was not attractive.” “Well he’s not interested so it doesn’t matter.” “You don’t know that!” “I’m pretty sure!”

- Kathy Griffin recounting her Christmas dinner with Peewee Herman and some other famous people, saying that her dog was chocking on a bone and someone said to tap him between the ass and balls and it would come up, so she did, and he spat out the bone, and everyone clapped.

please tell me someone recorded this as it aired so they can’t edit anything out
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There is literally nothing in nature that blooms all year long, so do not expect yourself to do so.

yes…. there are
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this is in my history book about prohibition in the 1920s and i’m laughing so hard oh my gooooood
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wow so powerful.  what film is this?

Lajja. This film is called Lajja. Lajja, in a general translation from Hindi, means Shame. 

It talks about different women in different situations overcoming the shame instilled by the society to keep them under the control of men. 

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They gays stole Christmas, and the forums are salty, so in turn, I give you my masterpiece. 

she’s ours now.
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I don’t care what anyone says, this was the best moment on TV ever.
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this isn’t just a burn, this is SLASH AND BURN
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im going thru my follower list and blocking everyone who i think is a robot and man some of yall dont make it easy to see if youre a human or not by first glance i respect your aesthetics but also holy fuck

like is this a human being or is this a robots approximation of human absurdity 

Is This A Human Fucking Being

alan turing is laughing at us right now
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“Taking one’s chances is like taking a bath, because sometimes you end up feeling comfortable and warm, and sometimes there is something terrible lurking around that you cannot see until it is too late and you can do nothing else but scream and cling to a plastic duck”

“The three siblings were not born yesterday. Neither were you, unless of course I am wrong, in which case, welcome to the world, little baby, and congratulations on learning to read so early in life”

“For some stories, it’s easy. The moral of ‘The Three Bears,’ for instance, is “Never break into someone else’s house.’ The moral of ‘Snow White’ is ‘Never eat apples.’ The moral of World War I is ‘Never assassinate Archduke Ferdinand.”

“Just about everything in this world is easier said than done, with the exception of ‘systematically assisting Sisyphus’s stealthy, cystsusceptible sister,’ which is easier done than said.”

“Miracles are like meatballs, because nobody can exactly agree on what they are made of, where they come from, or how often they should appear”

“Stealing, of course, is a crime, and a very impolite thing to do. But like most impolite things, it is excusable under certain circumstances. Stealing is not excusable if, for instance, you are in a museum and you decide that a certain painting would look better in your house, and you simply grab the painting and take it there. But if you were very, very hungry, and you had no way of obtaining money, it would be excusable to grab the painting, take it to your house, and eat it.”

“The book was long, and difficult to read, and Klaus became more and more tired as the night wore on. Occasionally his eyes would close. He found himself reading the same sentence over and over. He found himself reading the same sentence over and over. He found himself reading the same sentence over and over. “

“When trouble strikes, head to the library. You will either be able to solve the problem, or simply have something to read as the world crashes down around you.”

“Assumptions are dangerous things to make, and like all dangerous things to make - bombs, for instance, or strawberry shortcake - if you make even the tiniest mistake you can find yourself in terrible trouble. Making assumptions simply means believing things are a certain way with little or no evidence that shows you are correct, and you can see at once how this can lead to terrible trouble. For instance, one morning you might wake up and make the assumption that your bed was in the same place that it always was, even though you would have no real evidence that this was so. But when you got out of your bed, you might discover that it had floated out to sea, and now you would be in terrible trouble all because of the incorrect assumption that you’d made. You can see that it is better not to make too many assumptions, particularly in the morning”

“The way sadness works is one of the strange riddles of the world. If you are stricken with a great sadness,you may feel as if you have been set aflame, not only because of the enormous pain, but also because your sadness may spread over your life, like smoke from and enormous fire. You might find it difficult to see anything but your own sadness, the way smoke can cover a landscape so that all you can see is black. You might find that happy things are tainted by sadness, the way smoke leaves its ashen colors and scents on everything it touches. And you may find that if someone pours water all over you, you are damp and distracted, but not cured of your sadness, the way a fire department can douse a fire but never recover what has been burnt down. ”

“Frustration is an interesting emotional state, because it tends to bring out the worst in whoever is frustrated.”

Let’s not forget:

“Reading is one form of escape. Running for your life is another.”
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some nice friends i met on my way home today
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i love debbie reynolds
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Bravo to the incredible Michaela DePrince for being promoted to second soloist of the Dutch National Ballet!!!!!!!!!
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When Rebecca breaks the fourth wall

I laughed WAY too long on this moment!
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Reform Judaism is taking a big step for transgender rights

The Union for Reform Judaism, the body representing the largest Jewish denomination in North America, is expected to pass a sweeping transgender rights and equality resolution Thursday. The resolution says, “We welcome and celebrate people of all sexual orientations in our congregations and oppose laws that fail to uphold principles of equality for all.” The resolution would call for changes to bathrooms, prayers and schools.

*happy sobbing*

@mistresskabooms loook
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“omg you’re just blogging for attention”

and you’re blogging??? for gold? Women? Immortality?
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things i never expected to learn through a tedtalk but now am glad to know:

the founder of Sirius XM radio is a sapphic trans woman and is currently trying to preserve her wife’s consciousness in a digital file so her wife can be immortal in the body of a robot.

heres the tedtalk if you dont believe because everyone deserves to know this reality of the amazing world in which we live 

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These photos of Ilhan Omar’s swearing-in ceremony shows exactly why representation matters

On Tuesday, Ilhan Omar made history in the United States in more ways than one when she was sworn into the Minnesota House of Representatives.

She became the first female Muslim and Somali-American legislator.

Omar, who serves House District 60B in Minnesota, held the Quran during her swearing-in ceremony, becoming the second person to do so after Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison.

One photo, in particular, shows just how powerful this moment was and exactly why representation matters in the political system today. 

In this photo, Omar is seen standing tall — donning colorful accessories and her bright orange hijab — among a sea of white faces. 

This is a historic sight that doesn’t come too frequently for young women of color and Muslim Americans, especially in politics. Read more

follow @the-movemnt
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An antique iron spiked dog collar from the 17th century. The collar has spikes to protect the dog’s throat from attacks by wild animals while out guarding the flock or helping their owner hunt.

2017 chokers

That forging
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1. hates donald trump
2. got his ear pierced at claires because why not
3. legit asks people to beat him up in action scenes EVEN NOW AS AN OLD MAN
4. is arguably one of the most iconic star wars characters yet couldnt give less of a crap abt star wars
5. the universe tried to kill him (or at least permanently incapacitate him) twice in 2015 and it only mildly inconvenienced him
6. flies helicopters in search and rescue missions
7. was in his 40s for the majority of the indiana jones series which is insane when you think about all the stunts involved
8. quote “the director yells cut and harrison cracks open a beer and then builds a fucking shed”
9. arguably sexy
10. points angrily and its super effective

11. is just a really sweet person12. no really my dad worked with him on firewall as the tech advisor and he was just a really swell guy13. got my mom’s birth date from my dad and sent her flowers14. he sent my mom flowers for her birthday15. he didn’t even know her he just wanted to be sweet

this was a beautiful and necessary edition to this post thank you oh my god


Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

When he was asked to be in Jimmy Kimmel’s “I’m Fucking Ben Affleck” video, in which he pulled up alongside them in a car and gave Jimmy a little wink and an air-kiss, when he showed up at the set he looked kind of put out. Kimmel was afraid he wasn’t down with what they were asking. But he just said, “I don’t know, this wardrobe…don’t you have anything mesh that I could wear?”

When he was filming “Witness” he rented a small farm from a friend of mine. At the end of the filming my friend went and checked out the property as usual. He noticed the barn door had been leveled so it no longer would swing open on it’s own. Went into the house and saw the closets had been redone, in the kitchen the cabinets had been replaced and all the drawers now opened really well. Turns out that there were thousands of dollars of work and materials put into fixing up everything at the place.

My friend called Ford and asked him how much he was asking for the work. Ford told him doing that kind of thing helped him relax and stay sane when he was filming. Would not take a dime. Plus he paid for a new water heater and got the sewage system cleaned out.

And he paid rent to live there the entire time.

Local Carpenter Stumbles Into Stardom, Worries This May Interfere With His Carpentry

My step sister was driving through Wyoming once, near Ford’s ranch. She stops for gas, and as she’s filling up, this huge motorcycle roars in behind her, scared the pants off her. The rider, dressed in all black steps off, and she yells at him “who do you think you are blasting in here like that, you Darth Vader looking motherfucker?”. He takes off the helmet, and it’s Harrison Ford, and without missing a beat he says

“Hey! I’m not Darth Vader, I’m Luke Skywalker”

From the co-production designer on The Force Awakens, Darren Gilford:

“The Millennium Falcon was the first thing we were actually building. I had been in London and I came home back to L.A. for Christmas. So I go to Sports Chalet to do some last-minute shopping; I get there early, run to the back of the store, get what I need. I’m coming back through the store, and I just happen to pass this person holding up a pair of ski pants, and it’s Harrison Ford. I look at him, he looks at me and puts his head right down. I can tell he doesn’t want to be bothered; I’m sure from the look on my face he knew I knew who he was. 

So I walk past him, and after about 10 feet I think, ‘If there’s ever a time to say hello to Harrison Ford, I’m building the Millennium Falcon!’ So I turn around very hesitantly and go, ‘Harrison, I’m sorry to bother you. I’m co-production designer on the new Star Wars, I’m just back from London, and I’ve been building the Falcon.’ A big smile came across his face, he put his hand out, and we had such a great conversation — he couldn’t have been sweeter. 

As I’m walking away, he goes, ‘Darren!’ and calls me back. He goes, ‘The toggle switches.’ I go, ‘Toggle switches.’ He goes, ‘The toggle switches on the Falcon. When they built it the first time, they bought cheap toggle switches without any springs in them. Every time I threw a toggle switch, it fell back; it wouldn’t hold. It drove me crazy. Please, make sure the toggle switches are fixed this time.’ I go, ‘No problem! I’ll take care of it!’ 

So months go by, I’m back in London, we’re getting close [to principal photography], and I get a phone call saying J.J.’s headed down to check out the cockpit, and Harrison’s with him. I run down there and I see J.J. in the passenger seat and Harrison in the pilot seat. They’re just giddy; they’re having so much fun. And then I see Harrison look up, and he just starts throwing all the toggle switches: boom, boom, boom, boom. [Laughs.] And I remember thinking, ‘Phew, minor victory. Take solace in that and move on. Next task.’ That’s my favorite story.”

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no popular pairings we die like men who have read all 23 fics of our rarepair on AO3
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my mom has a friend who has a failed program-service dog and he’s literally my favorite creature

He’s a really smart lab, he learned all the commands, but he just has an affinity for doing them whenever he wants

So this lady’s dog literally turns on-off lights, opens doors, opens the fridge, etc… at his own wishes.

Her house looks like its baby-proofed, with kid safe locks on everything and stuff, but really she just has a dog that’s learned all the mobility service dog commands but has a mind of his own.

Chaotic Good Boy
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When I was training to be a battered women’s advocate, my supervisor said something that really blew my mind:

“You can always assume one thing about your clients; and that is that they are doing their best. Always assume everyone is doing their best. And if they’re having a day where their best just isn’t that great, or their best doesn’t look like your best, you have to be okay with that.”

Any now whenever anyone in my life, either a friend or a client, frustrates me, disappoints me, or pisses me off, I just tell myself They are doing their best. Their best isn’t that great today, but I have days where my best isn’t that great either. 

this. everytime. this. 
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salvador dali that wild son of a gun he loved Bendy clocks
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Climate change is not that complicated! (h/t)
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Bring me the FEETIES

Lemme read them beans
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skillful; dexterous; adroit; handy; generally able.

Etymology: from Latin habilis, from habēre - to have; see able.

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“I dreamed a computer that could think for itself. And using Rapture’s technology, I made that dream reality, a machine that could actually think, reason for itself.“ 

― Charles Milton Porter
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things i never expected to learn through a tedtalk but now am glad to know:

the founder of Sirius XM radio is a sapphic trans woman and is currently trying to preserve her wife’s consciousness in a digital file so her wife can be immortal in the body of a robot.

heres the tedtalk if you dont believe because everyone deserves to know this reality of the amazing world in which we live 

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A video posted by 일러스트레이터 김정윤 (@vagab) on Dec 19, 2016 at 1:04am PST




i wasn’t expecting the dance, this is so cute!!

the song is jay park - all i wanna do

What in the hell
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there’s a future version of me who’s proud I was strong enough

This is the thing I needed to hear today. Thank you.
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“another female lead in a movie? what is this feminist sjw bullshit”

i mean the fact that you see a female lead as a statement but a male lead as totally normal kinda proves that feminism is necessary but
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The Showgirls posters have to be the most hilariously terrible designs I’ve seen in my life, yet I have never been able to find a single explication on what was the marketing team thinking.

Not an interview, not people commenting it, nothing, the Leg Worm Head Woman was just accepted and left like that and it haunts me

This is incredible
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Dear Followers,

I have been receiving a lot of messages as the one above. Apparently there is a person going around on tumblr, befriending members of the lgbt community who are not yet out to their parents. She then sends their parents letters outing them. (S)he pretends to want to be your pen pal or wants to send you a letter/gift via mail. (S)he will do anything to get your address. Please be careful. I’d really appreciate you guys reblogging this or making a similar post letting your friends/followers know. Just because that person’s blog was deleted doesn’t mean (s)he won’t come back. 

UGH this is disgusting, trust no bitch. Please be careful babies

Please reblog this. I know it’s off topic but it’s very important to get the word out.

This is real. I know for a fact this is real, and she uses different usernames now. She’s turned to more pointedly LGBTQA+ friendly names to try and lure people in. Careful, folks. Seriously, careful.

Ugh why do people do this?? It’s horrid

Just as a warning. Please be careful friends, especially if you’re going to share your info with anyone.

This is why I have a very careful list of info I don’t disclose until I’m certain; basically anything that can be used to nail down my real life. This includes but is not limited to:
-Legal name
-Date of birth
-Address (or location specifics beyond city)
-Names of close family members
-Other social media accounts
-Face shots
I might be being a bit paranoid here (and honestly I let some things slip when I know that doesn’t narrow down a search), but as shown by the troll who had to roll into my inbox asking for this stuff, it works.
Be careful out there, kids.
(And yes, this means that if you’ve got access to this info, you’re in my inner circle.)
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Being straight is like being in gryffindor: all the main characters are always gryffindor, there’s tons of merch for gryffindor, and no one’s gonna give you shit for being in gryffindor. 

Being gay is like being in slytherin: everyone has heard of it, but the merch is few and far between so you have to really want it. The only slytherin characters are secondary and morally gray. Some people think you are evil.

Being bisexual is like being in ravenclaw: there is no merch. there are no major ravenclaw characters. people definitely try to lump it in with either gryffindor or slytherin, and there are a few weird stereotypes.

being asexual is like being in hufflepuff:

Tru fax on the ace hufflepugs

As a bisexual ravenclaw, can confirm.

as an ace spectrum hufflepuff (ravenpuff), can also confirm
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Remember this logo. If a book has this logo, boycott it.

That’s the logo for publishing company Simon & Schuster who have given racist sack of shit Milo Yiannopoulos a $250,000 contract to write a book.

Yiannopoulos is the “alt-right” editor at Breitbart News, who was banned from Twitter after launching a widespread attack on actress Leslie Jones.

Read more: http://ift.tt/2iuZaK4

If you want to boycott them (which I certainly support) make sure you check out all their imprints and divisions to avoid it ALL:


Okay, everybody. A friend of mine in the publishing industry just shared a post on Facebook about this, and has given me permission to share the information (with her name redacted):

Hi. I’m someone who’s worked in publishing her entire career, and I’m here to explain the Milo Yiannopoulos issue (notorious troll just got a hefty book deal from Simon & Schuster; internet is freaking out) and how to handle it:

BACKGROUND: Let’s get the “free speech” arguments out of the way: Yiannopoulos is an actively dangerous man who leads bullying mobs against selected targets, and spreads hate speech as a life ethos. Even a person as vile as Yiannopoulos has the right to speak his mind, but decent people owe it to the world not to give him additional platforms and the air of legitimacy. That’s doubly the case in this political climate, which insists that all opinions should be valued equally, regardless of whether they’re true or false, and whether they make the world a better or worse place to live in. This is rather like deciding to publish “Mein Kampf” - is that really what you want your legacy to be as an organization?

WHAT NOT TO DO: No “I’m going to boycott Simon & Schuster” talk unless you are a published author and you’re talking about not contracting with them. This is not like buying toilet paper or leather jackets - they sell the work of real, living, struggling authors who really really want you to read what they’ve labored over for years, and it’s unfair to penalize them because their publishing company is being dumb. Print media is a fragile industry these days, and that’s why we’re seeing these big stupid controversial book deals - it’s because we no longer have a world where people walk into their local independent neighborhood bookstore and let the kindly old cashier recommend you a book of poetry with a 500-copy print run that speaks perfectly to your reading sensibilities. You gotta have your crossover blockbusters or the whole enterprise crosses the December finish line in the red. Insisting on a boycott just makes people who haven’t bought a book since college want to run out and pre-order this to spite you. Simon & Schuster knows you “I love books, here’s a shared image macro about how I would literally make gentle love to a piece of printed paper if it were socially acceptable” folks get all your books used from Amazon for $3.99 + shipping, anyway, so they don’t care whether you’re their friend. This is for the business traveler with gross views who needs something entertaining for the plane flight to the Atlanta conference. You gotta convince them not to sell to THAT guy.

WHAT TO DO: Write them letters, hard-copy ones that need a stamp and an envelope. At any major publishing house, the people at the bottom are mostly clever, thoughtful, progressive gals who don’t like this sort of thing any more than you do. They want to be able to go to their bosses’ bosses’ bosses with a massive stack of post and say, “Hey, this is the only reader correspondence we’re getting now,” because that wastes time, and the easiest way to piss off a publishing house is to waste their employees’ time. Wasting time = less time for making books. Remember also that everybody who gets into publishing does it because fundamentally they love to READ, they READ anything that is put in front of them, even the guys at the top who spend more time on the phone and at cocktail parties than working with text believe in words as a magical conduit of ideas, and if you write them a long heartfelt letter, they may scoff at it but they will read it, and if they have 1000 heartfelt letters a day, then sooner or later all those words will sink in.

This is not a plastics manufacturer, this is not a bank. This is a book company. Write to the people who are in the business of reading.


Corporate Headquarters
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020
PHONE: 212-698-7000
And individual contacts here, best to address it to someone in particular: http://ift.tt/2ioUEQa
Normally, the best tactic is to write directly to a specific editor or the imprint, but Threshold is conservative, so they may not care. Still, perhaps try:
Threshold Editions
General Phone: 212-698-7006
General Fax: 212-698-2858
Jennifer Robinson
Vice President, Director of Publicity
And make the point that the views of this author are not conservative views, they are fundamentally hateful and aggressive views which seek to undermine the rights of other citizens. He did, after all, help lead the hate mob against Leslie Jones that got her hacked - they should ask themselves whether that’s something with which they want their otherwise respectable work to be associated, especially since the published book may end up becoming associated with additional hate crimes should readers take it too literally. Surely they don’t want their book to start making news for being repeatedly found in the homes of every homegrown militant for the next 10 years.

I’ll also add that Louise Burke is president and publisher of the Gallery imprint, which Threshold falls under, so you could send to her as well.

Good advice. A boycott in this case would be counterproductive. Milo is being published through a “conservative imprint” that has already published the likes of Dinesh D’Souza and Glenn Beck. However, Simon and Schuster has dozens of other imprints, many of which are rather progressive, and they actually have a strong reputation as a company that supports LGBT themes. 

A boycott would drive down sales for those progressive lines - while not affecting the sales for the conservative imprint at all. S&S would potentially take that and double down on this kind of disgusting content. 
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I think one of the reasons the Harry Potter Epilogue was so poorly received was because the audience was primarily made up of the Millennial generation.

We’ve walked with Harry, Ron and Hermione, through a world that we thought was great but slowly revealed itself to be the opposite. We unpeeled the layers of corruption within the government, we saw cruelty against minorities grow in the past decades, and had media attack us and had teachers tell us that we ‘must not tell lies’. We got angry and frustrated and, like Harry, Ron and Hermione, had to think of a way to fight back. And them winning? That would have been enough to give us hope and leave us satisfied.

But instead. There was skip scene. And suddenly they were all over 30 and happy with their 2.5 children.

And the Millennials were left flailing in the dust.

Because while we recognised and empathised with everything up to that point. But seeing the Golden Trio financially stable and content and married? That was not something our generation could recognise. Because we have no idea if we’re ever going to be able to reach that stage. Not with the world we’re living in right now.

Having Harry, Ron and Hermione stare off into the distance after the battle and wonder about what the future might be would have stuck with us. Hell, have them move into a shitty flat together and try and sort out their lives would have. Have them with screaming nightmares and failed relationships and trying to get jobs in a society that’s falling apart would have. Have them still trying to fix things in that society would have. Because we known Voldemort was just a symptom of the disease of prejudice the Wizarding World.

But don’t push us off with an ‘all was well’. In a world about magic, JK Rowling finally broke our suspension of disbelief by having them all hit middle-class and middle-age contentment and expecting a fanbase of teenagers to accept it.

Also. Since when was ‘don’t worry kids, you’re going to turn out just like your parents’ ever a happy ending? Does our generation even recognise marriage and money and jobs as the fulfillment of life anymore? Does our generation even recognise the Epilogue’s Golden Trio anymore?

#i think this one of the reasons why the james/lily/albus naming theme bothered me #because there’s a sense of going in a circle rather than pressing forward #the only way the wizarding world will survive if it changes dramatically from this point #having the station seem exactly the same #right down to the names being thrown around #makes it seem stagnant #so i’m guessing another dark lord should turn up in a couple of decades (x)


#so i’m guessing another dark lord should turn up in a couple of decades

you mean like this?


Harry and crew at Hogwarts in what is technically their eighth year, studying for their NEWTs and trying to fit back into a life they’ve half outgrown, the teachers never bothering to treat them like students under their authority anymore and half the other students going to them for Defense Against the Dark Arts lessons.

Harry shoving money at people, hey, you were a muggleborn who lost your wand to the Muggleborn Registration Committee? here have enough to buy your wand back and some more besides, you need to get your house back, how much do you need? starting a business, here have some start-up cash. injured in the final battle? take this money and get trained for a new line of work that doesn’t require legs. bitten by a werewolf? here’s money to buy potion. and he just keeps handing it out without paying any attention to it and there keeps being money there, and how the fuck is it okay that he has so much while others have to buy secondhand books and use secondhand wands?

Harry wanting to burn Grimmauld Place to the ground, and Harry wanting to donate Grimmauld Place as a home for people with bad family situations and people whose family have died and don’t want to be alone, and Harry never wanting to see Grimmauld Place again.

Harry wanting to snap at Molly’s mothering, at Molly’s being after him to cut his hair, at Molly’s invitations to him to come stay at the Burrow. Harry knowing she’s probably going to be his mother-in-law and knowing she’s lost a son and settling for pointing out that Aunt Petunia always hated his hair too, which shuts her up.

Harry and Draco walking on eggshells around each other. Harry making a few overtures of reconciliation and being rebuffed. Harry finally saying, well, be a prat then, and Draco snapping and slamming him into the wall, Muggle-style, and ranting for five minutes straight on how much it sucks to have believed in someone and been betrayed, to have lost, to have been saved by the person who defeated his side of the war, to have his dad in Azkaban and to have been handed Dumbledore’s life on a silver platter and been unable to take it, to have trusted Severus Snape and find out he was working for the other side and the war is over and Harry’s so covered in glory while Draco will never escape the stigma of having been a Death Eater when he wasn’t even a good Death Eater.

Harry looking at him and saying, yeah, that sucks, that’s fucked up. Saying, he watched Dumbledore die, watched his godfather die, lost Fred lost Mad-Eye lost Remus and Tonks, watched Cedric die because he was being too noble to take the Triwizard Cup for himself even though Cedric tried to insist. Saying war is fucked up, war fucks you up, shatters everything and you’re left with fragments that cut you open when you try to pick them up.

Draco telling Harry he’s dating Astoria, who doesn’t believe in blood supremacy. Harry telling Draco that if he likes Astoria, he should date Astoria, and he can give his kids magic and love and he doesn’t need to give them a position at the top of the social hierarchy to be a good father to them. Harry telling Draco that when he was faking being dead, Draco’s mother lied to Voldemort for him because he told her Draco was alive.

Harry taking part and giving evidence in the trials of captured Death Eaters and snatchers and others. Harry offering Lucius a plea bargain that will let him go home. Harry telling Lucius he understands people don’t like being in debt to their enemies, and if Lucius wants to hate him, that’s fine, but Harry thinks Lucius ought to go home and be with his family. Lucius saying nothing, but going home, and when Christmas break ends Draco comes back to school looking human for the first time in two and a half years.

School ending, and the whole double class of students sort of milling, cast adrift into an adulthood they’re not quite prepared for and at the same time are too familiar with. Half the flats above Diagon Alley being rented out by students in small groups and pairings who have no idea how to keep house; Diagon Alley getting an unofficial expansion as the Muggle flats nearby get rented to more of the same, with back doors leading to alleyways that lead to back ways into Diagon.

Some of the abandoned businesses in Diagon Alley getting opened by former Hogwarts students who don’t quite know what they want to do; a few of them importing Muggle concepts with a touch of magic: a store that’s a different Muggle fast-food restaurant every day of the month, a store that brings in Muggle items, Muggle music, Muggle technology. An internet cafe that serves butterbeer and Mountain Dew, cauldron cakes and Cheetos, side by side.

Knockturn Alley getting cleaned out by a new Ministry crackdown on the Dark Arts, and being taken over by those who feel shattered or tainted by the war. Stores trickle in to replace the old places, and shrines to the departed line the storefronts, here a fountain placed in memory, here a quote graffiti’d on the wall, here a mural, there a pile of flowers and trinkets. It’s a quiet place, contemplative; somehow the bustle of Diagon never touches it. Wildflowers grow through the cobblestones, and generations of future witches and wizards will grow up thinking “Nocturnally” refers to the twilight of the passage between worlds.

Hermione and Ron clashing over Ron’s expectations growing up with a mother who did everything for him and expecting a wife who’ll do the same. Hermione moving in with George and Angelina above the joke shop. (Angelina loved Fred, and is halfway in love with George; they are united in their missing of Fred. Hermione is growing to love George, who under his pranks and devil-may-care attitude is quite clever and inquisitive. The three of them make a decent vee, and Angelina can go travel with her international Quidditch team without worrying about George being neglected.)

Ron rebounding with Pansy Parkinson, of all people, who’s rebounding from Draco; their relationship being first built on a temporary cure for loneliness and rejection and an indulgence of spite at their respective exes, and then surprising them by continuing to work well once all that has faded.

Ollivander taking Cho Chang as an apprentice wandmaker. Susan Bones and Hannah Abbot undertaking the work to turn Grimmauld Place into Phoenix House, a home for abused, orphaned, and neglected magical children, squibs, homeless or familyless witches and wizards, and convalescents from St. Mungo’s.

Ginny’s first child is a daughter, with Harry’s black hair and green eyes; she indulges Harry by naming her Sev, like the boy Harry’s mother once played with when the world was new and full of wonder. It’s short for Severa, which is Latin in the old wizarding tradition, and it reminds Harry of Evans and of ever, which has about the same meaning as Always.

Draco and Astoria end up having five kids, and Draco scandalizes his younger self by loving every aspect of fatherhood times five. Daphne Greengrass, Astoria’s sister, ends up marrying Percy Weasley, which means Draco’s kids have Weasley cousins. Family get-togethers are very interesting, but somehow Narcissa and Lucius survive.



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