Jan. 4th, 2017

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My Gender Adventures

A diary webcomic series based on the author’s personal experiences with gender identity and some of the bizarre things people have said to them. Created by Jams, a non-binary illustrator from the UK (they/them). Often autobiographical, very rarely serious.
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via http://ift.tt/2iN2GzQ:Artist Bans Anish Kapoor from Using 'Most Glittery Glitter' | artnet Nes:



to summarize:
•Anish Kapoor gets exclusive rights to use Vantablack, the world’s “blackest black” pigment, which understandably upsets a lot of artists
•Stuart Semple responds by creating Pink, the world’s “pinkest pink” pigment, which he makes legally available to everyone except for Anish Kapoor
•Kapoor somehow gets ahold of Pink and posts an Instagram photo of his middle finger dunked in the pigment that Semple had banned him from using
•Semple gets ahold of Vantablack and posts an Instagram video of his hand making the peace sign with his fingers coated in Vantablack
•During this time, Semple also releases Diamond Dust, the “most glittery glitter,” again available to everyone EXCEPT Anish Kapoor

The best thing about Diamond Dust is that it’s made from actual shards of glass so Anish can’t just stick his middle finger in it again

This petty art feud is actually starting to look like it could be one of the most important pieces of performance art of the 21st century

Updates since this article was published: 

Semple finds out who gave Kapoor the pink

Semple tweets about being “back in the lab” and “fighting the void with the rainbow”, with a picture of green pigment

Semple posts pictures of both green and yellow pigments on Instagram

The creator of Vantablack comments on the Instagram video of Semple’s fingers coated in it saying that couldn’t actually be Vantablack

Semple apparently proves it to the creator’s satisfaction by adding clips of it being applied to his Snapchat story
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Actually friendly reminder to comment on that fic.

Leave one word “subscribed” comments

Tell them “consider this extra kudos <3″

Leave that essay on that old fic

Tell them if you’ve reread it once. Tell them if you’ve reread it 100 times 

Tell them how much you’ve seen their writing grow

Tell them when you rec their fic

Tell them how much you can see their passion

Tell them when the fic made you grin when it made you cry when it made you FEEL

leave that comment. You’ve got nothing to lose but .02 seconds of your time and everything to gain by making an authors day.

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“Let’s talk about this for just a moment. Our country just elected a President who is openly racist and scary about sexual assault and seems to lack empathy and respect for the way our country has tried to keep some peace and love for the world for the last few decades. This came about because his views meshed more with a lot of Americans than the opposite. For some reason, folks were able accept racism along with the promise of small government and other strange platforms.
There are a lot of things that need to be done about this: we need to protect our friends and neighbors who are under attack. We need to speak truth to power and advocate for folks to listen to truth instead of propaganda. Those are some of our goals. But one of mine for next year will also be trying to understand the voters, the regular folks, who brought us to this point, who are hurting so much that This Man seemed like the right choice.
Empathy doesn’t mean forgiving the problem or the hate, but I’m in a position of privilege and freedom and I’d like to use it to try to listen and help and make this country a tiny bit better through the people who vote for the people who set the policy. Maybe that’s idealistic and silly, and you can say that about me on twitter, but I think probably I don’t care, and I’ve been reading and thinking and I’m gonna do that anyway. We’ll try to speak truth in our music, we’ll work on donating to and raising attention of causes that need it, and we’ll try to do this in a way that creates more love than hate. Gosh, I hope we can make things get better.”
- The Doubleclicks: A feminist band’s New Years Resolution under Trump

The only thing is that “This came about because his views meshed more with a lot of Americans than the opposite.” isn’t quite correct. 78% of Americans didn’t vote for Trump. He is the most unpopular, disrespected, and unliked person in history to win the Electoral College.
That’s important, I think, because we need to know that when we fight him, and when we fight the loud troll army that tries to defend him, we are standing up for the majority.
As the saying goes, we are legion, and our resistance is just beginning.
So, yes, make an effort to understand why anyone would support Trump and his ideas, but do not excuse them. Reach out to the people who were fooled, reach out to the people who didn’t realize until it was too late that they were voting for a monster. But the bigots, misogynists, racists, homophobes, and white supremacists who make up about half of his voters? Fuck them. They’re beyond saving and aren’t worth our energy.
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Black Entrepreneurship ✊🏾👨🏾‍💻
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oh my god
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A classic.


Clickbaiting level: National Geographic

this added 5 years to my life

this watered my crops and helped them to evolve to produce a higher yield 
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wedding gowns by Stella De Libero

honestly it was the “wedding gown” identification that really sold this for me - now i want to get married just so i can wear one.

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I’m going to march straight into 2017 exactly the way Debbie Reynolds would have: chin up; boobs out.

#tits out for Debbie Reynolds
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Brides in Japan are Turning Their Long-Sleeve Kimonos Into Stunning Wedding Dresses


Okay but the coolest thing about this is how some of them look like they could be taken apart and put back together as kimono. Because in a lot of cases they’re heirlooms, and the desire to keep passing it on is still probably still there in abundance. And I love how the sleeveless look with the obi creates such a gorgeous accent, and the one tied in the back like an obi would be. One thing that I’ve always loved about Japanese textile culture in particular is the ability to innovate while paying homage the original form. There’s so much respect and love in these designs for the garments themselves– and their histories– it just shines through.
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To celebrate the start of 2017, I give you the Modern Male Witch Bathroom! I’ve been casually working on this for weeks and I finally finished the animation today.

This is an older version of the flower witch boy I designed a while ago. I thought he would fit nicely in this setting. He is now a plant/crystal/water witch

This is the second piece in my Modern Male Witch Project.
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The NAACP is occupying Jeff Sessions’ office to protest his attorney general nomination

The president of the NAACP, along with a handful of other NAACP leaders, is currently waging a sit-in in Sen. Jeff Sessions’ Mobile, Alabama, office.

They are vowing to stay there until he withdraws his name from consideration as Trump’s attorney general — or until they’re arrested. Read more

follow @the-movemnt
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very detailed, blur tool is a little excessive; i appreciate the faithfulness to the eye stalks


simple and perfect. what a beautiful friend!! he smiles for you


easily identifiable, small spots add to maximum snail


a good friend, yes, but his eyes should be up there you fools


very shiny. the slimiest of all of our friends here, impervious to sharp objects at any angle. too powerful


simple and green, a very nice pal we have here today folks


his shell looks like a cinnamon roll, sweet boy


purple pal


minimalist pink friend, i trust him with my crops

Emoji One:

mischievous, chaotic neutral


eventually, this will be the being who we all have to submit to.

in short, i love all of them

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add your own new dog breeds

minnesota rice hound: a working breed that rides in canoes

patagonian quiche tolling retriever

Lebanese Baklava Terrier
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A video posted by Sarah (@sarahfierce66) on Jul 17, 2016 at 2:45pm PDT




sarahfierce66: This is what happens when you give your dad something he’s wanted for about 8 years, but he always thought they made them just for kids. He was wrong … They make them for big kids too.

Pure, wholesome post.

This made me really happy
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Miss Idaho, potato photoshoot, 1935
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If the singular form of “mice” is “mouse”, shouldn’t the singular of “lice” be “louse”?

Aw man I have like, THE BEST NEWS for you my friend
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The secret is that there is no secret. Just putting in the time, and getting lots of exposure to your target language. That said, getting exposure might seem intimidating if you don’t know how. But don’t worry, it’s actually super easy! Here we go…

How to Learn a Language, from someone who has been submerged in language-learning theory for years, has heard straight from the mouths of the world’s most accomplished polyglots how they did it, and has absolutely zilch interest in any personal financial gain from sharing this knowledge:


2. Use Assimil, if you really want to spend some money. Bonus: it costs about a quarter as much as Rosetta Stone. But you don’t actually need to spend any money to successfully learn a language! Just keep reading…

3. Find musicians who sing in your target language. Download their songs and put them on your mp3 player of choice. Get obsessed with them. Sing along even (especially!) when you don’t know the words and are just making sounds that vaguely resemble what the singer is saying. This part is not a joke: I am 100% serious about this.

4. If you like TV, watch a show in your target language with no subtitles. No cheating allowed. Turn off those subtitles. Make it a game: watch an episode and then summarize what you think the story line was. Then go look up an episode recap online and see how much you got right.

5. Think of it as learning what a speaker of your target language would say in a certain situation, instead of learning how to translate what YOU would say in that situation. For instance, to ask how things are, an English-speaking person sometimes says “How are you?” whereas a French-speaking person says “How is it going?” or even “How are YOU going?” Don’t try to ignore this weirdness – embrace it! Laugh at it, savor it. Get used to saying new and different things in the same old situations, and memorization will suddenly become a LOT easier.

6. When you talk, imagine that you’re mocking somebody – not necessarily in a mean way, but just doing an impression of them, poking gentle fun at the way they talk. If the person you’re imitating is a native speaker of your target language, your accent will instantly become miles better.

7. Read texts from day one. Don’t worry about “difficulty levels”. Pick up the hardest novel ever written in your target language! Open it right up with no fear and play a game called “How many words on each page do I already understand, or can I guess the meaning of?” Give yourself a reward (chocolate, a drink, a mini dance party in your room) for every full page you can get through in this way, regardless of whether any of your guesses were actually right!

8. I was gonna try to make this a ten-item list, but honestly there’s not much else you need to know. It doesn’t really matter what core resource you use (Assimil, FSI, Teach Yourself, Colloquial, Living Language, Linguaphone…) as long as it’s not Rosetta Stone. What matters, much more than the core resource you use, is the amount of exposure you can get to your target language – the padding to fill in all the cracks in your day when you’re not doing worksheets or translation exercises or whatever. That’s what this post is sneakily all about.

The secret-that’s-not-a-secret is regularity: do a couple of the items on this list every day without fail, even if it’s only for ten minutes, and after six months you will be kicking butt. I promise you that.

Reblogging this to point out that I have now made item 1 into a link. If you were wondering about that particular piece of advice, check it out!

And remember: any method that works for YOU can be worth doing. We all learn in different ways. However, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that more money = more quality. That may be true for many things in life, but not for language-learning!
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New comic! (link)

I ask my cats a lot of questions, I guess.

Welcome to 2017, everyone. I hope you had some kind of relaxing or ok holiday break. I visited my parents, and knit their dog a little sweater, and comics about that and pictures of the little dog are on my twitter feed for those interested. Looking forward on working on the world with you all in 2017.
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Swansea Sail Bridge  |  by technodean2000
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this is cola, she is truly a prodigy


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